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on 24 March 2017
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on 29 August 2017
pleased with this product replacing a similar radio which lasted over 4 years on various building sites and kicking around in the back of my van praise indeed
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on 2 June 2013
I already have a Pure Elan and I found the sound on this marginally better quality than the Pure One Classic however the latter has better control features and for a guest bedroom it is just what I wanted.
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on 5 December 2017
Great value for money, lovely sound and very easy to use. Really like the preset button for favourite programmes.
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on 21 December 2013
I travel a lot and this is perfect for carrying around. It is great for using at home too. It will be better still if the instructions on how to use is better
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on 30 November 2017
Very satisfied.
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on 25 October 2011
My first surprise was on the physical size of this radio. All the photos I had seen made it look relatively thin, but it is a good 3 inches deep - not a big problem, but a surprise.
The 20-30 second delay when switching on seems to be something we have to live with these days with any computer controlled product.
Functionally it does what is claimed for it, and does it quite well. A PC can be used to select Internet favorites in "The Lounge", and these are then available from the radio.
The big disappointment for me is the sound, which is all bass and no treble. It sounds muffled, and with any background noise speech becomes inaudible. I have seen reviews which praise the tone, so whether I have a faulty one, or just a different perception I do not know - I mainly listen to speech. Through the earphone socket it is fine.
Podcasts play correctly, but there is no way to pause or restart in the middle - one of the advantages of a podcast - all you can do is play it continuously from start to finish.
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on 29 April 2013
I have had this radio for some years now thinking that eventually we will receive a decent DAB SIGNAL in my part of east anglia how wrong i was!(it struggles to pick up a signal) but its fine on FM, i have it in use on a daily basis and cannot fault it.The only down side for me is the material that encloses the case a kind of black synthetic rubber?it certainly shows finger/handling stains which cannot be removed and at times feels a little sticky if in a warm room...(not in direct sunlight)
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on 25 July 2012
This is a lovely little radio, better than I expected. I live in an area that struggles a bit with DAB receivers, therefore I usually have to use an outdoor aerial. This little gem received every station I wanted, and more, with both the in-built receiver and the attached telescopic aerial, which at first I thought was for FM only! Admittedly you have to find the best position for the best reception but this is to be expected. The MP3 player input is also very useful, especially when you are out and about. I also purchased the battery power pack to go with it, not cheap but I'm sure it will save money on throw away batteries in the long run. A nice option is when you are listening at home via the mains adapter the battery power pack will charge up in the background. The sound quality is surprisingly good, you can adjust the bass and treble to suit your own listening preferences. Very pleased.
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on 10 June 2014
I carefully studied all other DAB radios available at around the same price range - my budget.

I have to spend 99%+ of my time in bed due to illness & disability, so I needed a radio that would not only fit on my side table, but that would allow me to reach and access all the controls that I needed, and this was just about the only one that met all my requirements, and more!

It has an Aux option and the socket is accessible on the side of the unit so I can play my mp3 player through the radio speaker - most such sockets are around the back in a difficult to access location. The headphone and software update sockets are in the same ;
location, so easy to access, as well, if required.

The central dial which not only controls volume, but also controls selection of other functionns, is a lot easier for me to manage than lots of little buttons, as I can't feel my hands very well. The problem is that the outer edge of the dial is smooth, so my grip isn't always adequate. However, this has been solved very simply and cheaply, by wrapping an elastic band around the dial which gives me a great grip.

It's a shame the clock display can't be lit up when the radio is off, as I can't read the display without it being backlit, but I think that probably depends on available lighting as well as the fact that my vision is deteriorating and contrast definition is my biggest eyesight deficiency at the moment.

The style of the radio is as its name describes - Classic. It looks like it would be slightly soft to touch, as it looks like it's coated in black matt rubber, but it's not soft, and it doesn't seem to be a dust magnet like most electronic products are, so maybe this surface coating makes a difference.

One thing that has pleasantly surprised me is that although there is only one speaker at the front left hand side of the unit, and it isn't a stereo unit, the sound is so good for that not to matter. You can even put something in front of the speaker (not completelly sealing it off, though, of course, though I've not tried this! LOL!), and it just doesn't seem to make a difference to the sound at all. The sound somehow just seems to float from the unit itself, and is clear and rich if you're listening to a DAB station. I can't say I've given it much of a ytest with fm stations, as I usually listen to the same DAB station 24/7, as TV is too much for me due to difficulties with sensory processing, and I sleep mucg better with music playing.

So, other than being switched off for a few short periods every day when my carers visit, the radio is playing 24/7, so it's definitely a tough little unit, able to stand up to a lot of use. However, iit isn't moved around at all, and is always left in the same place, even though it can be used with batteries and be portable, I have no need to use this facility, so I haven't tested this way of usage.

An extra feature that Ilove isthat the display can be set to tell you the currently playing songs title and singer, and for me, that's brilliant, as I always seem to want to know about the songs that the presenter doesn't give details about, and I end up frustratedly browsing the web, usually in vain, trying to identify the song! LOL!

This is my second such radio in 11 months due to the fact that the volume dial decame disconnected inside the unit, but within less than 48 hours over a bank holiday weekend, I had received a replacement unit from Amazon, and I had a freepost label to print out to return the faulty unit. You just can't beat Amazon for service! They really are second to none, especially if there's a problem with your purchased goods, even so close to the end of the warranty period! You really couldn't ask for more!
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