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on 19 January 2017
A charming movie, with charming characters. Maybe this is not a movie suited to those who do not have an admiration for the artists of the past, or for our romantic ideal of Paris and Parisians. This movie is for the curious who maybe ask "What is it about Paris?" And this movie helps you "get it", at least from Gil's point of view, who also put that question to us, and his fiance. And there it is, that is the theme and the magic and the cornerstone of the movie! This is most definitely a feel good movie written and directed in Woody's signature naive style; seemingly deliberarately under produced yet not leaving important detail to chance. The humour is subtle and believable, considering the challenges of the script. I, for one, would like to find such a portal, not only to meet the an charming Mademoiselle Cotillard, obviously, or to meet the great artists at a time when they would not have imagined the mark they have made on history. But also to soak up some of Woody's perspective on love, romance and the life of the present.
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on 21 February 2016
Woody Allen directs another successful movie with this Oscar winning light rom com with Owen Wilson perfect in the lead as Gil, a successful screenwriter that would like to write a classic novel like his literary heroes F Scott Fitzgerald, Hemingway etc. He is on a break in Paris with his spoilt fiancé, Inez played by Rachel McAdams, and her parents and soon discovers that he is more in love with Paris than his fiancé.

He decides to walk back to the hotel alone late one evening, rather than listen to know-it-all Michael Sheen’s character who Inez thinks is interesting. During the stroll he is transported back to his favourite period of time the 1920’s and meets up with a lot of artists and writers etc. including the lovely Marion Cotillard, who is Picasso’s muse. You may not get all the literary references and jokes but it doesn’t really matter, it all rolls along beautifully and Paris at night never looked better I am sure.
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on 4 October 2017
This took some getting used to; an incredibly slow start with what looked like a tourism film about Paris and it took a while to get going. Owen Wilson mumbles his way through an astounding adventure in a way that is just wonderfully done. I learned a lot about some of the great artistic names of the 20s and 30s (mainly by going 'who?' and checking them up on Wiki after the film!) It is slow going; you have to notch back a gear to settle down to it. The dialogue sounds really awkward, epsecially at first but perhaps that's just a Woody Allen film. But other than that it's great.
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on 12 October 2016
I have just watched Midnight in Paris. An American movie star and would be writer called Gil is in Paris with his fiancé and her Parents. He's a laid back easy kind of guy that goes along with his controlling fiancé that wants everything her own way. He loves Paris buts she's not on the same wavelength as him. One night he wanders off on his own catches a cab and ends up going back into time to the roaring twenties and meets Ernest Hemmingway, Scot Fitzgerald . He ends up discussing his book with them and meets a beautiful French woman of the same era. He starts to realise that he and his fiancé are not suited. And so the story goes on when midnight strikes when he goes back in time . See it it's lovely I was sorry when it ended. Woody Allens fantasy storey.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 22 February 2015
This film is probably one of the best portrayals of the `roaring twenties' that I've seen, second only to the brilliant `Great Gatsby' IMHO. Ironically, Scot Fitzgerald, who wrote the latter, is one of the many icons of that age who puts in an appearance here. His wife Zelda became a leading flapper of the period.
Others who we come across are: Ernest Hemmingway, Cole Porter, Picasso and Salvador Dali - not bad for a night down at the local!
This film has everything - beautiful Parisian scenery, a great story line, wonderful acting and superb wardrobe and backdrop all round. This is a stunning film in my opinion - a real feast for the eyes - glorious.
The roaring twenties erupted after WW1, the centres being the likes of New York, London & Paris - this was a playground for wealthy and not something that your average underling would have been involved too much with.
This for me is right up there with `Manhattan,' as one of my `Woody' favourites, and clearly a lot of fans thought the same too and headed to the flicks in their droves. It was Woody's greatest ever financial hit - costing 17 million $ to make and grossing an incredible 151 million $.
Unsurprisingly, it won an Academy Award and Golden Globe - enough said!
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on 1 May 2013
There have been a few good successes in recent years for Woody Allen, but none come close to the true perfection of this film.
Woody Allen has really got his 'MOJO BACK' as a film maker with this release.
As a period drama ,it is probably his greatest since 'Bullets Over Broadway' in 1994.
Owen Wilson has always been a unique comic actor, but in this Woody Allen Film he really seems to be in his most natural environment. I Hope Owen Wilson does more Woody Allen films in future, this would be a very great teaming, that would be on par with Allen's sidekicks from the past, Mia Farrow and Diana Keaton
The way that Allen is able to get into the minds of great Literature Authors of the past like Hemmingway,( in fact all the most vital Artistic peoples of the 20th Century, for the ,is a truly Enlightening Experience.
Has the same Magical potent artistic expression that made Woody Allen's 'Annie Hall' (1977) and 'Manhattan' (1979) so special.
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on 28 December 2012
Just finished watching this film on blu-ray. Woody Allen often bemoans the film-making process, stating that he starts out with the most promising idea, but in the business of making the film, the original intention can be lost in translation, to use a familiar phrase. The mechanics and nature of the business somehow get in the way and the original conception of the screenplay, and what Woody has envisaged is not fully realised. He surely cannot say that about this film. A distillation of nearly fifty years' film-making experience makes this film almost perfect. Often one gets to the middle or end of a film and finds it is somehow unsatisfying, doesn't make sense, is irrelevant, boring or whatever (yes, even Woody Allen films, and I'm a fan!). This film with its perfect synchronisation of plot, concept, style, and characterisation (as evidenced in its visuals and dialogue) fits together like a swiss clock. Naff thing to say but true. This film actually IS Woody Allen. If you like Woody you are in for a treat (and a treatise on the joys of nostalgia and yet how it relates to our choices and how we can live in the present) and a perfect ninety minutes of happiness. I won't spoil it, but a writer can take you anywhere. And he does. A hoot!
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on 27 September 2013
An atmospherically filmed story, set in Paris, of a young, soon to be married, American woman and her well heeled parents together with her angst ridden writer boyfriend.
She and her mother only want to window shop for clothes and accessories for the new home back in the States; father is worried about the money being spent and whether the boyfriend is only marrying his daughter for the money, and the boyfriend who is worried about the seemingly mad rush into marriage is having second thoughts and would prefer a slower pace. Increasingly he seeks refuge from the frenetic pace and becomes drawn by the history and atmosphere of night time Paris, and without giving the game away, the film centres on his experiences rather than those of the girlfriend and her parents .
The characters are well drawn, if a little stereotypically, but that doesn't detract from the overall enjoyment of the film.
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on 22 January 2016
A Woody Allen view of Paris through rose-tinted glasses where everyone is young, good-looking and famous, but with a time-travel twist. Michael Sheen is excellent as a know-it-all P in the A but I really struggled to discover what the hero of the piece found remotely attractive in his spoiled, surly, precious fiancee whose parents were an unkind caricature of the Americans we love to hate..... I watched it on a transatlantic flight to pass the time, but might not otherwise have bothered.
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on 17 November 2014
A lovely, romantic story about a guy called Gil ( Owen Wilson), who is fascinated with Paris in 1920's and who during his visit in French capital travels back in time to 1920's in a enchanted car (kind of like Cinderella). This film is a feel good, full of magic sort of film with elements of romance, which teaches us to enjoy yourself here and now. The story reminds me a little bit of Cinderella fairytale also because the main character needs to find and believe in himself and stand up to those close to him who use him.
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