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on 8 April 2017
Bought as gift, no complaints
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on 1 April 2015
Great value great service - all good
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on 24 January 2012
This is my third Wii. For various reasons I have sold the last two, but this is my first of the new hardware model. First impressions, it is tiny and feels solid and looks great, seriously, so much better than before.
Secondly, all the software had been pre-loaded so had it up and running in seconds.
Thirdly, for £90 from the Amazon Warehouse I was amazed that it was pristine, untouched by anyone since manafacture as I was expecting the usual slightly soiled second hand console (ie used over Xmas then discarded for the refund). So all in all a massive success.

If you are Sony, Xbox or PC lovers and never thought about owning a Wii then this is the version you should get. Firstly in black it is dead smart, including the Wiimotes and Wheel so you won't feel like a kid. Secondly, you probably don't care that it can't play Gamecube games if you are Sony or Xbox afficianados. (Though there are good Gamecube games, some excellent ones even, finding discs that are scratch free is getting harder and harder). Thirdly, there are some excellent games for more mature gamers (see Zelda: Skyward Sword, Xenoblade Chronicles and Monster Hunter Tri), addictive skill based games (all Mario's, Fifa's and Sports Resort) and loads of party/family/get your friends over and mess about games (Wii Play, Wii Motion, Wii Sports etc).

Put this way, for around £100 it is so much better value than so many things I could mention. One final thing is that all of the peripherals and games will be compatible/integral to the forthcoming Wii:U (which though due this year, knowing Nintendo, I seriously doubt it will be before Xmas, they have a terrible track record with release dates in Europe).

Buy it, play it, put it in the attic, get it out when your kids are growing up and I guarantee it will stay out and be loved all over again.
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on 14 May 2012
I am a hardcore gamer with a 250g Xbox Console and a beast of a pc already, so you wouldn't think that the wii would appeal to me as the Wii is a casal console, but, it does.

With the Wii on this way out with the Wii U coming out at the end of the year, I thought I would take advantage of its cheap price tag and huge library of games. The graphics are inferior to the PS3 and Xbox 360 and theres no proper online services (Well there is but nothing like Xbox live, PSN or Steam). So it rellies on its games and they are really overloaked, underated classics that could appeal to the hardcore ordinance like Monster hunder Tri, Madworld, Sin and punishment 2, Xeoblade conicales, No more heroes (both 1 and 2) PLUS theres all the good nintendo stuff. Come on everybody loves Mario Kart! If your not a big fan of the Wii motion controlls a lot of games can be played using the classic controller NOTE: Not included.

Just a couple of pointers before you go out and buy. This model is NOT backwards compatible with Gamecube games, controllers, memory cards or accessories. This doesn't bother me too much as I do have a working gamecube. If you want a Wii that can play gamecube games, buy an earlyer model Nintendo Wii Console (Includes Wii Sports) [Nintendo Wii] Also, this model has no stand as its desined to sit horizontally. I don't think you buy these feel free to corect me if i'm wrong.

So to summerise every thing here is a pros and cons (Drum roll please...)

Nice colour
Big library of games
Perfect for light gun rail shooters, calling all house of the dead fans
As pretty much everything you need (console, mario Kart, controller and wheel)

No gamecube compatiblity
Sound is pretty poor from the Wii controller

Overall, a big underdog in the gaming world with a fair pit to offer. Going to get some more games soon!!
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on 10 December 2011
So I used to own a Nintendo Wii, one of the old white ones. I don't know if anything has changed since then, but this new one seems smaller (or at least shorter). I got another one because, for some reason, I missed the old thing after I sold it off, and now that they're cheap as chips I figured why not? I actually bought this for less money than I sold the other one for, so I'm quids in there.

There's some pretty solid games for the Wii, whatever people might tell you. As an owner of the Xbox 360, the PS3, formerly a Wii, and obviously a PC, trust me when I say it holds up to the others. It's a great experience, and not all games involve swinging your arms around and pointing at things, you can get the controller for it, GameCube style.

The only thing I would watch out for is that this particular bundle doesn't come with Wii Sports (whereas I thought it was a standard console thing, no biggie, never used my other copy either) and it also doesn't come with the little vertical stand, the black console is apparently designed to stand horizontally, despite having feet on the vertical part also. I guess it's Nintendo's way of saying "You shouldn't, but if you must, we'll make it easy for you". It also will not play GameCube games, where the old ones would, so also watch out for that if it was a selling point for you (never had a GameCube so I don't really care that much). It's not enough to take any stars off a first-rate piece of technology.

I recommend this to practically everybody.
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on 28 June 2016
I am sure the new one might not do this but this was not working for my 6 years old at all as it keeps turning off in the middle of the game and also will come up with a message that my excited boy was disappointed so I packed it up and returned. I believe the fact that he was interrupted by switching off during the game actually made my son to be uninterested as even when I returned it he didn't even bother me to buy another one.
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on 27 July 2014
Very happy with this purchase. Arrived very promptly. Description mentioned "the box packaging may be marked or scratched" so pleasantly surprised when hardly anything, just a little scuff mark. Christmas gift for my son. Delighted and has worked perfectly for last 8 months. Love this Wii, it's sleek, neat, easy to transport & straightforward to use. Since I bought it, bought extra controller as only comes with one.
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on 6 December 2011
When ordering this (excellently priced at GBP 97.49) package, please be aware that this is the new "improved" version of the Wii that is no longer compatible with Gamecube hardware. There are no ports for Gamecube controllers or memory cards to be found on this new version of the Wii. Quite how that is an improvement though is anyones guess.
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on 2 January 2012
Finally decided to get one (A bit late I know with the new wii console showing on E3) and I was surprise on how accurate the wii is.

I was doubtful at first thought I would need to stand exactly in front of the sensor for it to work but NOPE you can go far and the wii will function as normal.

Wish there was more horror/rpg games but for now red steel 2 provided to be a great challenge and the combat is simply fun swinging the sword yourself instead of pressing a button and the character does everything alone.

So that's it I would try the console first if your still not sure if getting it or not but overall I'm pleased.

(Oh and be sure to buy one of those rechargeable batteries for now the batteries seem to be full but buying 1 pack of rechargable batteries will save you some bucks in the future.)
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 2 December 2011
Forgive me Source-Code for I have sinned. For years I was a dedicated PC-gamer. I though ill of gaming consoles, considering them consumer-toys rather than entertainment systems. Who needs overpriced and oversized gaming consoles that can play Movie-DVDs and even BluRayDisks when most good games are released for PCs as well and they look and play better on them, right? Well, the NINTENDO Wii is a different breed.

Gaming on the Wii is an experience one has to live at least once - but preferably whenever he or she feels blue. Sure, it may not sport the cutting-edge graphical capabilities of a SONY PS3 or the game titles selection of the XBox. Nevertheless, most Wii games take full advantage of the console's capabilities and the exclusive games selection include the unsurpassable The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, the absorbing Metroid Prime: Trilogy, the mesmerizing Okami and the soothing Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep.
Not to mention the capabilities of Wii Fit Plus and Wii Sports Resort when coupled with a Wii Balance Board!

This is a black bundle edition and it looks great. I too have a black edition. I keep mine in our TV room and the black blends perfectly with my other home entertainment electronics. In any case, do not miss the revolution. Especially now that the price has dropped significantly.

Notice however that this particular bundle is more gaming and less workout oriented. That is why it does not include the Wii board so if you are also interested in exergames, keep in mind that you will need to buy a Wii Balance Board separately - and it is not easy to find a matching black Wii board. This black edition then is something you should be looking into.
Moreover, this is the new stripped down edition of the Wii that lays flat (instead in the grey base that keeps it in a vertical angle) and it does not support older GameCube games. I did not have any of those but if you do, keep this in mind.

There is simply no other console that offers so much fun. Both SONY and MICROSOFT have technologically excellent gaming consoles - but NINTENDO is the only one that always keeps in mind that gaming is supposed to be FUN.

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