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on 9 August 2017
This review refers to one pair of Panasonic RP-HJE355E-W (W for White) earbud headphones as sold by Picsio . We are reviewing both pairs which have been bought over a period of two years from the same supplier and at the same price: I would buy from the supplier again without reservation.

Both pairs of phones are doing fine; the first is now closing on 2 years old and is used all night; every night, plugged into an iPad or iPod through periods of sleep and waking. We have previously bought far more expensive models from Audio-Technica; Soundmagic; Philips and Sennheiser as well as some good but cheap Silvercrest items and other throwaway phones. The previously mentioned sets have failed before a year was out despite appearing to be more robust: most failures have been the cable (but not all).

We have a number of quite good systems to plug our phones into as well as iPod; iPhone; iPad and other phones and xduoo portable music players and would assess the sound quality as good and balanced. I would agree with criticisms that these are not deep-bass straight out of the box but neither are they mid or top-end fatiguing. The sound of guitar and vocal and classical music is initially good and comparison between pair-one and these just bought shows that the sound becomes more ‘bassy’ after around 20 hours of use and generally better in overall quality; this is not uncommon with more expensive (HiFi) items and seems to be true here (so the message is to take some time to run them in). If there is a negative it is the lack of perhaps the last n'th of dynamic contrast, but at the price the sound is good and improves with the 20-ish hours mentioned.

The manufacturer claims that these phones major on comfort; it is perhaps their best quality and IMHO beyond items costing £100+ being both light in weight, very comfortable and noise-blocking. In the package are 3 sizes of earpiece; the smallest will particularly suit small ears or those of youngsters while the largest are "normal”. The white colour (as bought) are half the price of the R (for Red) ones for some reason...

The sound and comfort make for trouble free listening sessions of extended length and the phones and their cable have proved surprisingly resilient under our rather rough and many hours of use. 5 STARS.

NB These ‘phones do not have an in-line microphone.
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on 23 February 2014
My wife bought me a set of these last year and I used them every day and they were hanging out of my pocket when I closes the door on one of the earpieces. She paid twice as much as I spent when I replaced them. One thing I would say is that the bass seems far better on this set than my previous set but that didn't stop me buying them again. I reckon I must have odd shaped ears because I simply can't get other types of earphone to stay in place so my Blackberry earphones are a waste of time. These are a comfortable fit and a little twist once in the ear helps them to rest comfortably and securely and as they are light you hardly notice them there. Great value product.
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on 6 September 2017
Love these very comfortable, good sound
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on 10 April 2014
I don't understand some of the reviews here. If you broke them quick, take better care of your things. If you can't make them fit and they fall out your ears, select the appropriate tip, locate your ear canal properly and push them all the way in. Like me who's having a 5 star experience.
These give excellent isolation when worn properly. I had the well reviewed, cheaper, RP-HJE125E's for 3 years and these are a vast improvement in design, fit, comfort and sound.
I'm not one to learn or spout all the anorak geek stuff about 'soundstages', etc but they sound great. Very clear and detailed and very impressive. The off-Amazon reviews about them beating IEM's at triple the price are probably right.
The tip stem is thinner and longer and it actually goes further into the ear and sounds amazing for it. I used to think I had narrow ear canals but I use the stock medium tips with these, since the 'core' tip stem is so thin. The silicone tips therefore have a very thin 'pointy end' aperture. They go in easy-peasy and the sound isolation from outside noise is superb. So is the bass that results from it and the detail and definition you get are blooming amazing too for a sub-tenner outlay.
I just didn't think it was fair for guys who can't seem to find their own lug-holes, or maybe don't take care of their things properly, to dominate the review average of this product and turn people off from an amazing experience from owning it. I'm now a permanent convert from Sony's and I hope they continue to manufacture this amazing design for years to come.
If you're looking for a cheap set at around £10 and you have about 5 seconds patience to find your actual earoles and select the best fitting tips for you, then you will be very glad you bought these and likely take good care of them like I will.
And the fact that they look this good at this price too is just baffling.
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on 7 June 2013
Absolutely fantastic. I read the reviews, and thought I would buy some quality buds for a change. I am now well and truly converted. Never ever buy cheap earphones again. The difference is staggering. at this price, the quality is worth every penny. Recommended in a 10 out of 10 score.
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on 5 April 2014
I'd read favourable reviews elsewhere on-line for these but I can't figure out why. I have a variety of budget earphones spread across various jackets and bags so that I've always got a pair handy and so far these are the most disappointing. This is after trying them for several hours and trying different ear piece sizes and angles.

Music and speech seem very flat and lifeless and the bass is nothing special. Personally I prefer the Monoprice earphones, which are half the price.

The plus points are price, although you're getting what you pay for; they're small & light, making them comfortable; and there's no problem with noise from wire movement.
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on 28 January 2013
Comfortable with excellent balance and a surprisingly detailed soundstage. I did not expect the sophistication at this price. On the downside cables did induce some noise when on the move, and noise sealing was only average. Nevertheless a bargain at this price.
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on 17 September 2014
Love these, bought them for a few long flights to watch movies and tv shows in ipad, the sound quality is amazing, I've not bought any headphones for a good number of years, if these are anything to go by then they have improved dramatically in that time!
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on 12 October 2015
I'm not entiyrely satisfied with the product.
First of all , no matter what adapter I use from the 3 sizes provided (the rubber one that goes in the ear ) , they fall very easily . Even when I just walk on the street.
Second , the volume is very low for my liking until I push them in very far into my ear canal. This is would not be an issue really if at least they stayed there... but read my first point .
Third , I'm very picky about the bass sound and they promised a big low end response. THat's just not there.

Overall , I think they are not that bad for the price, but I was expecting a lot more based on the description , and now will have to spend more money in getting something that fills my needs
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on 10 May 2014
I was slightly skeptical of these headphones as there are one or two comments saying the bass is lacking and there is a flat quality to the sound, but I've found them to be among the best earphones I've ever used - and certainly the cheapest. They block out all noise from the outside world which is useful for the circumstances in which I use them, and the bass is clear and crisp, more so than in other budget earphones I've used before. They're also incredibly comfortable and no matter how much I jump and run about they stay put. Would recommend.
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