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on 22 May 2014
I have had this for over 4 months now so I think this is a good 'burn in' time to be able to form a solid review of this useful doorbell.

I have the button and ringer a good 15-20 meters apart in a straight line going upstairs through solid brick and it works just fine. The bell is mains powered and the ringer uses a battery. The battery is doing fine 4 months in. Last Friday my enthusiastic pizza delivery guy gave it a good test with several presses to make sure... I'll be sure to order Indian instead next time.

The button braved The Great Storm of January like a champ, shrugging off a harsh combination of strong winds, rain and angry pizza guys like it was a flea in a Kanye West concert.

The ringer is nice and loud, but not piercing nor fright inducing. Just a nice normal 'ding dong, ding dong' noise. This is a very good thing because I have an easily frightened cat who likes to sleep on my lap. Trust me when I say, you don't want to scare a cat sleeping on your lap... There be delicate things there...

A couple of things to note though...
1) You can't configure anything. The sounds an volume are fixed. If you don't like a standard 'ding-dong, ding dong' then you've come to the wrong place.
2) The image currently on the site is not the same doorbell. THIS is what you're getting: TeckNet® Wireless Mains Plug-In Doorbell Door Chime
3) It can't block multiple presses from impatient pizza delivery men (nor can it call them names on your behalf).

I don't really consider the above 3 points as bad things (except the last one) because that is essentially what I expected from this. This is a nice basic doorbell that does what it's supposed to do reliably and I recommend it.
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on 14 February 2013
I bought this item in despair, as all my previous bell pushes had failed because of where it is situated (exposed PVC doorframe). It's still working (3 months so far) so thanks to all the other reviewers out there.
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on 6 January 2016
bell arrived quickly bell looks good has a gloss finish so looks nice i would recommend using alkaline batteries as other batteries don't last long it takes a while to select the melody you want unfortunately when batteries are dying it returns to the default melody so when you replace batteries you have to re select the tone you want i wanted to purchase another sounder but not available separately on amazon so went to manufacturers web site to see if i could purchase separately from there but couldn't either but i did notice that speedy goal was considerably a lot cheaper to purchase from rather than direct from manufacturer which is unusual as you would of thought a 3rd party would have been dearer so i would recommend purchasing from speedy goal
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on 9 January 2014
The unit does what it's supposed to on installation (no durability data yet), although there seems to be several different types masquerading as the same unit. Some are reported as battery powered both ends, and some are programmable with different tunes. Mine has a wireless bell push and plug in, single chime sounder. Because we're constantly being told to switch off appliances on standby to save the planet ( Ha!) I measured the current draw of this device and was dismayed to find that it uses 19 watts. That is probably about £24 - £25 per annum on your electricity bill. Mobile telephone chargers and TV sets on standby don't come near this level of current usage so the advice ought to be avoid wireless doorbells, surely?

On a practical matter, the bell-push has a very thin translucent gasket that is designed to keep rainwater out. If you don't notice this and it is out of place when you close the casing, rain will be able to get in and ruin the circuit board.
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on 5 August 2015
Easy to set up, easy to mount with one double sided sticky tape thing on the transmitter. More than enough different chimes for every taste. Only problem: battery life in receiver in my opinion is poor. It takes 3 x AAA batteries. I used brand new Duracell Power Plus when purchased and they only lasted less than 3 months. Not sure exactly when they went flat. They could have gone flat a couple of weeks ago and not noticed as we can't remember the last time the doorbell rang and you get no warning of low battery.
Batteries in doorbells that I've had previously have lasted far, far longer than this. I'll stick a new set in and see how long they last. As it gets towards three months, we'll have to test every other day or something or we won't know when they go flat again. Don't want to miss that important double glazing sales visit, do we???

UPDATE: wrote the above on the 5th August, it's now 17th October and it's gone through another set of Duracell Power Plus... that's just over two months. This is unacceptable, I'm going to give the manufacturer a call, I think, see what they say. With a years use, the batteries would have cost more than the doorbell is worth!
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on 14 May 2015
This bell while looking very stylish and sounding great and having a good flashing light, fails completely in the battery department. This is the second wireless doorbell I have bought and both of them suffered from the same battery issues and ending up having to replace them every few weeks (even with minimal use).

I got sick of people knocking on the door loudly as they assumed the bell wasn't working. I ended up becoming obsessed with batteries and trying different brands and having loads of them stock piled. In the end I ditched this bell and bought a plug-in bell that works great and I can save my sanity by not having to constantly replace batteries.
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on 19 March 2015
Bought this doorbell after my B&Q £50 doorbell packed up after just a year! I thought i didnt want to spend that much on a doorbell again in case the same thing happened so went for this cheaper product. It does what it is meant to do, and the range is good. Works all over the house. It has loads of chimes on it, but it's frustrating having to go through 50 odd chimes to find the one you want, and if you click it once more by accident then you pass the sound you want, there is no back button and you have to cycle through all the chimes again. On it's loudest volume (which is very loud) it sounds awful, very tinny. I have it one the one below max and it sounds ok.
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on 4 November 2013
Product arrived quickly and seemed good quality, got it working easily, the volume of the ringer is loud enough to be heard through out the house and the range meant we can take the receiver out in the back garden (if we really wanted to).

However, within weeks of having it and only a few people ringing it the battery needed replacing on the receiver. No biggie, changed the batteries but then it didn't seem to ring when I pressed the doorbell. Was about to bin it when I decided to email the seller who got back to me the next day. They advised to try re syncing (or pairing) the 2 devices again. Hold button on receiver in till it 'ding dings', then hold button in on ringer till it 'dings' and then the main receiver should 'ding ding' again which means it is paired....... Success, it works again!!

Not a bad product for the money, great customer service, just a shame the tunes aren't too great but hey it's a doorbell not an Ipod.
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on 20 February 2013
Well priced and fiendishly simple - you just put the (supplied) battery into the bell push part, plug in the speaker part to a mains socket and - so long as they are within reasonable distance of each other - you have a door bell. No wires, no fuss, and certainly loud enough for our needs. Fitting to the door frame is by means of (supplied) double sided tape. I have - just for sport - tried moving the speaker all over a three storey house and into the garden and it has worked faultlessly from everywhere. Not a criticism, but there is only one chime with this product - others have various options, but this is perfectly fine for us. All round good purchase, and very swift delivery - ordered Saturday afternoon and it arrived on Monday morning!
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on 17 April 2014
This is the second wireless doorbell I have bought. The last one died after about a year. The problem is that the elements eventually infiltrate the button unit outside, damaging the finer workings irreparably.
So I don't expect this one to be around any longer than that. It works ok and the ringer unit is more than loud enough.
But you usually get what you pay for, and at this price it won't be longevity.
Update Oct 2014: as suspected, the button unit began giving up the ghost and stopped working...and on a number of occasions the front panel fell off completely, exposing the wiring inside. Not very resilient.
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