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on 27 September 2015
I quite liked this story. It was easy to read and some of the more brutal scenes & situations were written with sensibility and not "graphic slasher horror" style (phew).

My only criticism is because this is novella size and the first book in "The Dream" series I never felt completely engaged with our main character, Cassie however it does set the scene nicely and showcase Cassie's character. The next book in the series "Be Careful What you Wish For" is currently on Amazon UK for 99p Kindle so may just treat myself to the next part of Cassie's story...
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on 22 January 2014
This book is really well written; gets right to the heart of vampires, which is surprisingly human.
Loving the dark haired lover.
Deals with some sensitive scenes, but really well handled.

Just about to download book 2!
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on 5 September 2013
Really enjoyed this book right up till the last page! Then what a let down felt like a few pages had inexplicably been left out but will get the next book as this had something special.
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on 27 May 2015
Very good
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on 31 July 2013
I loved every moment... once you start you just can't stop reading...
This book is truly the best book ever
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on 2 September 2013
I personally know the author so was looking forward to reading her first book which follows on from the stories she used to write when she was younger in her school years.
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on 6 January 2013
I purchased a copy of the e-book while it was free on Amazon. This is book one in The Dream Series. Cassie has struggled and overcome many obstacles throughout her life. Some of those, she can't even remember. Since her parents died in a car crash, she has been having dreams of a dark haired man, coming and comforting her in her time of need. As the years pass by, her dream man seems to become more real and more intimate. She begins questioning him of why he only comes to her in her dreams and why they can't be together in the real world. Over the years there have been some strange murders, and also some strange occurrences of women showing up in front of the hospital that Cassie works at. The women have been rescued while being attacked, but remembers nothing as to how they get to the hospital and who the "ghost" is that saves them. After Cassie talks with one of the victims, she seems to have this feeling that it has something to do with something from her past. She starts to research her past and whom her dream man might be. What she finds may not be what she was hoping for.

There were a few time frame jumps/gaps in the beginning that I would have liked to have had a little more details and explanations, but I still understood and enjoyed the book. It has a different set up as far as the "vampire guidelines" that most paranormal books go by, which is refreshing. I felt the end just kinda came to a stop, not the normal cliff hanger stop, but still left off for more to come in the series and leaving me wanting to know what happens next. I look forward to reading more of The Dream Series.

Warning: The book contains some sexual and physical abuse, murder, some attempted rape scenes. Recommend as an adult read!

Originally posted on The Mystical World of Book Reviews.
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on 25 August 2012
Ebook: The Man of my Dreams (The Dream series)
Author: Gladys Quintal
Fiction, Paranormal,
This review may contain spoilers
I was given this for an honest review by the author
Summary: Ever since the death of her parents at the age of 17, Cassie has been dreaming about a dark haired man. He always comes to her in times of trouble to comfort her and help her through the toughest of days. But now after the devastating break up with her boyfriend, Cassie struggles with separating reality from her dreams.
During a trip to her family beach house, her dream man becomes her lover and Cassie finds herself longing for this man to be in her life. But trying to find out the truth about him leaves her questioning her very existence and sanity.
She is convinced her dream man is real and connected to a string of macabre murders over the last 20 years. Fearing for her life, Cassie prays she is right about him and that he can save her before it is too late.
Note from author: WARNING : This book mentions an episode of sexual abuse. There are 2 attempted rape scenes as well as a depraved serial killer.
The Review
Well this was Dark but Oh so awesome, OK straight off, there are some disturbing scenes, so not suitable for those that don't like that in a story, I thought it added a lot to the story and without it, you would never understand the background and Why they behaved like they did in the book, Right so onto the review, I loved Cassie's dream man, he sounds like the man of my dreams, I have loved Vampire Stories for a while now, but her dream man differs from most, as he does give in to his bloodlust, but in a very different way, won't say anymore, try not to give too much of a spoiler in my reviews. I felt the author did an excellent job with the storyline, it was very well written, I am really looking forward to the next in the series, I want to see if Alexi the Dr is the man in Cassie's dreams, I would recommend this book to anyone after a really good vampire book, 5/5
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on 1 December 2012
Firstly, thank you so much Author Gladys Quintal for the steamy opportunity to read for my enjoyment, then review this awesome book of yours. I loved it. *fans face*

To meet the man of my dreams would be so divine!! A girl/women can dream though right? Can't she? *nods head*

I have been needing to read and review "The Man of my Dreams" for sometime now, finally I have.

Cassie (33 yrs old) has had so much thrown at her even from a very young age. After her parents divorced, and her mother remarries Cassie faces being abused by her step-father, one time she fights back and he almost kills her. Cassie is saved/rescued by a dreamy man.

Throughout time he continues to rescue and protect her. Truly a man of your dreams. Who is he? What is he?

Cassie is trying to recover from her latest blow in her life, while she is on vacation (by herself) for two weeks. What a wild two weeks it turns out to be!! Fabulous dreams night after night.. Yp you guessed it, they are visits/dreams of a most loving tender man.

Is he real, or in fact just a dream? Nope, he is for sure REAL. Love has found it's way back into Cassie's heart, along with two surprises.

I won't give away much more, but I will tell you that this is a very enjoyable read. So do yourself a dreamy favor, and go grab a copy. Kick back and relax, while you are taken into a steamy dreams Ville land by the very talented Gladys Quintal.

Happy Steamy Reading.

Recommend: 18 and up (adult)
Rating: 4.5/5 angel stars

Angel Anne Reviews
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on 18 June 2012
I love a good romance, so when I saw this book, I thought it sounded interesting. And interesting it was!

Cassie is a fantastic character. She is a loving and warm person, but she has a secret. When she goes to sleep, she is visited by her dream man. He has been in her dreams since she was 17 years old.
We never find out his name, but this mysterious man is very much alive and in love with Cassie. He protects her, and others like her, from the human monsters living in the world, even though he sees himself as a monster too; he's a vampire and under a curse.

I loved how Gladys Quintal showed points of view from both Cassie and her dream man, but I wished that we got to see more of the mysterious man. He intrigued me! Hopefully, the second book in the series will show more from his side of the story. There are some serious subjects brought up in this book, namely sexual abuse, 2 attempted rape scenes and a serial killer, so I do not recommend this book for anyone who has a nervous disposition or is under the age of 16. However, I recommend this book if you are looking for a fantastic romance novel with a paranormal twist.

I purchased this book from the author. I enjoyed the book, so I decided to write this review. I have not been paid for this review.
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