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on 14 May 2012
Got the camera and all seemed fine until I tried to record a video more than about 15 minutes long. The camera went into standby then shut down and didn't write any files to the card.
A quick email to Chilli Technology and a very helpful person called Paul sent me a new firmware for the camera and now all is fine. Camera is great but not too good in low light but that is not what I need it for.

I have noticed that other people have had the same problem and returned the camera as faulty, no need to do this just email the manufacturers, a simple fix.
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on 23 March 2014
Bought one of these after reading the reviews. Was aware about firmware updates etc, so did a test run to make sure that it kept recording after 20 minutes - this was fine.

However on the first test, was travelling down a roughish road on a bike, using the handlebar mount - the camera came loose, dropped onto the wheel and shot off into the verge not to be found again, despite spending two hours looking for it.

I've contacted Amazon for a replacement, as I regard this as faulty. Additionally I have contacted Chilli Technologies detailing the problems with the product - specifically the handlebar mount.

The tests I did do with the camera looked promising, but i cannot give this more than one star due to the poor quality of the accessories.

Update. Battery Died - doesn't charge anymore. Waste of money unfortunately and puts me off buying anything else from this manufacturer.
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on 13 May 2017
More modern camera with replay screen more practical
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on 27 May 2012
While the Actioncam 3 is cheap and looks robust, it does not at all work as promised.

First, the good news: picture and sound quality is good, although the FPS (frames per second) rate is rather low which makes the final movie look weird.
Now, the bad points of the Actioncam 3:
All forms of attachment for this camera are inadequate. Unless you invest an extra 30 - 50 GBP into a proper helmet mount, the camera will point into any direction but to the front. This can only be solved by extensive trial and error which is very frustrating.
Most importantly, the battery life is not 150 min but rather 40 min at best (20 min in cold weather). It is hard to handle, as it switches off after 3 min when in standby mode. As you will most likely be wearing a helmet when using a helmet cam, it is impossible to find out whether or not it records (goes from standby to recording) unless a bystander will tell you.
It also definitely needs a large memory card (mine was equipped with a 16 GB card), however, for some unknown reasons it never saved more than 8GB of files. The card itself definitely is a 16GB card. It also cuts any movie into 20 min files and sometimes stops recording after that time.
Last but not least, my Actioncam 3 did not record (or save files) for a full day despite the recording lights being switched on, which was annoying because I used it at the coolest event of the year in my sport. All the footage is gone which is sad an unnecessary. On top of everything, the Actioncam died an early death after just 3 months and 10h of filming and is irrecoverably broken.

Final verdict: Really, really bad investment. Save yourself a lot of trouble and frustration: better invest a few more pounds into a more sophisticated system (the one starting with "V" for example) and keep it for a long, long time.
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on 29 December 2011
I brought the action cam 3 to use while riding my supermoto
I wasn't sure what to expect for £40. It also comes with various straps etc.
Some of you will be aware that the single cylinder supermoto's vibrate like mad.
I tried the handlebar mount but it made the vid wavy, i am sure it would work on a pushbike and possibly other motorbikes but not the supermoto. (TIP) I cut the loop off the handle bar mount and fixed the mount to my visor screw, works a treat ;)

Helmet strap:
Not much good for my type of helmet as were the cam is needed the strap would have to go across my visor.

Included is also a sticky velcro pad, seems very strong and should hold the cam easily, i wouldn't stick it to my helmet.

I have tested the cam on a ride out and the overall quality is good in day time recording.

Very good sound quality until i got to about 20mph (TIP) Cover the mic hole on the cam with something, i used spongy tape.
Covering the mic will stop the wind noise but engine sound and voice can still be recorded ;)

Overall a great little cam for the money.
To see the quality of this cam look on youtube.
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on 31 May 2012
Dear friend,
i bought this item and the only problem that i have is the battery. it makes only 20 minutes video.
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on 14 December 2012
Got this to use when road cycling. First impressions on taking it out of the box is that the camera is solidly built, with the metal chassis feeling very robust. The power button is a simple push button - as others have mentioned, this would be better as a slide switch to prevent it being accidentally pressed when in a bag.

Mounting options included in the box are a Velcro strip with hoops for holding the camera, and a bracket for mounting the camera to handlebars. I'm using the latter, and the LEDs and on/off switch can still be accessed while the camera remains solidly mounted in the bracket which is nice. The diameter of the bracket is slightly too large for the camera but this can be easily resolved by cutting up an old pair of latex gloves and using a piece as a shim to wrap around the camera body before it's mounted. A blue flashing light indicates recording which is sometimes tricky to see in bright daylight - it might have been clearer if the red LED had been used for this instead.

When I first put a Micro SD into the camera and turned it on the red LED came on solid and the blue one flashing, which is contrary to what the instructions indicated should happen so I emailed Chili Tech. It's over a week later and I still haven't heard anything from them, so I'm guessing you're on your own for support. After a bit of fiddling and playing around it looks like a red solid LED and a blue flashing light when the device first comes on means that it doesn't like the Micro SD card for some reason - trying out a different SD card resolved the problem. Disappointing that Chili Tech don't answer their emails, but this is really something that should be in the instructions anyway and if it was there would be no problem. It's also confusing that solid red and blue flashing can also mean the device is recording - a different lighting combo would be useful to indicate 'invalid card'.

Setting the time involves creating a simple text file, dropping it in the root of the Micro SD card, then turning the device off and on. A setup.ini text file is created in the root of the Micro SD card when the device is first powered on and this has options to turn on or off the timestamp that appears on the video, the cycle record option, and the auto record on external power option. I can see how these last two would be very useful if you were using this to record in a car and had the camera powered from a cigarette lighter socket.

The videos that are created by this camera are 1280x720 AVI files at 30fps with 128kbps mono audio. I've only used this camera in daylight and the picture quality is very good for such a small camera, but I have yet to try it in darker conditions.

Overall this is a good robust camera for the money, and once set up it requires minimal effort to record journeys.
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on 3 April 2012
This camera appears to only record 20 minutes at a time. I though it may have been a one off so I bought a new SD card and tested that on the camera.Got the same problem as I was always getting CODEC errors when attempting to replay the footage. I asked for a replacement and the replacement didn't work either giving the same codec error. My freind also bought the same camera from amazon and had the same problem.
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on 7 November 2012
I bought this for cycling. I purchased it as a temporary solution as I am waiting for the GoPro Hero 3 Black to come out in December. I just didn't want anything to happen whilst cycling during my wait, which I could've captured if I had bought the Hero 2.

Anyway. I knew it wouldn't be anywhere near as good as a GoPro. And it isn't. It's not really HD. Even the iPod Touch 4th generation has better quality.
Also, it only has a 60 degree angle. A camera like this needs wide-angle. This one is the opposite to what you'd need. It's likt it's constantly zoomed in!
Also, you can't film indoors. Not really. Too much noise. And if the weather is anything but sunny, it'll produce lots of noise and only pick up the street lights.
Another thing, as it's like it's constantly zoomed in, you have to learn to put it in a position where it's facing EXACTLY where you want. Which is extremely difficult. I've given up with the helmet solution. I don't trust the velcro and the camera always seems to point anywhere but where you want it to.
With the bike-mount, you can't see the recording lights whilst it's mounted, so you can't tell when it randomly turns off. It does that from time to time. Also, don't put it in over the record button - as it holds the button down when clamped, turning it off. But it doesn't seem very secure like that.

HOWEVER! It will do. For just under £60, it isn't exactly going to be a GoPro, is it? And the bike mount is ideal for my torch, to be used as a front light when it's too dark to use the camera. For the price, it's probably what you should be expecting.
Myself, I'd price this at £40, but oh well.
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on 11 May 2012
First the downside. I should have read the previous reviews.
Using for a 40 minute bike commute to work
But it only records for 20 minutes before shutting down and losing all the recorded video with no warning.
The blue 'recording' LED is almost impossible to see - Often I've lost videos because I couldn't see whether the blue LED was steady or blinking..
The red 'ON' LED is somewhat better but still much too dim.
I suppose these are power saving measures - the battery can't be too big in a unit of this size & weight but as there is a 2 hour (?) recording time why shut down after 20 minutes ?

And the upside:
Small, light, robust aluminium housing, connects as a removable disk without problem, date & time easy to set, excellent quality video when it's light (and I had no expectation of anything at night time), seems to be waterproof (viz recent weather in the UK !)

Didn't use the provided mounting but snapped OK into an old LED light bracket

And the conclusion:
I've got used to switching the thing off and of every 15 minutes or so without bothering with the LED's
After you've crossed that hurdle it's basically a very, very good camera. If the 20 minute limit was removed and the LED's were a bit more conspicuous it would be perfect !
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