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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 26 April 2016
As has been mentioned, the who's who can be a bit confusing, more so for me because I watched half one night then finished the next morning. However, the premise is a lesser seen and more creative one than there usually is in recent times. Having some basis in fact leaves it on a stronger foundation than if it was just some contrived samey BS that we are all so used to now. If you're in it for the gore, it's definitely good for that. Bit of intrigue? That too! The horrors of the Nazi regime, oh yes! If you're purely in it to ogle Michael Fassbender, because apparently that's a thing now, it's not gonna happen. Oh, and if you're one of those who hates things happening to the dog in the movie and is going to have a tantrum about it on Reddit, just turn around and walk away. Anyone who's still here, take a punt, you might be pleasantly surprised. I was... ish. 4 for effort, 3 for outcome.
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on 29 December 2015
Even with the exemplary acting skills of Fassbender, this is one peculiar movie. Some gaping plot holes let the whole thing down. I honestly think there was a much better movie in here somewhere. Not terrible. But nowhere near as good as it had potential to be.
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For every good Joel Schumacher movie, he's got a handful of truly, mind-bogglingly awful ones. On one hand, "Lost Boys." On the other, "Batman and Robin." "Blood Creek" is perhaps the first Schumacher movie I've yet seen that is just sort of mediocre. The first part is hideously confusing (it took me awhile to figure out who was related to whom), but it's a decent movie for people who like blood, guts and gritty backdrops.

In 1936, a small German farm family was visited by Professor Wirth (Michael Fassbender), an occult investigator for the Nazi regime. He came to West Virginia to investigate an ancient Viking runestone that is build into the foundation of the Wollners' barn.

Fast-forward eighty years. Ever since his older brother Victor vanished during a camping trip, Evan Marshall (Henry Cavill) has had to care for his aged father, sister-in-law and young nephews. Then one night, Victor (Dominic Purcell) reappears, looking like a crazed hermit. After a shower and shave, he immediately drags Evan out to the Hollners' farm, seeking revenge.

It turns out that the Hollners -- who haven't aged in decades -- have been capturing people and extracting their blood, and Victor has been their prisoner for the past few years. But they aren't the real danger. That would be Wirth, who is still alive (sort of), able to control the dead, and seeking human blood for the grotesque magic he gains from the runestone.

"Blood Creek" is a pretty simple story -- two guys go to get revenge against immortal Germans, only to be trapped in a dusty rural farmhouse by a literally bloodthirsty necromancer who wants to become all-powerful. Okay, it sounds a little less simple when put that way. But most of the horror boils down to a ghoulish-looking Fassbender stalking around the farm, using zombie animals to break into the house.

However, the first third of the movie is a chore to sit through. There's an onslaught of shakycam that nearly made me sick (particularly during the meth bust). And Schumacher doesn't really enlighten us about some of what is going on -- I didn't figure out that the Grizzly Adams guy was Victor until a few scenes after he appeared.

Fortunately, both the camera and script stabilize after the brothers invade the Hollner farm. After night falls, the entire story just becomes a gruesome nightmare of blood, white-eyed zombies and a crumbling farmhouse being battered from every direction. It's not particularly scary, but it's got a satisfying amount of blood'n'gore, and the denouement isn't too unbelievable.

It also has a pretty decent cast -- a pre-fame Henry Cavill and Michael Fassbender, both of whom are giving performances way too good for the movie they're in. Even Dominic Purcell, who normally leaves me indifferent, gives a very powerful performance as a haunted veteran driven almost to madness. Cavill's character is the exact opposite, a compassionate and clever man who is riddled with guilt about his brother's loss.

And Fassbender... well, you can't see him most of the time, due to bloodied bandages and lots of shadow. But he is genuinely scary as a man who was monstrous to begin with, and became a true monster once he got access to magic.

"Blood Creek" is a resolutely mediocre onslaught of blood, darkness and zombies, but the performances by Purcell, Cavill and Fassbender make it worth watching.
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on 4 April 2015
Doing more for the walking dead/undead subgenre than almost any befuddled cannibalism rotten platter throughout the last decade (and no doubt this one) this typically yet obligingly barely seen and noticed little cracker explodes into the consciousness from the getgo where a Nazi occultist played by demonic relish by Michael Fassbender is accidentally welcomed into a home of German family on a West Virginian farm, whereupon his true reason for being there soon asserts itself-hereby he is overpowered and kept prisoner in a fitfully weakened state which nonetheless calls for the constant sacrifice of human blood-and one such escapee of the regime some 70 years after this 1930's introduction to the film-'Prison Break's' Dominic Purcell and star of excellent little-known croc-horror 'Primeval Kill' from about the same period, makes his way back to his younger brother, a compassionate medico played with heart and sensitivity by our hot Brittie Henry Cavill-pre Superman nonsense after a long absence. In the time he has been away with no explanation, Cavill's Evan has taken care of his kid, supported his wife and also their own ailing father, whilst staying sane enough to be a committed healthcare worker.

In minutes Evan is forced to follow his older bro Victor back to the house of those he claim abducted him and walk into an almost alternative nightmare of crazily defensive farmhands who get up from the dead once the crazy released cpative's real agenda gets underway. From here any amount of pleasure boxes get ticked for horror fans as one of the most original films in years plays out like a mini Lord Of The Rings battle on a dizzying carousel. See fallen horses be recalled from the dead to become ferocious demonic steeds under the influcence of the Nazi nutjob still trying everything he can to break back into the spell-protected house to lift that Viking runestone against the desperate struggle of the brothers and the few family members left trying to stop him. It all makes for riveting viewing, not least as this man never EVER sees zombies portrayed with any of the accuracy that their mythology calls for via wretched who messed it up with cannibalism years ago and never bothered to right it.

Performances are as expectedly bang on from a highly competent cast, and Fassbender's demonic makeup and latex faced evil compliments the story perfectly, making us truly believe what we are seeing, not just that "I'm possessed" bull with infra red cameras pretending a human shot in the dark is monstrous. Lynn Collins pops up in a few scenes as Purcell's wife, and Emma Booth, a young Australian actress from the film 'Clubland' with Brenda Blethyn, is quite revelatory with an impressive German accent, while Dominic Purcell is as good as he was in 'Primeval Kill' and in a suprising role in the "remake" of 'Straw Dogs". Henry Cavill matches him.

This is another of Joel Scumacher's winners from the 2000's (along with 'Phone Booth'-and a welcome return to horror in a rather different vein from the more teen friendly 'The Lost Boys'. He has a far more interesting and likeable CV history than a lot of more touted directors and a damn good job he's done here, and only the almost peremptory deviousness that insists most DVDs now, especially well-made fanfare free indie horrors don't deserve any extras threaten the harm the disc, but is certainly not the film's fault. We get a commentary by Schumacher, which is better than zilch, and the other trailers advertised all for compost trying to compete with the best top soil. I assume the US disc will be the same.

But enough for that, for the price it is, this Creek howls and bleeds a messy blood mess out of that other Creek-the one with the Wolf in the title, as it does of 'Eden Lake' which Michael Fassbender, to his great shame, and ours, was actually in, neither of which are actually horror films either to make it even worse. Both obsessed with the true events notion have actually fare less to do with their portrayl of so-called reality than this film does, and I'm always more impressed when horror actually has the gall to push imagination as far as it should. It's not supposed to be a reality, just feel that way whilst you're immersed in it, and with 'Blood Creek' that is very easy to do; it runs smoothly and deep.
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on 1 October 2010
Brass tacks first - this film is Region 1 and will only play on Multi-region DVD players, or computers. I definitely knew this before I ordered it and can only play it on my laptop, which is as I expected. Don't order this is you do not have the facility to play it. But, if you can play it, DO! It is genuine old-school horror, complete with covering eyes and berating of clueless heroes. It seems far too good to have gone straight to DVD, but as there are no really big names in it, I suppose it is to be expected. Personally, I bought it because I love all the main actors, and they do not disappoint. Michael Fassbender was suitably chilling as the Nazi psychopath, and if you've seen Inglourious Basterds you'll recognise him (possibly typecast as his father is German and German is his second language) - the only drawback in his performance was that it was hampered by the dubious prosthetic face he sports later in the film which I felt was not strictly necessary. Dominic Purcell and Henry Cavill are unlikely brothers, but it somehow just works - they are both genuine in their roles, although Cavill seems incongruously glamorous in the setting (the curse of being a male model, no doubt). As a viewer I was rooting for them non-stop. The action is fast paced and easy to follow, all the pieces fit and the ending was a magnificent cliff hanger. What more could you ask for?
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on 2 June 2015
Apparently this started out as quite a decent and intelligent story - then Schumacher decided to rewrite it. So it ends up with a plot full of holes and characters that are so stupid that the whole thing is laughable. What happened between the 1930s prologue and the present day? No idea. If your brother turned up out of the blue, after being missing for 2 years, and told you to tool up and go with him to kill some people how long would you want to discuss it? Apparently, about 2 minutes. When the action starts it makes even less sense - the bad guy is trapped by magic, but he can get out; the farmers don't want him there, but they feed him; there's some magic stuff that protects you, but it doesn't; there's going to be some sequels - God, I hope not.
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I do love a good horror film, which is a shame, seeing as there's so few about. Nowadays, I judge a film with how long it can hold my attention before I start logging onto the net and only half-watching.

Blood Creek actually held my attention until the end. Not that I'm saying it's a masterpiece, but it seemed to at least hold a shred of originally in its matrix.

There is some bad though - lack of character development, rushed beginning (normally you have to wait ages to get into the story, but it seemed that the viewer got thrown in there pretty quick) and jerky/dark fight scenes where you can't tell who's who.

However, I felt it was slightly original and you didn't quite know where it was going. It's about a man who's haunted by the loss of his brother (who disappeared during a fishing trip). The brother returns late one night and they embark on a quest for revenge that takes them up against those most dastardly of villains - Nazis (and supernatural ones at that - and, let me tell you, they're the worst kind!).

The gore was good (you may have to squint a bit to ignore the slightly bad `horse on fire' scene), but, apart from that, it has enough twists and turns to hopefully keep you interested to the end.
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on 27 November 2014
I am not sure why this movie has so many poor reviews. I really enjoyed it, it's one of the best horror movies I have seen for a while. Zombie horses!! Michael Fassbender plays an excellent imposing baddy (Richard Wirth). I found it to be a good thriller, gruesome in places and gorey. If you are an avid horror fan then I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
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on 26 April 2014
Bought this because it was cheap and wanted something to watch. It's a Nazi-Zombie-Necromancer type film which is lacking in credibility but it was so bad it was funny. If it comes on TV watch it.
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on 13 March 2014
Considering the cast you would expect this film to be at least mediocre, but no, it's not. It's terrible. The film revolves around one house and the plot is sketchy at best. I wasn't expecting a masterpiece but I couldn't even watch it all properly, it was so dull. I watched it on fast forward for the most part. Don't bother!
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