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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Size: 24-inch|Style Name: DVI, HDMI and Speakers|Change
Price:£119.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 28 January 2014
My downstairs TV is only 720p and my previous laptop only had a 720p display aswell, so I had never really experience full HD before. This monitor has shown me how clear and amazing 1080p is. I use hdmi to connect it to my new desktop.

The built in speakers get the job done, I mainly went for a monitor with speakers for watching movies with my mum (I doubt she'll be up for trying to share my headset with me) as I don't have much money and didnt want to have to buy seperate speakers.

The monitor has a 2ms response time which is nice but to be honest I can't even tell the different between a 5 and 2ms response time. All the buttons are on the right hand side of the montior, the buttons include : auto, menu, up, down, enter and power. Next to the power button there is a light which is green when the montior is on, yellow when it is on stand by and off when the monitor is off. The monitor is wall mountable which is very nice as I plan to buy a wall bracket for it, in the near future. The monitor has a total of 6 picture modes, these modes include: Standard, movie, game, photo, sRGB and ECO. You can easily switch through the modes using the down button. To be honest I can't comment on the picture quality because this is my first monitor and I dont have much experience, but in my eyes it looks great (hope that helps). The monitor it self is a glossy material which is a bit of a dust magnet but hey it looks pretty.

My only complaint about the monitor is that it came with a small scratch on the left side, but it isnt anything too deep so you only notice it if you look super hard. Over all I highly recommend this monitor, i did a lot of research before buying this, trying to find the best monitor for the price and I am happy i got this. 5/5 amazing for the price, you really dont need to spend £200 on a decent monitor!
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on 26 July 2014
Simply a fantastic monitor, I bought this to replace the TV in my bedroom which recently decided to break for the second time in 2 years, (Go Samsung).

This was half the price I paid for my TV, and it's fantastic, very light, good looking, really vivid colour and contrast, just looks so much better in every way. Connected it straight up to my FreeSat box and it just works, aside from not coming with a controller I don't know why more people don't just buy monitors as televisions, you pay half the price for the same if not superior quality. I guess you could say it lacks all of the ports a TV has, but how many do you really use?, I had an HDMI cable and the power cable connected to my TV, nothing else, so a monitor is perfect for my needs.

The only negative, if you could call it that, as it is a problem almost all monitors and televisions have, is the built in speakers are a bit pants, but that was expected. £15 later and I have clear and crisp sound through external speakers thanks to the built in speaker jack. Sorted.

I am extremely impressed with this monitor, and I'll probably end up buying another one or two to use with my desktop PC, since I'm currently using a Samsung which hasn't broken yet in about 3 years (weird I know). I think I'll stick with BenQ from now on.

Highly recommended.
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on 3 April 2016
 This monitor arrived very well packaged, which kept the monitor from being damaged as I had noticed a dent in the cardboard and was a little worried, however the monitor was absolutely perfect inside.

I found this monitor to be aesthetically pleasing, although I must say this is the least important aspect of any purchase I buy, I was pleasantly surprised at how nice and sleek it looks with it's glossy beveling and slimline stand.

The BenQ GL2450HM LED TN is very easy to set-up and I'm currently using windows 7, simply plug in and play although if you do wish to tinker with settings all of the functions are there for you to customize for your personal preference. For those that do not wish delve too far into the settings their are a set of settings which will suit whatever it is you wish to use the monitor for, these " Picture Settings" are ;

- Standard
- Eco
- Low Blue Light
- Movie
- Game
- Photo
- sRGB

Each of these settings worked for me for the different uses, so I personally did not need to adjust except in once instance (see below), but again the option is there if you wish too.

Movies on this monitor look crisp and clear, only slightly lacking in the colour and deep blacks if I'm being REALLY critical but nothing substantial that would ruin any of my movie viewing. High definition looks absolutely wonderful and I really do enjoy the detail and sharpness that this monitor can produce.

I Mainly use this for gaming, in particular CSGO, which I really have to say has improved my game in that I really do feel the response time makes a LOT of difference. everything is nice and smooth, no flickering and the game picture mode setting is absolutely perfect for the game, although if you really want the CT side to "pop out" on dust_2 then enhancing saturation does the trick !

You can tilt this monitor up/down and the amount you can do this by is very good, allowing for all angles depending on your height etc.

The inbuilt audio is good, not fantastic but doesn't fall short in the slightest while watching movies, for gaming I use a headset.

Connections - VGA, DVI-D, HDMI

Pros ;
- Easy to set-up
- Beautiful picture quality
- Low response time
- Flicker free
- Fantastic price

Negs ;
- Not the BEST colour (if 'Im being really picky)
- Not the BEST audio (again if I'm being really picky).

Although this is considered a budget monitor for some like myself I consider £100+ not to be sniffed at, so I did a lot of research on here and I personally believe you would be hard pressed to find a better monitor in this price range, if at all.
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on 2 August 2013
I purchased this monitor so that I could connect my XBOX and PC up to it. I can only say I am highly impressed with this product. The colours, brightness and general screen quality is brilliant. When have you ever been able to purchase a brand new LED backlit 24" HD monitor for such a small price? Considering this unit only cost me £125.00 including VAT and P&P, arrived two days after I ordered it and is a fantastic quality item, I very much recommend it and cannot see why you would want to buy a more expensive screen of this size.

The monitor has the general screen inputs (VGA and DVI-D), which are wonderful quality (even RGB-VGA is stunning) and also comes with a HDMI input, which some of the more expensive screens of this size DO NOT come with! This monitor also has 3.5mm audio in and audio out, which is fantastic for XBOX users such as myself, as this allows you to take the HDMI audio out from your XBOX, into the monitor and out again into your PC or external speakers.

I understand that this screen doesn't have the best aesthetics, but this was simply not as issue for me; I do not buy a screen to look at the edge of it.

Brilliant buy, would definitely recommend purchasing one. Fantastic delivery speed also.
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on 21 August 2015
Bought this for myself to use with my PS4, mainly for FPS (First Person Shooter) games, including Call of Duty and Battlefiel .

The monitor is absolutely fantastic. Colours are great (especially game mode, there are several others), and the built in speakers are nice if my ears get tired from holding my headphones on them. The 2ms response is lightning quick to me personally as I have come from a 6ms 32 inch TV to this. Massive step for me personally in terms of gaming.

I also use this for photography, mainly using it as an external monitor for my laptop, and there has not been a problem so far.

All in all, a smashing monitor, and for less than £100 (got mine for 95 inc next day express delivery), I'd recommend it to anyone who asks for my advice.

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on 10 August 2013
I had two other products i was thinking of getting: the IIYAMA E2480HS-B1 and the Acer G246HLBBID. Specification were all pretty much the same on those two monitors with this: 1920x1080 resolution, 2MS response time, around 24inch diagonal screen, LED, HD, fairly decent built-in speakers (unless you're fussy), HDMI, DVI-D and D-sub/VGA inputs, port for headphones, TN panel type (would of prefered IPS but nonetheless i can't complain), boasting of a very high dynamic contrast ratio which is something that's measured differently by companies as far as i have been educated and not to be read too much into. This did not come with a USB port and while i could be wrong, neither did the other two. This uses 42 watts per hour in all modes (other than eco) which is a bit over double over the other two but in terms of price of electricity, very little to be concerned about. The only real difference between the three were price and this was the cheapest at £124 at the time, now £115. Acer was £130, currently £110 and Iiyama was/still is £155. Doesn't come with freeview or built in tv tuner but good luck finding a monitor with the specs above with tv tuner for under £200.

I am extremely happy with this product: looks great, no dead pixels (did come with a very minor scratch on the back of the monitor if i must complain- ruined everything...), easy menus to navigate should you wish to change brightness, mode etc, the stand does shake a little bit if you're in a fight with the desk but most the time it really isn't that noticeable. Good for gaming, movies or internet use (the text isn't blurry is what i mean). I happily recommend you get this monitor for all the specs it delivers and the quality it bring for a fairly cheap price compared to some monitors out there which offer less but are higher priced.
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on 23 January 2013
I've got a Benq G2410HD LCD monitor and this has given great service for the last few years. I decided I wanted a dual monitor setup so I chose this new monitor to be the main one and the older Benq to be used for floating toolbars, download windows etc. Having had no issues with my older Benq it made sense to stick with the brand, quite aside from the great reviews.
When I got the new monitor I did an A-B comparison with a few photos and the improvement to the image quality is simply stunning, so much so the I can't quite bring myself to see the difference between the monitors every day. The image is just SO much better all round, brighter, sharper and much improved detail in contrast in brighter areas. So, I ordered another one!

P.S. There's a comment in a review about their monitor coming from Germany but the trader I got mine from (Ballicom International) came from Coventry. I ordered on Sunday afternoon and it arrived on Tuesday.
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on 11 February 2015
Love the size and the display. However there are 2 dead pixels and BenQ will not replace it unless you have 5 or 1 very near the center.
review image review image
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on 12 July 2013
Before I write this review, let me tell you the solution to many people's problem when buying this product. Some people say that there is an error saying "Not connected". This is because you need to click the ENTER button on the right until the connection type corresponds with the one you are using i.e. HDMI, DVI-D.

Now for the review:

I would to start by saying that the product arrived extremely quickly (I used First Class Delivery). It took 36 hours from ordering for the item to arrive. So 5/5 for delivery.

Then the set up. This was extremely easy and the manual was useless since it uses basic common sense with to set up. It took me literally 1 minute. So another 5/5.

Also, the product looks great. Obviously it does not look like it was designed by Picasso but it is still fairly decent looking. 4/5 for appearance.

After, the build quality. The product feels half decent and doesn't look like it will break any time soon. So another 4/5.

Functionality is also important and it comes with a lot of it. There are 3 different types of ports: HDMI, VGA, DVI-D alongside being able to plug in headphones. In addition, there is in-built sound so you do not need speakers. 5/5 for functionality.

Finally we come to the price. This is probably the best bit. It is value for money and is the cheapest monitor of this size that money can buy and it's well worth it.

OVERALL I would give this product 100 out of 5. It is that good considering the price.
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on 19 November 2013
Video Review can be seen here
The team at benq say that whether you're catching up on the latest show all the Internet or viewing documents then the GL 2450 LED monitor is the perfect choice for you and to be honest I don't tend to disagree is only used as a monitor it offers A fantastic amount of screen space bright crisp images through which ever connection you choose and all for incredibly low price there is only one fault in my opinion and that is the speakers

Sure it's somewhat of a luxury nowadays to have built-in speakers on a 24 inch monitor in this Price bracket however, do not feel that you can get away with the on-board speakers because unless you're using the screen purely for the odd video here you will be disappointed with the lack of base and volume range

This compact monitor comes in at under 4.1 kg and so therefore is light and easily manoeuvrable. Connections on board include one HDMI one DV ID and one VGA there is limited audio options other than the HDMI is therefore you are faced with a fairly basic range of inputs however again we must stress for this price having HDMI input alone is an achievement speakers are measured at 42 watts but still are very basic but providing you use alternate source for your audio screen will not let you down

As you can see from the pictures the bezel around the edge of the screen is not huge and the depth of the display is also reasonable screen is adjustable by tilting forwards and back approximately 20° there is also the option to Wall mount the display and with the connections assessable from below this would not cause any issue

The resolution is 1920 x 1080 and therefore offers 1080p resolution the the different options available from the menu are also fairly limited but certainly do the job with options for game mode movie, Photo and others I found the colours warm crisp and very pleasing the blacks were reasonably deep and the full colour range as demonstrated in the screenshots seemed fairly dynamic

If you're looking for a low cost larger display then to pick this monitor up at these prices really makes fantastic sense of the difference in cost between this and the 27 inch models my preference would be to get two of these

My overall summary of this monitor is fantastic value for money and are very reasonable display with good image reproduction and from me would definitely be a 8/10 for the price and the only thing stopping it get to 9 would be the speaker quality I hope you found this review helpful.
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