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3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 8 January 2011
Just so funny. Absolutely wonderful film. It feels like they're making it up as they go along and can barely keep straight faces. Nor could we - though it helped that we came to this film expecting it to be depressing and with lots of horrible characters all acting like "geezers". It's delicious as you slowly realise that this film is nothing like that. The music is beautiful and kicks in at all the right places. The acting is perfect. This isn't just another crap British gangster film. Though it's very different in tone (and expense), I'd put it up there with The Long Good Friday and Get Carter as one of the three greatest UK gangster films ever. I don't know which of the actors are the amateurs, but if Garvey and Eric and Valda are among them they should be off to Hollywood right this minute. Everyone's brilliant. The guy who was George's friend in Bleak House. The real-life father and son. Maggie. Could go on. This is only about the third time I've ever felt so strongly in love with a film to write ravings like this on Amazon. God, if only Britain made more films like this. Or even just another one.
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on 16 February 2011
This British film is dark, odd and twisted but refreshingly different. In a short story about organised crime in a quiet local family there is plenty of suspense, drama and a great finale to this modern, low key played down gem. Not much happens and there are few characters and locations, but it delivers something admirable and its ten or so minutes of gold help it shine. This will certainly be a cult film, as it is so bizarre, but those that can see past the dragging sections of dullness, and arty blackness, will be in for a surprise ending of rare beauty.

Not everyone's taste but worth a look for film fans. British, modern, black and face screwing bizarreness.
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on 25 August 2011
The best British Isles film since Dead Man's Shoes. And like the aforementioned masterpiece, this is powerful drama with disturbing violence aided by natural ad-lib dialogue and 'everyday' characters, making it all the more convincing, real and in-your-face a portrayal of otherwise normal (or not) human beings who are also gangsters.

It rivals The Sopranos on that point, its strength being its ability to make the viewer sometimes empathise with the characters' familiar everyday problems, even though we know they are paranoid-psychotic sociopaths. It also has that series' charm and brutally graphic elements.

All laced with top-notch black comedy, filmed with innovative editing and camera work. The film will charm you from the off, it will even humour you. Then it will drag you into the dirty psychological dog-eat-dog darkness of both the criminal underground and the human mind, as paranoia takes hold and events run out of control. Great stuff!
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on 28 June 2011
DOWN TERRACE is a real treat: An understated British gangster flick mixing hilarious dysfunctional family drama with pitch-black crime movie brutality. Before discussing content, it must be noted that the accompanying music track is ridiculously amazing. The fact that no soundtrack recording has been released saddens more than the ultra-grim tale itself. When Bob Hill's character strums his acoustic to a hearty rendition of "Spanish Ladies," for a moment, you think he's a nice guy. For a moment. Starring a real-life father and son, DT will make you feel better about any minor grievance within the family unit. Actually, "Dysfunctional" is too kind a description for directly to HELL is where these folks are a-goin'.

Our story begins with Bill and Karl just released from a brief jail detention. A jolly welcome home party ensues, but it's easy to tell that darkness is fast approaching. Apparently, Bill and Karl run a nightclub, but only as a cover for their underworld crime syndicate division. The old reliable "Snitch In Our Midst" plot device is revealed to be the reason for the jail time. As our anti-heroes seek the traitor, you will not believe the behavior on display.

Violent yet minimally bloody, DOWN TERRACE could be the quietest Hooligan cinema ever imagined. The emotional wallop, however, will leave you knackered.
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This is undoubtedly a British gangster film and yes it does involve a family in the illegal drugs business and there is a grass (or maybe more than one), but this is not Lock Stock Land but rather more like a Mike Leigh improvisation. Set in Brighton it alternates mundane observations of life with sudden violence. It is both funny and sad (very sad at times). I found it very good indeed but be warned before you watch that it is not Vinny Jones or Ian MacShane territory.
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on 10 August 2010
I saw this film at the ICA and it's the best film I've seen in a long time. Highly entertaining with very dry humour and yet disarming and shocking.
The acting is superb and, amazingly, two of the main charecters are not professional actors. I hope there is a lot more to come from the films very talented director Ben Wheatley
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on 26 April 2014
I absolutely loved this movie and it has completely changed my attitude to British films. Here is a movie that is neither formulaic or cliched. The characters are brilliant, funny, likeable and very down to earth. Robin Hill and his real life Dad Robert Hill are fabulous and their performances are outstanding and they aren't even professional actors. The musical interludes where Karls Dad plays folk songs and the scene where his mum sings to him are really powerful moments that brings something special to the film. There are some very funny moments too. This film just feels so special, particularly knowing that it was shot for a couple of grand, contains most of Robin Hill's family and friends and was filmed in the house that he grew up in. I'll take this over a hollywood blockbuster any day.
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on 15 February 2013
good film not what you expect at all ..mainly set in one house with lots of talking from good actors even though not really that famous but it dont matter as they all great ..well directed as well ..get it its only cheap then buy kill list and sightseers which is out later in march ..ben wheatley the director is wicked i hope he makes more films ..and he s british !!! big budget amercian films are mainly shite about 90 % at least out for this man in the future x
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on 6 November 2013
Wheatley's first film and one which set the template for all his other productions.
If you like Wheatley's 'Kill List' and 'Sightseers' you should enjoy this, so maybe not a film for everyone.
Nuff said.
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on 22 January 2011
I'm only writing this as I've recently read a few reviewers putting this film down. I absolutely adored this film so feel moved to sing its praises. Firstly, it's a budget production so you're not going to be getting any 'iron man' style special effects. No bad thing. The script is incredibly good and the motives of characters slowly emerge allowing you to come to your own conclusions about what is going on. The british cast are fantastic. One reviewer here said that he couldn't take 'Jay's dad from the inbetweeners' seriously as a gangster. What a fool! He's an actor - what's he supposed to do - play Jay's dad in everything he does because viewers don't have the imagination to see him in any other role?

Watch it twice, at least.
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