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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
The Amazing Spider-Man (DVD) [2012]
Format: DVD|Change
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on 19 November 2014
Just does'nt engage or make you feel like you care about the characters...film was okay but just not up to the Sami Rami version. Should just leave it alone few years til we almost forgot about it then Re-Boot it. Good CGI & Productiion but weak film. Disappointed is what comes to mind...
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on 25 June 2017
He ain't no Tobey Macguire
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Sam Raimi is a fan of comic book superheroes and a decade after creating his own hero with Darkman he finally gained creative control of a well known icon.

The first time we see university student Peter Parker he is reflecting on his unrequited love for fellow student Mary Jane and being picked on by campus bullies. The film wastes no time in establishing the scene, within minutes of the film opening all the main characters have been introduced and Parker has been bitten by a 'super spider' whilst on a field trip - everything is now in place for us to witness his transition to Spiderman and observe how this geeky student's relationship with his peers will be affected. The swift inclusion of pretty much all the cast doesn't feel rushed though, through careful planning of each scene the screentime is used efficiently to make sure we get a good idea of how the characters are perceived. Parker's narrative gives us a direct insight into his life and we can immediately connect and understand him.

Tobey Maguire is brilliantly cast as the socially awkward Peter Parker. Although he was in his mid-twenties at the time, he still manages to convey a youthful innocence which hints at an introverted lifestyle of study and academia. He comes across as one of life's downtrodden good guys - the sort of person you'd like to see succeed and get the girl, maybe because he is someone many of us can identify with.

The rest of the cast aren't too shabby either; Kirsten Dunst is fairly natural as the lovely Mary Jane, and James Franco has little to do (in this film at least) as best friend Harry. Willem Defoe though uses his uniquely expressive look to give the manic Norman Osborn a crazed appearance, it's obvious that the man is fighting a losing battle against his inner demons - it's just a shame that his face is covered when he's the Green Goblin, it tones down the effect of just a visual actor.

The film isn't scared to use CGI effects to create incredible scenes of airborne gymnastics as we get to see Spiderman swing through the city, unfortunately though much of the CGI looks unconvincing and you feel as though you're simply watching a computer generated visual effect rather than losing yourself in the exhilaration of the aerial display. Much has been said about the costume of Spiderman's nemesis The Green Goblin, it does look a bit like a plastic moulded costume you could pick up in a toy shop - it doesn't portray any great sense of menace and it makes the baddie difficult to take seriously. Conversely, the Spiderman costume looks nothing short of excellent. It would have been so easy for the iconic red and blue suit to have looked like a ridiculously camp, spandex monstrosity - but the design manages to capture the essence of the comic-book look and still look imposing.

Raimi knows fandom and it shows, be it the wrestling fans where Parker tries to make a bit of money, or comic book fans who he treats to constant references and visual nods to the original comic books. Watching the creation of the Spiderman outfit is brilliant, Parker's concept drawing it's a blast of nostalgia when we see the first obvious Spiderman image of the film. There's some good humour too, Parker's initial attempt at a Spiderman costume is laughable and looks like a set of knock-off pyjamas! As is cusotmary with a Raimi film, Bruce Campbell makes an appearance - but he's not just a face in the crowd, he gets the honour of giving Parker the name "Spiderman".

As with Darkman, Raimi teams up with Danny Elfman in order to provide the score for Spiderman. Hearing Elfman's signature style adds an extra dimension to the film and ties it in with other superhero films such as Darkman and Tim Burton's Batman. It's not his most celebrated of scores and it's less of a feature than usual, it's there in the background but takes a back seat in a film which is very focused on the visuals when it comes to creating an atmosphere.

In a nutshell: Spiderman establishes the characters and sets things in motion almost immediately, this allows plenty of scope to develop the story and the pace is good. The first half of the film is the strongest half, the quality of the interactions between characters is much stronger - the second half of the film feels like typical Hollywood fayre and is a tad over-sentimental (bordering on corny) at times. Some of the Special effects look like they've come straight from a video-game, but the Spiderman suit has never looked more cool.

Oh yeah - the film also has one of the best kisses in cinematic history.
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on 26 November 2012
I think firstly it's my duty to say that I haven't seen Sam Raimi's Spidey trilogy fully and completely. As a matter of fact the only film I have seen from that trilogy is about a third of the first one when it was broadcast on ITV2 some 8 or so years ago. As you can probably gather, if an 8 year old me had no interest in the series, then I do have doubts about its credentials. However; I'm not one to hold grudges against films, and I'm sure I'll revisit the series a few years down the line. What I'm trying to say to you is I popped my cherry (metaphorically I assure you, I'm a 16 year old male,) on the Spidey franchise with Marc Webb's 'The Amazing-Spider Man.' Overall, I found the film enjoyable and entertaining, but did have problems that kept it reaching the same high mark for superhero films that 'The Avengers', also out this year, has set.

Undoubtedly the best thing about this film is the performances from the two leads in the film, Andrew Garfield (Peter Parker / Spider-Man) and Emma Stone (Gwen Stacey). It's fair to say that Garfield's performance is not close to surpassing his incredible role as Eduardo in 'The Social Network', but that is certainly not a criticism. His performance is well-rounded, believable, and his ability to play adolescent so perfectly is certainly one of the best in the business right now. Similarly, Emma Stone is again very believable and the pair has a certain dynamic, an on screen connection, which is incredibly satisfying for the audience to watch as the narrative progresses.

The films plot at times does seem to be somewhat formulaic, but the very nature of the Spidey franchise means that some conventions must be followed: i.e. fans would be outraged if the scene in which Peter Parker gains his special abilities via a spider bite isn't shown, or if Peter doesn't have a love interest throughout the film. Despite these conventions, it's ultimately the films plot that is its greatest downfall: it's littered with unanswered and unmentioned plot strings. For instance, (SPOILER) Peter's chase for his uncle's killer is completely left unanswered mid-way through the film, and a shot is shown of the NYPD officers (SPOILER) being covered in slime created by 'The Lizard' which turns people into 'Lizard People.' There is simply one shot of the officers being covered in this slime, and what follows isn't developed whatsoever. Damn, they even have the guts to show the officers transforming back into humans after (SPOILER) Spidery sprays an antidote across the city. Not only does the plot make the film not cohesive and often bewildering for the audience, it undoes the work by Garfield and Stone of making the film so believable for the audience.

The film is visually acceptable. The ending set piece is satisfactory visually, and the audience get just the right amount of POV web-swinging shots to leave them satisfied and not left with motion sickness. The effects on the villain of the film (The Lizard) are often quite plain and standard, but never become a big issue for the film. What does however; is the character himself. The villain, played by Rhys Ifans is simply not interesting and well developed as he should be to become genuine threat to Spider-Man. All we have to look at in comparison is 'The Joker' and 'Bane' in Christopher Nolan's `Dark Knight' trilogy to see how lacking this villain really is. This comparison may be unjustified, but that's the nature of what superhero films are becoming nowadays - a well respected genre which is starting to release outstanding films on a yearly basis, and although 'The Amazing-Spider Man' does have many positives, Spidey doesn't quite live up to the standard of other superhero films over the past decade.

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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 4 September 2014
Another Marvel movie, and another outing for Spidey. Once again played by Andrew Garfield in a direct sequel to the effort from two years ago. The Amazing Spider-Man (DVD + UV Copy) [2012]. This is not a perfect jumping on point if you haven't seen that. But if you're reading this you probably have, so that may not be a problem.

An opening scene at first threatens to go over old ground once again, showing the way his parents left in a hurry. But then does fill in a bit more information as to what happened to them.

Then back to the present day and it's all going well for Peter. Taking down bad guys in an excellent opening set piece, whilst trying to juggle student and love life with it. And getting the adulation of the public along the way.

Being Peter, can the good times last?

Not least since things keep reminding him of a promise that he made to Gwen's father.

Meantime Max Dillon [Jamie Foxx] low level electrician at oz corp is saved by Spidey from certain death, and a lonely man who just wants to be noticed finally thinks that he has been.

Disillusionment and a supervillain origin await.

As it does for others, lurking in the wings.

Helped along from the off by the excellent chemistry between Emma stone and Andrew Garfield, this is a very assured production. It's also a very long movie. Perhaps not least because it's really chapter two of a four part story. Which is good, given the way the story of the third toby Maguire version never really came together. And it does allow things time to live and breathe and develop naturally, but there's a stage where there's a lot being juggled.

Dane DeHann plays Harry Osborn, making his mark from the off by making him a bit more edgy than the James Franco version. There's a lot to come for this character, and he gets some good development along the way.

This is very watchable throughout, but it finally clicks in the final quarter, with more decent set pieces, playing fast and loose with he expectations of those who know the comic continuity, and actually making you feel as if people really are in jeopardy.

It does seem that it doesn't quite know where to end, going on for a little longer after a seemingly natural - and very memorable conclusion - but the story beats of this section do make sense. And set up more to come.

A decent and entertaining blockbuster on it's own. Judged once again in years to come after impending sequels, it could have worked even better. But those will not now happen. Spidey being due to be rebooted again. Which is a little bit of a shame, as this story wasn't done.

Some moments will be a problem for epileptics or those who have a problem with strobe lighting.

There are no extras scenes at all during the end credits.

The dvd has the following language and subtitle options:

Languages: English, Hungarian, Polish, Turkish.

Subtitles: English, Hindi, Hungarian, Polish, Turkish.

It begins with an anti piracy ad. Which can't be skipped but which is very short so can be sat through. Then a few trailers. Which can be skipped via the next button on the dvd remote.

Extras are:

Previews: two trailers for totally unrelated movies. One of which is in the batch of trailers at the start of the disc. And once of which isn't.

Film maker's commentary: a commentary on the film. Featuring two of the writers and two of the producers.

Alicia Keys 'it's on again' music video. Video to a song from the film. That doesn't actually use that many clips from it.

Deleted scenes. Four of these. Which can be watched individually or all in a row. If doing the latter they run to seven minutes in total. If the former, then the first is two minutes. The second three. The third one. And the fourth also one.

The first two do contain some interesting things that didn't make it into the final cut. The fourth will be a problem viewing for epileptics and those who have a problem with strobe lighting.

These can also be watched with or without a commentary from the director, which reveals why they were cut. Be aware that his commentary on the second refers to another deleted scene that isn't on the dvd, but can be found on the blu ray.

The box also contains the usual flyer with link to website and code for downloading a digital version of the film to a digital device.

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on 10 December 2008
Quite simply; awsome!
I read the comics as a kid and i have to say that the film (as i write, all three films) are so close in perfect detail to the comics. The most accurate, detailed and honour to the comics. I should know, i had (not have sadly...) the first spidey marvel comic onwards. Im mid forties and had the spidey, hulk, fantastic4, superman, iron man, etc. Loved them all.
Out of all the superhero films (and i love them all) Spiderman was what i was looking forward to the most. I saw an interview with Sam Raimi who said he loved and was a major Spidey fan from the original comics and he wanted to make the film as accurate as possible to the comics. And boy....! did he succeed! I really do not think any other director would have put in the complete detail to that other than Sam Raimi.
I think thats where Ang Lee's Hulk fails for example (though i still liked it but it was fragmented... and Eric bana put in a brilliant [performance which for me, saved it) Every character in Spidey is absolutely spot on. Ben & Aunt May, Tobey is perfect as Spidey/Peter Parker. I was blown away when i saw the first Spidey film when it came out at the cimemas. I was truly overjoyed and i had high expectations because of my love of Spidey from comic days. But my expectations were exceeded! This is by far the truest, strongest franchise of all the superhero films by a long way. I love the other too but Spidey has that edge, that extra mile. Good on you Sam Raimi. Please do the 4th, 5th and 6th Spidey films...
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VINE VOICEon 21 June 2008
This review will be split into three sections, they will be The Story, The Characters & The Verdict. This will give you a fair and true description of the movie and its characters and will give you my personal opinion of the movie which should help you make an informed decision on whether to watch this film for the first time or whether to stay away like you have already done for six years.

The Story: Tobey Maguire plays Peter Parker an aspiring photographer who one day is taking pictures of his crush Mary Jane Watson for the "School Newspaper" when he's bitten by a radioactive spider. After the incident Peter goes through a change and gains powers that are similar to a spider, he can walk up walls, shoot web, he gains super human strength, agility and has the ability to sense danger before it comes. One day after Peter uses his powers to take part in a wrestling event to try and win some money, his uncle Ben is shot dead, Peter discovers that his uncle was shot by the man he'd let pass by after stealing money from the wrestling promoter who'd cheated Peter out of money. Peter tracks down the criminal and through a series of incidents the man is killed for which Peter makes the decision to become a superhero, thus giving birth to the phrase "With great power comes great responsibility." The best friend of Peter, Harry Osbourne is the son of the CEO of Ozcorp Industries Norman Osbourne. Ozcorp industries develop weapons and other experimental devices for the United States Army, they're also working on an experimental treatment that would increase the speed and strength of soldiers. One night Norman tests this treatment on himself, but something goes wrong with the treatment and it develops an alternate evil personality that we come to know as the Green Goblin.

The Characters:
Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker was a genius choice to make and at the time he was chosen, Tobey was very much an unknown actor but he's now an A-Lister and it's thanks to his stellar performance as the troubled Peter Parker. You gain this sympathy for Peter as he's the typical geek who always gets the worst of everything, you begin to feel like you really want him to succeed in getting the girl and getting the great career being a photographer for the Daily Bugle.
Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane was again a genius choice of casting as the chemistry between the two was something inspirational. Kirsten is a really good fit for this character and through the movie you expect her to go with Harry but you know she really wants the excuse she's looking for to get with Peter. To be able to convince the viewer that you're going to go in the opposite direction than is obvious for the story to progress is something special and I hope if there is a Spiderman 4 then these are the first two to get re-signed as the main characters.
Willem Dafoe: I've never really been familiar with Willems work and I think a lot of people went into this movie and said "who the hell is he?" when he first came on the screen. After about the first half hour and after first seeing him play the psychotic Green Goblin, we came to realise that although to many casual movie goers he may have been an unknown we came to recognise that he was the perfect choice for this part.

The Verdict: Many would agree that the Spider-Man character is Marvels greatest creation and the mainstream success of this movie would not dispute that in the slightest. Personally I loved this film, the action sequences between Spidey and the Goblin are intense and something that although they're minimal they get the job done in establishing the characters and the story. The relationship between MJ & Peter is at times heart wrenching as you first see that Peter is starting to win her over then when he saves her as Spidey she's won over by him. Peter becomes stuck in sort of a four way relationship and one of the other people he's competing with is himself. Because of the reason he can't tell MJ he's spidey it becomes heartbreaking to see her love struck by him and yet Peter can't tell her that he's Spiderman. This is a really good movie that gives us a great blend of both character development and action. It takes a completely fantasy element like an average man getting superpowers and puts it in the real world setting with real characters that people can relate to, this is something Stan Lee set out to do when originally creating the spiderman character and this is something that is carried on with the movie.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 13 December 2012
As Batman Begins is to the four Batman films which came before it, so this movie is to the three Tobey Maguire Sam Raimi Spider-Man films. IE: No tie in with them whatsoever. It starts the whole Spider-Man movie franchise from scratch.

But since it's only been five years since Spider-Man Three, this movie tries hard not to copy much of what went before. Thus we get what was billed as 'an untold story.' There's no Daily Planet. No JK Simmons. Bruce Campbell. Or Ted Raimi. Three rather disappointing absences. But there's no MJ being captured by the villain leading Spidey into a trap for an action set piece finale. Which is a nice change. Peter Parker remains a high school student throughout this.

Since it's starting the story all over again though, it has to do the origin story all over again. But it tries hard to make it as different as it can. We begin with the mysterious disappearance of Peter's parents, who leave him living with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben. And with hints that they were working on something to do with spiders.

Flash forward years and Peter is an outsider at his high school, but he has a talent for photography. And has caught the eye of Gwen Stacy [Emma Stone]. Smart girl and daughter of a tough police captain [Dennis Leary]. These two characters did appear in Spider-Man three. You may or may not have noticed amongst the crowd of characters which were in that. But they are, like everyone else, recast here.

Andrew Garfield, twentysomething British actor, plays Peter/Spider-Man. An American teenager. As with the previous trilogy he gets power from a spiderbite and lets things go to his head. Given that they're trying to tell the same origin story differently, Uncle Ben has to reach for his thesaurus to find a different way to give the great powers great responsibility speech.

This version of movie Spider-Man has web shooters that he made himself rather than organic ones [that won't mean anything to you if you've never read a Spider-Man comic, but there are some purists who will be pleased to hear it]. And his investigations into what happened to his parents brings him into contact with Dr. Connors [Rhys Ifans] a scientist looking to cure a certain disfigurement. Dr. Connors was also seen in the previous three films. But his alter ego wasn't.

Early plot lines about Peter's parents do get put on hold as he has to deal with his newfound powers and responsibilities. Not least what Dr. Connors does. All of which leads to an action set piece finale involving chases across New York and fights high above the city. And which also like previous movies has a New Yorkers rallying to help moment which you will either find corny or moving.

The cast are good. The two leads are great. And do share an excellent chemistry. And although the aforementioned early plot lines about the missing parents do rather get put on hold, this does develop into a decent character drama with some good superhero action set pieces. If you can forget all that went before and just get into the movie, then you might just have an enjoyable time.

And do keep watching during the end credits, for a scene that shows they didn't forget about certain plotlines after all. And which sets up future movies. This will leave you eager to know what happens next.

An effective re-start for this franchise, and a movie I enjoyed watching.

The dvd has the following language and subtitle options:

Languages: English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu.

Subtitles: English, Hindi.

The disc begins with a very very short anti-piracy feature but there are no other trailers after that and it then goes straight into the main menu.

It includes a code for downloading the film onto mobile devices via the internet.

Other extras are:

A commentary three of the production staff.

Fifteen minutes worth of deleted scenes. The first of these is actually an alternate scene. The others are deleted ones. They can be watched individually or all in a row.

There's also eleven minutes worth of stunt rehearsals, showing the stunt men and women of the movie going through their paces preparing eight different fight scenes. These can also be watched individually or all in a row.

There's also a handful of short galleries of various production designs.
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on 15 September 2014
I apologise in advance for this long review, but after seeing 'The Amazing Spider-man 2' at least three times now, I feel that I can finally say my thoughts in a non biased way with constructive criticism.

I'm not a fan of Spider-man, but I do have a soft spot for the character and enjoy most fantasy or superhero movies. The Amazing Spider-man 2 is a switch off your brain and enjoy the child's ride fantasy movie, but it's not a solid story driven, strong villain, definitive Spider-man movie. It's one of those movies where you appreciate what they were aiming for, it's fun and impressive in places, but on more than one viewing you can see and realise where all the weak points which bring the movie down are.
The villain Max Dillon/Electro was impressive to watch when he used his abilities on screen, he was fun, but if you compare him to Alfred Molina's Doctor Octavius from 2004s Spider-man 2 you can see how much substance the Electro character lacks. Octavius was by far the best example for a villain, not caring about Spider-man and only taking care of that 'little chore' as he put it when the time came.

Unlike the typical villains of this movie and many others, neither Doc Ock or Conner's Lizard from 'The Amazing Spider-man from 2012 wanted revenge on Spider-man, or wanting him dead, he was either only a small obstacle for them or merely a hindrance for their bigger goals. It seems that Electro on the other hand wanted to kill Spider-man just because of a misunderstanding. Even Rhy's Ifan's Doctor Curtis Conners/lizard was a more solid and better acted villain. Electro spent too much time being held captive at Oscorp to be a serious major villain. There's also the problem with having him obsessing over his birthday and being upset at not being noticed or having friends, some can relate to that, however, they aren't the kind of things your going to care for with a strong villain in a major blockbuster movie such as this.

It seems that Sony are desperate to hold onto the Spider-man franchise since it's their golden ticket, not that they need it. You don't use a sequel as the foundation for a bigger universe in a franchise, you only focus on that particular movie, making it as substantial as possible.

They did get a few things spot on with this sequel, improving on small things from 'The Amazing Spider-man,' better webshooters, improved comedy, incredible web swinging acrobatics from the webbed wonder, plus brilliant special effects with the fight scenes, & terrific acting from the main leads. Unfortunately what works in some comics just doesn't always work for a movie.
In a few comics Spider-man would have to face small villains such as the 'Shocker' or the 'Rhino' on his way to school or college, however, you can't just add a small extra villain/s like them into a main movie and expect it to work. One main villain is all you need, maybe.......'maybe' 2 villains if the film makers can get both to work, but it's usually better to not take that risk. Harry Osbourne didn't work in that regard, he wasn't a strong enough character, it seemed like the new Goblin was added at the end just to kill of Gwen Stacy which in itself was a mistake.

But here's the big reason why this movie wasn't strong enough.........Uncle Ben Parker, Peter Parker's main reason for being Spider-man in the over 5 decades since the start of the character was only briefly mentioned. He was Peter's father, guardian and raiser from being a child, and taught Peter that 'With great power must also come great responsibility.'As nice as it was to know about his parents, it was only a small story arc in the grand scheme of things, one small piece of a large jigsaw puzzle which has pieces which all fits awkwardly together.

Marvel Enterprises may be making huge amounts of money with their large movie franchise, but it's because they care about the movies they make, they aren't focused on money, but they are focused on what will work, and what will help to draw a larger young and old audience.

I was really happy to hear that Marvel made a deal with Sony, and Spidey is great in Captain America: Civil War, and next year we get the new Spider-man in Homecoming, it's about time because the Amazing series just wasn't doing the wallcrawler justice. Here's hoping that we get the definitive Spidey movie in 2017. We should now that producer Avi Arad who produced this one isn't part of Homecoming and Marvel studios now has complete control.

3 stars for Amazing 2.
5 stars for blu-ray picture quality and sound with some nice extra features.
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on 18 September 2015
Columbia pictures made a smarter Decision this time around to include all the extras
and i mean all of the extras carried over from the old 2 Disc dvd set
the original 2008 blu-ray had no extras except for commentary tracks
this new 2012 blu-ray version has all of them
MAKING THE AMAZING- a 2hour Documentary on the making of spider-man 2, incredible Doco aswell
12 part Doco covers the script, the cast, pre-production, production, the Visual effects and other areas - 12parts to it
HERO IN CRISIS featurette
OCK-UMENTARY- EIGHT ARMS TO HOLD YOU which is a featurette about the Villian Doc-Ock
plus Deleted scenes, Blooper reels, Special visual effects featurette, Still Photo Gallery, original trailer etc
plus the usual Audio commentaries from the old dvd version has been included to
plus both versions of the film are on this Disc aswell, 127mins or the longer 136mins
you can select which version to watch when you select PLAY MOVIE
i personally prefer the Longer cut myself, but each to their own
both versions have been given the exact same HD transfers in 2:40:1 widescreen
and the transfers look amazing, very nice sharp & clear quality much better than the old dvd version
and the sound quality has been boosted with new 5.1 master mix
all this on 1 Blu-ray Disc, incredible!
and so they should, columbia did an excellent Job this time to add all the extras
1 Blu-ray Disc has lots more Data space than a usual DVD Disc, so it's better to use the space, stupid Decision to waste it
so time to upgrade get this new 2012 blu-ray, throw out the old 2 Disc dvd
5 stars for this new 2012 reissue
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