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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 16 November 2014
£60 - brilliant!

I have an elderly dog who is starting to have accidents. This has been stressing me out because trying to clean up the spots is hard work and time consuming plus I am never sure that the area has been cleaned properly. Solution! this carpet cleaner!

I have bought Vax products in the past and have found them to be excellent quality so that did influence my choice.

Easy to put together, literally 3 screws so the only thing you have to have ready is a screwdriver.

Not as heavy as I thought it would be, with my bad back, that is a bonus!

Very easy to use and it comes with a small bottle of carpet cleaner so once it was assembled I was using it.

1. Comes with shampoo
2. Very easy to fill and clean the water chambers
3. Long cord with a well designed storage system
4. When cord is coiled up it fits properly (so many electrical goods I have purchased recently dont)

1. As others have mentioned - the noise! It is very noisy and the high pitch squeal is unbearable. However, I just put ear plugs in when I am using it!

I am pleased with this product over all. It does what it says and I now have clean carpets and no stress.
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on 3 November 2016
Firstly, I need to point out - I have a 14 month Dog. A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (lot's of hair and very energetic...who loved to run in and out of the garden frequently). I personally think this is great for the price and some of the reviews are too harsh.

My husband and I bought this because the last few weeks, our pup picked up a stomach bug which meant she had terrible diarrhea (sorry for sharing). The poor girl couldn't make it to the garden on several occasions. This left a scene out of the Exorcist, on our bedroom and living room floor. We did our best to clean by hand. This arrived and it cleaned the carpet beautifully, no more brown marks and my carpet smells fresh.

Our living room carpet is prone to stains, as the pup loves to run around it like a crazy nutter and my husband often sits on the floor to play on his console. Leaving marks from his denim jeans. Again, the carpet cleaner has removed all of these marks.

Finally, I cut my finger open a few weeks back and I had failed to notice (until it had dried) two drops of blood on the carpet - granted I went over the same spot many times, but it came up. Blood is tough to budge. The manual does also state, if you have a particularly difficult stain, to rub in some undiluted solution to help lift it. Did the job.

YES OK it leaves the carpet damp...but so does a Rug Doctor

YES OK it is a loud machine...but so is a Rug Doctor

YES OK you need to empty the dirty tank and refill the clean tank frequently...but no more than you do with a Rug Doctor

The benefit is, to hire or buy a Rug Doctor is expensive for the time you have it - this is much better value for money for similar results. It's light weight and easy to assemble. A Rug Doctor (how many time can I say Rug Doctor in one review...) is incredibly heavy, lifting it up and down the stairs is a mission. OK it's not quite as powerful and effective as (you guessed it...) a Rug Doctor, but it's a heavy duty machine - this is not and it does a very good job considering the fact.
It's ideal to bring out for a quick clean every few months to keep your carpet looking fresh in my opinion. A good buy.
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on 25 August 2014
It's definitely a product aimed at people who can't be bothered with the hassle of hire and return, but don't want to spend an absolute fortune just to clean their carpets.

I bought mine prior to moving out of a flat and handing it back to the owners. It left the carpets smelling and looking much fresher, and you wouldn't believe how dirty the water gets. Embarrassing really! The build is very 'plasticy', but it feels sturdy enough and it makes it quite lightweight. It also made a couple of dried-in stains look much better, though elbow grease was required to remove them entirely!

A couple of issues though.. the tanks are fairly small, so you'll need 3-4 re-fills of the clean tank per room if the room is of a reasonable size. We had a large lounge/dining room and that took me 5 refills. For every two refills of the clean tank, you have to empty the dirty tank, so that adds quite a lot of time to the job. The other issue is the noise. As another reviewer mentioned, there are two filters, one on the dirty water tank and one where the dirty tank connects to the machine. The instructions only mention one of these filters for some reason! So unless you clean both filters every time you empty the dirty tank (by removing them and running them under a tap) you'll get a high pitch whining noise.

So in summary, it's a good value machine that ultimately leaves your carpets much much cleaner. It just requires a bit of fiddling and re-filling to get the job done. It's not like you'll be doing this every week, so my advice is just buy it!
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on 20 June 2013
My previous experience cleaning carpets was by hiring a Rug Doctor carpet cleaner, so I will compare to that...

On a positive note, compared to a Rug Doctor, this cheap, bottom of the range Vax is more portable and light and, because the handle folds down flat, it both can be stored more easily (e.g. under a bed) and can also be used to clean under some furniture (like chairs, chests of drawers etc) without even having to move it out the way at all. Its also quieter, akin perhaps to a loud and whiney vacuum cleaner - the difference being, out of politeness, I would warn my neighbour when I'm using a Rug Doctor, but no need with this.

However, compared to a Rug Doctor (which to be fair would cost a lot more to buy) the cleaning power is just not in the same league. My grubby carpets (I have a cream carpet, kids and the front door opens straight to the street) now look fresher, smell nicer and are certainly a little cleaner, noticeably so, but definitely not 100% clean. Firstly, the suction on the device is just not up to the job, with noticeably a lot more liquid being pushed into the carpet than is sucked back out again. This means both that the dirt is not fully extracted and that the carpets are wetter and take a lot longer to dry. Secondly, whilst there is a substantial brush on the front of the device, this is a static push along affair, it doesn't rotate and is not motorised at all, hence it helps very little, whereas a Rug Doctor would very aggressively agitate the carpet whilst it was cleaning.

Note also there is no upholstery tool, so stair cleaning is pretty much out. It was just about light enough to encourage me to try lifting it physically onto the stair treads (using the whole machine like a giant upholstery tool) - just possible, but not really practical or effective - too awkward, hard to get into the corners, plus you can only really have it one way round as it can't be expected to suck unless you make contact along the whole suction area, if you get what I mean.

The build quality is maybe a little light, a tiny bit plasticky, but not bad for the price and it doesn't feel like it will break. It is also very easy to use, a doddle to fill and empty the tanks. The instruction manual was about the shortest I've ever seen. Maybe not a big deal, but there is also a teeny tiny, slightly pathetic, filter that really needs cleaning every time the small tank is emptied, although it only takes a few extra seconds. The only other negtive to add was that I wanted to rinse and dry out the tanks before putting away to avoid mold and smells, but its quite difficult to get the last couple of teaspoons of water out of one of the tanks due to the way its designed.

I paid £60 for mine and on the grounds of underwhelming cleaning power, feel a little cheated at that price. Nevertheless if you are looking for something that you can quickly whip out and only need to freshen up the carpets a little and don't mind waiting for the carpets to dry this might do the job. Also, it might make sense if you want something to use frequently and don't want your carpet to wear out too quickly - e.g. for a weekly or fortnightly quick clean. Perhaps also suitable for someone who wouldn't be able to handle a heavier machine. For serious cleaning and quick drying though, you will need to look elsewhere - get a professional in, hire a better machine, or look at a much more expensive device - one with a significantly much higher wattage vaccuum and motorised brushes.
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on 20 December 2011
I have read the review above, (MAD) and I do not know what they are talking about.
I have just purchased this machine and used it for the first time today, it is a great little machine, easy to assemble, easy to use, (If you read the manual FIRST).
It did not leave the carpet soaking wet and did a really good job of cleaning it.
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on 17 January 2014
Arrived in good shape and quickly and works very well I am really pleased and look forward to spring cleaning as it is so easy to use
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on 19 June 2012
I was looking for a carpet cleaner after one too many accidents from the puppy in the house and a cream carpet. I wanted something that would clean up the mess yet not break the bank as money is tight - should I pay £40 and hire a machine for a few hours or, pay a bit more and own one albeit not as powerful but would do a decent job? - I chose the latter and bought this machine from Asda as it was on offer for £50. I have to say for the money it is a brilliant little machine. If you use the vax shampoo mixed with hot water it will remove most stains - sometimes you need a second go if it is dried in but for puppy messes and even a spilt glass of red wine it had no problems.

The other consideration was ease of use and space - I already have a dyson and a steam cleaner so I didn't want a bulky machine. I didn't want one that was fiddly to fill and empty - this isn't. As for space it is really slim and lightweight. It is as easy as using a vacuum cleaner. The only fiddly thing was fixing the handle together for the first time but again nothing to worry about. For the money this machine has paid for itself many times over and I would happily recommend it to anyone on a tight budget
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on 25 October 2012
Great machine for spring cleaning your carpets as it says on the box. Also has removed some stubborn stains when repeated a few times. Kind on the carpets no battering by huge powerful machine. Not that noisy and make sure the bottom dirty water collector is pushed shut otherwise no vacuum obtained and no water collected. In all great value great product.
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on 7 February 2013
This machine is light and easy to use. It certainly does the job its meant to do, the only drawback with this machine is its a bit noisy!
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on 13 November 2011
Arrived promptly within 48hrs, very pleased with this little cleaner, my only gripe is that it is very noisey. Otherwise its compact, lightweight and does what it says on the box.
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