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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 8 January 2016
A couple of months ago, I started to produce 4K videos on my YouTube channel. My Macbook Pro 13" 2013 wasn't up to the task, so I had to buy a brand new Macbook Pro 15.4" 2015. It worked like a charm.

I was totally satisfied with the mCover hard case (transparent) which had barely aged in the last 2 years. I still did some research on Amazon, only to stick with mCover once again. This time around, I decided to buy the red version. I have to admit that I was a little bit concerned that the red colour would look a bit pink or orange: I'm delighted to confirm that it's a glorious red which looks really good.

Other than that, the case is fairly easy to install, it fits the Macbook Pro perfectly and it's as well-made as ever with the foldable feet and the numerous open slots on the bottom to facilitate heat dissipation which is even more important with this machine than the Macbook Pro 13".

I confirm that unlike some of my fellow Amazon reviewers, I didn't have any problem with fingerprints. Not sure if the red version helps.

I bought the mCover hard case for £13.99: what more could you ask for at that price? This is a superb buy.

1. when installing the top part of the case, start by securing the top of the screen with the two 'dents' close to the center (as showed on my photos), then the top corners, then the dents on the side...
2. you might not be able to close your Macbook Pro properly if you are using a 3D USB flash drive like the Stormtrooper USB key on my picture

PS: the squirrel protecting the Apple logo is the hysterical 'Scrat' character from Ice Age. My wife bought this sticker on eBay for my birthday. :-D

-I hope you will find my review helpful-
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on 29 September 2015
Bought one of these before, a clear one for my macbook pro which was unfortunately stolen and decided this time to but the blue one. I can't really recommend these enough if you have a macbook pro that you want to protect from scratches or just add a bit of colour.

They fit exceptionally well. They are tight, you have to press them on and make sure they click into place all the was around, especially on the lid but once they are in place they stay there, no moving or slipping. When installed they look incredibly neat on the top.

The base doesnt cover fully as the top does but its the top you really want to keep looking its best. The bottom section has long cut outs at both sides but this probably does look neater if you have a coloured case rather than just sections cut out for the holes on each side. The has a lot of slots and holes cut out which will allow a lot of the heat out and stop the laptop overheating.

Now my favourite feature!!! On the base there are 2 rubber feet on the front and at the back there are 2 flip up legs that are about an inch long. Although they are just made of plastic, they seem strong enough as i haven't had any problems so far. I will update if necessary. These legs have 2 advantages.... You can leave them folded in if you want your macbook sitting flat but if you want it angled a little then you can flip the legs open. I always use them like this. It makes the keyboard a little easier to see and to type on. The other advantage is it will increase airflow around the base of the laptop and help to keep it cool if you are doing some more power consuming tasks or gaming. When finished just flip the feet in flat for putting in your bag and you are good to go.

I am very happy with this cover!
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on 19 December 2011
Cost me £27 on Amazon so when you read this make your own mind up if that is good or bad value depending on what the price is at the time you buy. Wasn't sure if the item would fit my model of the 13 inch MacBook Unibody, but it did fit a treat and made my mac look very smart. All the cut outs in the right places for peripheral devices etc and loved the little legs on the bottom of the cover to lift the mc up to stop over heating and making it easier on the typing... All in all very satisfied.
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on 11 August 2013
I don't usually leave reviews however I just felt that I should warn people that though this case looks great and has protected half my laptop it has scratched the entire edge of my machine. I bought the case at the same time as my Mac, however after having both a few months I noticed a small scratch on the edge. After further inspection I realised that there were in fact about twenty plus scratches and little nicks. So rather than protecting my Mac, it has cosmetically damaged it. What makes matters worse was that I was advised towards this product by an apple employee as a cheaper alternative.

The case's colour is great, as is the top piece. However the base has left it damaged and now I have to have a case to hide all the marks caused by the product. Therefore I have been left both disappointed and saddened as my new Mac is now severely scratched. I will certainly not be buying any more mCover products.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 16 April 2014
Let's face it - a Mac doesn't come cheap, so a few extra pounds to keep it clean and scratch-free isn't a bad investment.
I chose this case after reading the other positive reviews.

Delivery - it arrived by standard post, extremely well packaged, especially for such a thin, light object. My neighbour took it in for me, and when handing it over, described it as "... a big box of nothing for you".

Fitting - no fitting instructions, but easy enough to figure out - 2 solid plastic sheets which clip carefully into place.

Usage - once fitted, it is an unobtrusive and protective shell, the perfect combination. The cover remains solidly in place - no matter how much I open or close the Mac, it doesn't budge, it really is a second skin. With the cover fitted, I can open the Mac to around 135 degrees, and I can close it fully.
The vents on the underside appear to be doing their job - I haven't noticed any overheating, or any heating at all, for that matter.
All ports are accessible without any problems.
I also like added bonus of the the flip-up feet, which put the keyboard at a comfortable angle for typing.

To sum up, I am very pleased with it - a good quality product.
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on 3 July 2016
Great case, very easy to put on, and is slim enough to not add any bulk. I didn't realise that it comes with fold out stands on the bottom, that's a bonus. Also I didn't know it came with a rubber keyboard cover, another bonus.

For anyone wondering about weight, it does feel a bit heavier with the case on, but it's not much - and I think it's worth it for the protection. According to the technical info, the 13" case weighs 259g, the Macbook pro retina 13" weighs 1.58 kilo, so the case adds just over 16% to the weight. For me, its well worth taking an additional 16% weight to have it protected, and I don't see how it would be possible to have a similar protective case which weighs much less.

It was very easy to fit, popped on perfectly, and it's only a couple of mm think so I hardly notice it's there. I went for the clear one, as I like the way it looks and didn't really want to change the colour.
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on 30 October 2015
Pros: *Colour aqua is really nice. It doesn't look tacky is actually a nice colour that suits.
*the pull out retractable feet at the rear bottom are really nice, I find that really useful for working on the laptop. One of the reasons I picked this case.
*the material seems good, protective and durable.

Cons: * Protection wise, at the edges it covers only a tiny bit on the corners, specially at the back two corners when you close the lid.
*It doesn't fit tight, the bottom right corner comes out with a slight touch, doesn't stay tight as the left side.
*Non-slide rubber knobs at the bottom are bad quality. The laptop slides a lot easier than I expected, and the right rubber is not as good as the left one. So I need to be very careful when picking up my macbook pro. It's probably a faulty case I got, but I cannot be bothered to return it. I just don't think £20 is a good value for what I got.

Overall I think the aqua mCover is just ok. Not happy with how easily it slides
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on 19 September 2015
The case is great, definitely protects against scratches, however it is NOT dust-proof. While it seemed like a nice tight fit, after a few months of use, I've noticed dust build-up under both the top and bottom half of the case. How this happens I have absolutely no idea, but my friend who also purchased the iPearl MBP (black version) case under my recommendation is having the same issue. At least once every month or so, I need to remove the case just to clean dust/dirt build-up under the case.

The stands however, are pretty decent quality. They raise up a Macbook Pro to a reasonable typing height, making typing much more comfortable than when the device is flat. They don't feel very sturdy at first touch, but once they're up, there isn't any visible vibration or wobbling from my Macbook.

Warning: with prolonged use with the stands up, the rubber "feet" adhesive fades. After about 5-6 months, my rubber feet keep coming lose and I'm going to have to super-glue them back on, because the angle at which the stands place the MBP+Case, the rubber feet get pushed from the bottom side, and eventually come loose. Would be great if iPearl could use a stronger adhesive for the rubber feet, or do something about the angle which puts strain on the feet over time.

While I'm quite happy with the case, these few issues have made the case a bit more of a hassle than it should be. It needs stronger adhesive on the rubber feet, and some form of dust-proof lining on the edges where the case attaches to the MBP. Other than that, the case does what it should do, which is protect your shiny expensive Apple product from scratches, dents, and other damage. If it wasn't for these small issues, I would happily give the iPearl case a 5* rating.
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on 17 August 2014
Like others, I love this case. I'd previously had a coloured case and I'd forgotten just how beautiful a Mac actually is. The form of the case is great; it has a very slim profile, that doesn't add any significant weight but adds the reassurance that it's protected. You'll honestly forget that it's even there.
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on 26 January 2015
This is the second cover I have purchased for a macbook pro from mCover, the first one bought over two years ago had some minor issues with fit and functionality but not enough to give it a bad review. This cover purchased for another friend has had those issues resolved and the case is now truly a five star item.

The first issue that has been resolved is the slightly poor fit of the screen lid cover. Whereas before the cover flexed upon opening, now with two extra clips it holds firm.

The second issue were the feet, The rubber feet just came off after about six months, the glue wasn't good on them. Now the rubber feet seem to fit into a recess and are more secure.

The third Issue were the legs that support the rear of the notebook, These were very stiff on the first cover and the plastic eventually snapped after about a year of use. This meant the leg although still usable wouldn’t hold in place while closed, the clip legs on the new one have been redesigned and are much more smooth to open and close so should last longer as there id not any stress on the retaining clip anymore.

I would say the new cover is much improved over the cover purchased two years ago. I rate this cover as good value for money and gives good protection of the Aluminium uni-body of the macbook pro.
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