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Levotape Kinesiology Tape Pink
Size: One Size|Change
Price:£6.49+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 28 March 2013
...well don't be. I read many review and looked at quite a few different tapes and watched videos on YouTube. I finally took the plunge and ordered this tape after 'reading between the lines of other reviews, good, bad and indifferent. It was a good choice.

I needed this tape to help with my Lateral Collateral Ligament on the outside of my right knee. Using a Physio video on YouTube, I cut the tape and applied it as instructed. They gave a tip that once applied to your skin, to rub the tape with the waxed side of the backing strip to warm the adhesive and therefore giving better sticking power to the tape on your skin. I found this worked really well and despite showering and wearing legging, the tape basically stayed in place for a week and only then started to come off when an edge started to curl and rubbed on the sheets. It does what they describe for this tape and it worked well on my ligament.

I also started to get pains in the bottom of my left foot and found that I had the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis which is very painful. I also saw a YouTube video about this and thought that I would try putting the tape on the sole of my foot just before the heel, to see if that helped...and did it? Yes it was an immediate relief. The pain didn't go away completely, about 90%. I used the tape on both [knee and foot] for over a month/6 weeks until the symptoms' started to subside and I still have tape left.

All in all I can recommend this tape to do what is claimed. As long as you remember to warm the tape by rubbing the backing strip vigorously over it, especially the edges, then it will stick well and stay put.
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on 2 May 2015
Delivered in 48hrs, applied to poorly badly wrenched ankle in a figure of 8 single thickness. So there are some points there that are likely to dislodge tape - socks, shoes all catch the foot arch and foot flexing too. This tape has stayed put for 2 days now and no sign of it drifting or coming loose, necessary action on the tissues still active. Foot action improved instantly so has a chance of healing now. And associated leg muscle damage can come back into alignment. Gets wet in the shower but if you wrap a towel round for a few minutes it dries quickly. Highly recommended, UK based supplier. Looks good in open sandals! And pink has a lovely energy to work with too!
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on 6 December 2015
Got this for my subluxations, dislocation and pain due to EDS hypermobility type.
What I like about the product is that it is good quality, sticks well though it does lose its stickiness after 2-3 days at the edges. It is soft and does not irritate the skin, which is a major plus point for me, as my skin is very sensitive and gets irritated very quickly. It is easy to apply and can be used in place of a brace at times. I have used it for up to a week at times, provided I manage to shower carefully.
However, it does nothing for my pain so that was a disappointment.
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on 10 April 2013
Whilst training for my 1st ever marathon I aggravated an pull in my inner ham string muscle. After several weeks I saw a sports injury physio, who quickly got to the route of the problem. After the second treatment he taped me up for my next long distance run, and I had a pain free run. I couldn't determine if it was the treatment, the tape or both. As I have increased the miles, the muscle has been a bit of a niggle so I purchased some tape and tried it on myself 9having been advised how and where to place the tape)... I can say definitely no more niggles. The tape sticks well.. I usually leave it on for 2-3 days and it stays put through my post run cold bath and showers.
People have varying views about the tap but it definitely helped me. Brighton marathon 14th April.....
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on 16 March 2014
I suffer from arthritis and I also had dislocated my knee years ago and it healed improperly, now both of this conditions cause pain when I walk too much. I can't run, cycle etc. My doctor suggested a knee brace which had huge padding to support the knee. It was quite uncomfortable as it was sliding down and I had to pull it up every 10 min or so. Also I couldn't wear jeans because they didn't fit over the knee brace, even the skirts and dresses were clinging on it especially if it's windy. Anyway I'm so happy to find this as it is so discreet, I can even wear skinny jeans with this. It supports my knee even better than the knee brace as it stands still. Some people say it's painful to take it off. If you rub over the tape before you pull it, it doesn't hurt. Rub as you pull! If you're a guy it might be painful on legs with all that hair though.
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on 24 May 2014
A colleague from work who runs marathons recommended this to me when they saw me hobbling around with plantar fasciitis. I bought some, watched a clip on youtube about how to apply it for my particular injury and started wearing it. I don't know what it does or how it works I just know that it works. One application normally lasts two days before it needs changing. I really notice a difference when I don't have it on, mild pain returns and foot just not as flexible or able to walk properly. In conjunction with a night splint this tape really works if you want to treat plantar fasciitis without resorting to cortisone injections.
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on 30 March 2013
PROS - I would recommend this product to others - mainly because this has been the one thing that has helped to HUGELY reduce my symptoms and go about my day with a sense of normality - as my symptoms previously meant I wasn't at times be able to walk properly and was in unbearable pain. I have found it to last a couple of weeks.
CONS - Do need to dry it after having having contact with water as remains damp. Can start to come away from the edges within a few days - this can be rectified by using tape to keep it down.
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on 30 April 2016
Bought for my daughter, on the advice of her physio, for a knee injury. The tape gripped really well. Stayed stuck on for a couple of days. Did the job we needed it to do. Arrived quickly and before due date.
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on 18 March 2014
I bought this before, I find this tape beneficial when taping my knee as it provides the support I need without the restriction. I will say it can catch your clothes and parts can peel upwards, if not sealed to the skin properly with enough friction. It gives me a sense of assurance when I play which is what a player needs most when in a game.
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on 22 October 2014
I use this across my shoulder as recommended by my physio, its hard to apply to yourself so I recommend getting someone to help if possible but the product itself works just fine. It generally lasts a few days despite showering which causes a bit of peeling at the ends, I would recommend this brand.
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