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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 19 June 2013
Love love love this film, twists & turns everywhere, great for all the family. This is the second copy that has been bought, someone borrowed the other & never gave it back, they must have enjoyed watching it as well.
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on 19 December 2012
This, I think, is the best kind of entertainment. It has a brave, handsome, humble prince (indie favourite Jake Gyllenhaal) and a beautiful princess (Gemma Arterton) who bicker almost as enjoyably as Narnia's Shasta and Aravis. It has a wonderful character player in Alfred Molina to provide much laugh-out-loud comedy. It even has some grand actorly gravitas courtesy of Ronald Pickup and Sir Ben Kingsley.

It has all the thrills and spills you could expect from an action adventure, with many a sword (or rather, scimitar) fight but nothing horribly cruel, and much spectacular parkour jumping-over-rooftop stuntwork. It has baddies aplenty, scary enough to make your eyes widen but not so horrific as to give you nightmares. It has the beautiful settings of ancient cities and sublime deserts and mountains, enhanced by a lovely orchestral score from the ever reliable Harry Gregson-Williams. It even has a little magic, and a worthwhile moral for everyone (especially those living in blended families) to take away from it.

The audio visual quality of this Blu-ray is fine. Many thanks to Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer for an energetically modern take on Arabian-Nights-style fable. Do enjoy this disc's 116 minutes of good, escapist fun.
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on 9 September 2013
Don't be put off by negative reviews!! We loved this film especially after reading it's a film by Jerry Bruickheimer aka Pirates of Caribbean I'm glad I bought it. Whole family enjoyed it, buy it, watch it , love it. A truly exciting, lol, action (PARKOUR moves instructed by original founder of said discipline) adventure movie :)
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VINE VOICEon 28 December 2010
Prince of Persia is an adaptation of the computer game franchise into the world of film and it is a perfectly reasonable family-friendly adventure. Jake Gyllenhaal takes the lead as Prince Dastan who must save the world from a dastardly plot being hatched by his own uncle while fighting bad guys and the hierachy of the Persian court. It is a truly beautifully costumed film and the scenery is excellent. The plot is fine if not especially challenging, the cultural references are there for those who want to see them, and in the main the acting is ok.

Jake Gyllenhaal's Price Dastan makes for an ok adventure lead. He is not overly charismatic and he is a little wide-eyed too often but as the centerpiece of the film he is not offputting. He is deliberately more earthy and energetic than his Princely brothers because of his origins. The earliest scenes show him as a child being taken under the wise king's wings for his bravery and integrity. He doesn't particularly display those character elements later on in the film where he is more cunning than anything - perhaps this is character development showing the effect of court life on that boy or perhaps character development isn't really the point of a film like this.

Gyllenhaal's biggest problem is that he is cast alongside the weakest part of the film - Gemma Arterton. Her role as Princess Tamina is annoying. Being the traditional bratty princess who backchats her way through most of the film makes her a difficult to like character. Arterton is not particularly well cast for the role at all. She does not suit the Cleopatra style makeup that she wears early on and she doesn't have the *ahem* *physique* to fit the slave girl outfits. Some of the most entertaining parts of Prince of Persia are when Dastan catches Tamina out and she gets her occasional comeuppance. Arterton is not terrible when taking on the more ethereal sounding lines in her role as High Priestess but she has too many other lines.

Fortunately the rest of the cast are generally very good. Ben Kingsley is a bit under-used so crams in a little bit too much ham into Prince Nizam but he is a menacing and darkly entertaining villain. He has great presence as an evil Grand Visier style character. The brothers are perfectly fine and the nobility of Richard Coyle's Prince Tus is very endearing. As the straight man it can be hard to shine in a film like this but Coyle turns in a decent performance. Alfred Molina is probably supposed to steal the show as Sheikh Amar and he definitely has all the best lines but it probably would have been much funnier had it been Omid Djalili.

The dialogue takes a little getting used to because everyone is English. It works but only by rationalising which makes it a little more hard work than it should be. Dastan has a London accent most of the time which makes logical sense as it is a relative accent compared to the more received pronounciation English of the higher born characters but still it does take a while to get over the question as to whether he's supposed to be a mockney.

Still, this is a respectable family film because the plot works. It is the traditional get the item quest but each step is well taken. The machinations and motivation of Nizam make sense, the reactions of the Princes are perfectly understandable, and the morality works both for the modern audience and in trying to place it to 6th century Persia. Even the ending turns out to be better than it should have been.

This is not an historical adventure, it is a computer game adaptation. However, it has a distinct setting in place and in time and it does reasonable superficial justice for those who aren't looking for complete accuracy. The Hashashin and Sufi Islam obviously didn't exist in the 6th century but that doesn't matter because both did exist in that place not long afterwards and were very significant features of it. That they and the Sassanid's didn't coexist doesn't mean that these elements of Persian history must be kept apart when some of the very best scenes in the film are about ostrich racing.

The scenery that the film is set in is absolutely terrific. The extras reveal it unsurprisingly to be Morocco and pretty much every scene is absolutely gorgeous. The costumes for the set and for the actors are stunning and it really does seem to be set in a living environment. Prince of Persia is probably the best-costumed film since Lord of the Rings.

As a predominantely action film, the battle sequences need to be good and they are. Ben Kingsley has a surprisingly impressive action moment, the Hashashin fight vs the Sudanese knife thrower is absolutely terrific, and Prince Dastan is at the heart of some excellent gymnastics. The extras show that the stunts are largely Parkour based and that works very well for Prince of Persia. The vertical lifting and the jumping are extremely reminiscent of the game that appeared some 20 odd years ago. There probably aren't quite enough traps to be completely reminiscent of that game but perhaps it is more similar to the recent game? The stunts and the fights are believable and varied, Jake Gyllenhaal is a very credible swordsman.

The extras are a little limited but what is there is good. The making of is a talking heads session with plenty of in-sequence action in the background and a brief insight into the major features of set and costume as well as a bit of talk from the main actors.

A fun and worthwhile family-friendly action adventure with great background and swordfighting is not the greatest film of its generation or genre but is also far from the worst.
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Prince of Persia: The Sands of time is loosely based around the video game series of the same name, using characters and locales from the games and bringing them to the big screen. Jake Gyllenhaal (Jarhead) plays Dastan, a vagabond prince who was plucked from the streets by the King for his spirit and athleticism and adopted into the royal family. 15 years later Dastan fights in the Persian army alongside his adopted brothers Garsiv (Toby Kebbell - Rocknrolla) and Tus (Richard Coyle - Jeff from Coupling). After receiving word that the ancient city of Alamut is supplying weapons to Persia's enemies, they besiege & conquer the city, where they find the lovely Princess Tamina (Gemma Aterton - Quantum of Solace) who guards a weapon that grants the bearer time-shifting abilities. All is not as it seems as Dastan soon realises that someone within his trust has ulterior motives for invading Alamut and wants the dagger for themselves...

The film is beautifully shot and features some breathtaking locales, credit to Mike Newell here. There are multiple nods to the acrobatics of the game, even panning around Gyllenhaal before jumps in the third person aspect made so familiar by the games. Ben Kingsley plays Dastan's uncle and is a real asset to the production with his ambiguous mannerisms, whilst Alfred Molina (Dr Octopus - Spider-Man 2) plays a brilliant, tax-dodging & eccentric bazaar-owner who injects some much-needed humour into the proceedings and carries every scene he is in.

The plot is rather linear and predictable but the acting is solid and keeps you enthralled, if you were expecting lots of time-jumping and rewinding like the games then you will be sorely disappointed as Dastan uses the vast majority of the sands of time figuring out how to use the sands of time, which is a bit of a waste of cinematic potential if you ask me but that's the direction they went with. I couldn't figure out why both of the leads have Kensington-English accents, despite Gyllenhall being American and both of them playing middle-eastern royalty; nonetheless Gyllenhaal's English accent is convincing enough.

In conclusion, this is a must-see for fans of the game, but the whole film feels a bit ham-fisted as it jumps seemingly randomly between threads of the story and the dialogue just feels a bit contrived. The ending is contradictory to earlier information given in the film and doesn't make an awful lot of sense. Nonetheless, I would recommend this for a decent watch but don't question the plot too much as you are likely to get annoyed at the paradoxes!!

This version has both the Blu-Ray version of the film and the DVD version.
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on 4 October 2011
What is wrong with people giving this movie a low score? If you like a great fantasy story, great action and adventure and great effects- you cannot go wrong with this movie- it will transport you to the mystical magical land of Persia in the 4th century- the sets and effects are first rate and don't let up for a minute. Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton are great leads- Gyllenhaal plays the adopted Prince of Persia who is accused of murdering the King and has to flee his people and attempt to prove his innocence-there's a magical dagger-an amazing ostrich race-killer snakes-palatial cities in the desert- Ben Kingsley is dastardly with a capital D as the baddie -Alfred Molina (Doc Ock) is a fun sidekick. This is Pirates of the Carrabean set in the Persian desert and will give you a really fun two hour ride.
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on 13 August 2011
This is a remarkably good film-good cast,decent plot and interesting concept(never played the game).
It may be a bit of a fairground ride with throwaway characters,but you could say that about many recent films-Even younger audiences should want less cardboard in their characters!
But the actions really great,its beautifully filmed with a good score,there's some good (ostrich)humour,and I can see all the principal cast members going on to bigger things.It`s a film that grabs your attention when its on the TV,and I can`t say that about many films nowadays.If it`d been made 30 years ago (and been a bit slower paced),it would`ve been called a classic.
Great accent JG- You make R.Downey Jr sound like a hack.
Sequel please!
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on 17 October 2013
An incredible epic and lavish Disney production that's exciting timeless entertainment for all the Family. Stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Gemma Arterton, Ben Kingsley, Alfred Molina to name a few. Highly recommended purchase.
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on 17 June 2011
When we heard of this film we deicided to buy it from Amazon. The only thing wrong was the buildings seemed to belong more in Mogul India tha ancient Persia and the armies were clad and operted much differntly the this film showed. It was more in the realm of fantasy the History.
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on 1 March 2013
By far this is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. The storyline is original containing a whole range of ingredients; its funny, serious, magnetic, romantic, revenge, fast action with a plot that keeps you glued throughout the film. DONT MISS THIS MOVIE.
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