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  • INNI
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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 7 September 2014
I was lucky enough to be there!!! What can I say? It brought memories from the past. Absolutely great concert, one of the best I ever seen, believe me I have seen a lot!
One thing I remember very well was silence between songs....nobody was talking, everybody was just listening and waiting for next song. Also venue: Alexandria Palace what a perfect choice!
People! Buy it with DVD option, it will show you different Sigur Ros, which you have newer seen before, you will not be disappointed.

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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 14 November 2011
Another end this week as well, in the same week in November 2008, both Sigur Ros (for now) and R.E.M (for ever) ended their live careers, and this - "Inni" - named, probably, after the prevelant type of belly button in homo sapiens - is a fitting end. There are words people use to describe this band : words such as glacial and majestic, and ethereal. Words used by critics listening with their heads, not their hearts.

A sequel of sorts to 2006's live "Heima" set, which was a live record made, mostly, without an audience in sparse Icelandic landscapes, this is a different type of live release : the way most people would have experienced Sigur Ros live would have been this way : in large, quiet buildings, set in a spell, as conventional instruments made glorious summer in our ears. But these songs. Similar bands have done similar things, but few have ever achieved what these men did : a soundtrack for the internal meditation. When I listen to this music, I, you, cease to exist, and the whole of the universe becomes a unifed incoherent, beautiful whole. The music helps me think, lets my mind wander. The nearest comparison to the effect Sigur Ros have to me is the same experience when I saw most of Pink Floyd perform "Echoes" at the Albert Hall : where the mind goes to somewhere else, and I explore innerspace with this music as my guide.

It starts with a soft pulse, a gentle tone of precise feedback, a build to : the sound that makes the closing moments of some of the more experimental songs by huge bands is their raison d'etre. The use of layering, timing, and an unhurried reach to the material is how Sigur Ros present this. We have all the time in the world. Deadlines do not really exist in any tangible way anymore. "Glosoli" is the nearest thing to anything real, as it sounds as if the song is being played on a crackling vinyl disc - quite how that can be achieved with instruments baffles me. At the heart of it, the songs shows that the band understand the conventional rock dynamic as much as anyone else, and with clarity, choose to follow their own template instead. The audience claps at certain points, but the editing is judicious, the noise never interrupts into the experience, the spell of sound.

Over 2 discs and a concert DVD/Blu Ray, the enormous Sigur Ros experience, as best as it can be experienced without standing there, is conveyed - four men working hard to tease out of their instruments strange and unusual sounds, with songs made of dynamics that go far beyond the conventional 4/4 rock of verse/chorus/verse into something else, where, like the greatest art the music exists as a gateway to another way of thinking. On the film, audience shots are minimal, for this is not a performance, or showmanship, but a presentation, a creation of a certain atmosphere. And, as such, "Inni" is a success, in evoking an emotion, a feeling. For art without meaning is nothing, and for this, perhaps, it's success comes in the ability to evoke in the audience something, even if that something is intangible, untouchable, and different for each of us.
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on 11 November 2011
What can i say about inni that you havent read in reviews already. All those who have seen sigur ros live are very lucky indeed. The band are on fire here and the record is excellent. Highlights for me are e-bow {untitled 6 off () } and the 15 minute long Popplagio {untitled 8 off () } the live versions here are breathtaking.

Hopefully we will be lucky enough to see a new album sooner rather than later but in the meantime this should keep sigur ros fans happy.
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on 7 November 2011
Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! Granted, its not the new studio album we would all want but then again when has anyone truly been disappointed by anything this most singularly unique of bands has given us? Five star guaranteed!
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on 4 December 2011
Watching INNI is like being reacquainted with one of your closest friends, one that you have shared the most intimate and personal moments with and one that you did not realise had left a gaping hole in your heart when they had disappeared with no explanation or reason. INNI marks the return of the peerless musical force that is Sigur Rós, and it does so in the only fashion that Sigur Rós know, and that is going against every convention and expectation.

INNI is all about taking you inside the world of Sigur Rós and places you within touching distance of every hammer, string and hair that are the driving force behind their breathtaking shows at Alexandra Palace in November 2008. I was lucky enough to experience one of those shows in person, but it is impossible to compare the two experiences.

INNI is intensely personal and almost entirely strips away any visual awareness of a crowd and any sense of place. One of the multiple highlights lies in the extras, during a beautiful rendition of "All Alright", where Jónsi Birgisson looks at his most vulnerable as he shuts his eyes to take himself to a place far from the audience and his hands twitch as if he is almost reaching out for an instrument to hide behind. It is one of the most humanising moments of the movie, and it can only complement the main feature that this masterful performance failed to make the cut.

If for any reason you have yet to be acquainted with Sigur Rós, this is the perfect place to start. There is no better way to summarise the work of Sigur Rós or the majesty of INNI than the interview that follows the opening credits where the interviewer asks: "Did you start out playing this kind of music? Or did you start out as a more... people might think 'regular' sounding band and then did you go here as you experimented?". The question can only be met with silence and a stifled laugh. Who needs regularity anyway?
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on 12 January 2012
Yes... the audio of the CDs is great, but for the live DVD is too much close up for members of the band.
I expect there is more full stage scenes to make me feel that i'm in the concert.. Too much close up make me feel like i'm just seen a video clip
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on 16 November 2011
Captures the exceptional live music of Sigur Ros. An absolutely unbelievable and amazing album. A must buy for any serious music fan.
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