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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 25 November 2011
It was with some trepidation after reading a lot of revues left here that Rush had produced a duffer, but after a lot of pondering I got it anyway. And I'm really glad I did as although not their best live album it certainly gives them a run for their money! After giving it a thorough listen through I really don't understand the scathing criticism other people have given of Geddy Lee's voice. If you have followed Rush for as long as I have you will know that Geddy's voice has mellowed over the years, and let's not forget we're talking of 37 years if you count the year of the first album as your start point! 37 years ago did your voice sound the same? I very much doubt it. For some of the tracks the band tune down a bit so Geddy can hit the high notes, a fact that they openly admit to, but they've been doing that for years now and doesn't detract from the songs or the music, and on others Geddy alters the melody line to compensate as this would be better than failing to reach those high notes. As is standard fayre with Rush the musicianship is impeccable, the setlist I have to admit is not my favourite, preferring the Snakes and Arrows setlist although not the full rendition of Moving Pictures) but thats a personal preference not a criticism. So why not 5 stars? Again I don't agree with the bad sound quality comments, I don't have a problem there, but I felt that the actual mix was a little odd? Can't put my finger on what it is, but it's definitely in the mix. It's not bad, I'm being very picky, and in my mind is a fairly minor point. So would I recommend it? Wholeheatedly YES, do yourselves a favour, remember that the best ears are your own and not the ears of others.
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on 12 January 2012
Sadly not what I was expecting. Been a Rush fan for over 30 years and this is one of their worst albums ever. As previous reviewers have highlighted, Geddy's voice lets the whole thing down. Track listing is pretty good but on this album they generally do not do the tracks justice. One of my favourite tracks ever is La Villa Strangiato and the version on this album as with other live albums is pretty good however, the rendition of another personal favourite, Closer to the Heart, is very poor on this album. If you have never heard Rush then don't start your collection with this album as it does not do the band justice.
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on 24 November 2011
Before I start - me: Rush fan since Hemispheres.

As expected, the musicianship on this record is absolutely top class - although the recent leanings of Rush towards "looseness" seem to be on the point of taking over from the technical perfection of yesteryear. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as you'll hear all sorts of little pieces where things have been changed rhythmically and sonically throughout. There are points where you think to yourself "that was a bit lazy", but these are few.

OK - the drum solo. It's mostly a new composition by Peart, which is pleasing, and contains so many aspects of drumming it's probably worth a thesis on its own. Neil is legendary for his dedication, effort and humanity, and he shines here. Good man!

The actual recording isn't quite as crispy clear as it could be, with separation occasionally suffering. Overall, the music is very listenable, though, and the twists on familiar material are very welcome - e.g. Closer to the Heart has interesting variations, and the intro to La Villa verges on the humorous.

But ... and it's a big but ... it has to be said that Geddy's vocal consigns this recording to the edge of the bargain bin. It is truly shocking to hear him struggle to reach high or sustained notes, although he seems more than comfortable with mid-range lines. And even more shocking that this record was allowed to be released - we all know how Rush like to release live albums which add to the studio recordings of songs, but overall this one is nowhere near the standards they've set themselves. As early as Time Stand Still, the listener's attention is grabbed by Geddy's vocal failings, and the rest of the record is spent cringing in expectation of him not reaching the high notes you know are coming up.

Classic Rock magazine's review comments on Geddy "finding a more mellifuous waft rather than the yelping of old". I fear this is euphemistic. No mellifluous waft here, with many songs sounding like a karaoke singer trying (and failing) to impersonate Geddy. You can hear that his technique has changed - he's singing from deeper in his throat nowadays, which probably contributes to the transitions from mid to high range just not working.

Having said that, the instrumentals are stunning - YYZ, in particular, thunders along with Geddy seeming to put in an extra effort, constantly sitting just in front of the beat and giving the whole thing new life. Possibly the best version of YYZ out there.

Overall I can't help thinking that the exorbitant ticket prices on the last UK tour were well thought out, with the full knowledge of Geddy's new-found limitations, as a last pay-day before taking things a lot easier. On this showing, the band should seriously be thinking about packing it in - or getting additional vocal help for the older material (ooh, controversial!). It would be a shame to lose the chemistry and musicianship of Rush, but all good things come to an end. The combination of ticket prices and this recording will probably prevent me from going to see Rush live again, and they really are a band I love.

(In no way do I mean to cause offence or hurt to the band or Geddy, but surely their ears must have told them this was way below par. I can only imagine it's a contractual obligation album and they had no choice but to release it.)
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on 16 November 2011
Yes Geddy Lee's voice is "bizarre" sounding on this performance. He probably had a cold or something like that, and it is quite disturbing the first couple of time you listen to the album. This said, once you get over it (and it's not THAT bad!), this is quite a good Live. In my opinion much better than the Snakes and Arrows.
The set list is very good, first cd is essentialy based on Rush late 80's and 90's tracks, then comes the entire Moving Pictures (first side on cd 1, second on cd 2), the most interesting part being the second part featuring the less played Camera eye and Vital signs. Then follows some newer tracks, and new versions of Closer to the heart, Villa and Working man, with interesting make-overs!
The performance is very good, sound-wise, it is quite different from the latest Live releases: first the voice, then the drums that are slighlty more in the back, a more guitar driven sound, and the omnipresence (as usual) of the crowd. I find that the overall sound is "clearer", more open and not so bombastic as the "Live in Rio" or the "R30".
Plus, as a bonus the first release (on cd) of two new tracks (here in their live rendition): Caravan and BU2B, which give us a hint of what the next album will be.
I have to say that at first I din't like this release, but, like I said, once you get into it, it's a different experience, and not a bad one at all!
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on 30 November 2011
Ok, I can't be too objective here, I'm a Rush fan and evangalist for their music and have been for many years. This is the film of the 'Time Machine Tour' which I went to see in Birmingham and as a record of a live experience it ticks all the boxes. The sound is superbe and the playing is a very high standard, as you'd expect but is often taken for granted. As a visual treat, I could have done with some more wide stage shots as the stage set and lighting was designed for the arena's the show was played in and was great to see. If I was being picky, I would have to admit that this is not the best dvd the band have ever put out, there are scant extras, possibly due to the recient excelent documentary on the band by the same team that did this concert.
In summary it's great, if you went to see the tour it's a great memory jogger, the sound and performance are top notch. If you asked me if this was the best dvd to sample Rush for the 1st time, perhaps Rush in Rio would be my answer.
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on 5 December 2011
saw the show in Dublin this year, some 33 years since i last saw them still entertaining and great songs one of the great alltime band fantastic show and sound
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on 19 March 2016
Just superb, nothing more to add.
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on 11 July 2015
Omg best concert ever!!!!!!!
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on 30 January 2012
This is a review I have pondered over about writing for some time. But before you blindly spend your money wait. There are some great tracks here and the musicianship is as impeccable as ever. But the vocals at times are truly dreadful. I have read many excuses posted in reviews about how Geddy had a cold! I struggle to understand a single word on The Camera Eye, pity as its a great sounding track. I like the different vocal arrangements on other tracks. So I checked U-tube, and I could understand every word and the vocals sound better. So I can only presume that the fault lies in the CD production. Pity as every other Live album is superb.

My Advice get the DVD, download the tracks you want (Except the camera eye; unless you want to play guess the lyric) just avoid the CD. Words I never thought I would write, a bad day in paradise.
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on 9 February 2013
Aside from Rush's ability to perform their back catalogue with technical precision, it has to be said Geddy's vocal performance leaves little to the imagination other than he didn't gargle properly before alighting the stage, no-one had the heart to inform him of this I suspect as he continues on each track in the same vein.
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