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on 6 January 2012
I thought it was time to replace my R340, so after extensive research in tinternet, I was down to a choice of 2, the HP 6500 and the Epson BX635FWD. There were very few reviews on the Epson and the HP had quite a few negative reviews so I opted for the Epson. What a good decision, after running the installation disc to install drivers and set up/activate the wireless it was time to try out the printer. OMG, what a cracking printer, excellent colour reproduction and very fast. The scanning mode gives excellent results compared with my old Perfection 1250. Copy mode is almost as good as original document being copied. Over all, a very very good printer. Slightly on the big side but after all it is an small office printer, but not as bulky as some of the Canon models I looked at. All in all, a sound investment and a excellent price(£123:64)with great printing results :-)
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on 14 January 2012
An excellent product. Seperate ink cartridges to save money on ink. Double sided printing which is excellent quality. Ability to print from any PC on the network. Ability to scan documents from scanner to any PC on the network. With Automatic Document Feeder scanning time greatly improved without having to load the next sheet manually! When copying if 2 seperate documents are required to be copied then with the ADF the printer will copy the first document however many copies required and then carry on with the second!

A great product!
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on 12 April 2017
This was to replace my old one, arrived on time, works quite well, but the colouirs are not quite right and there is no green colour
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on 3 January 2012
Not cheap but cheapest I could find for Duplex ADF + Duplex printing copying...
Easy installation, easy to use and duplex ADF excellent so far.
Level of automation is great, feels like a pro copying machine and the fact that scanning does not require a computer is also great.
Printing is OK, no prize here.
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on 4 May 2012
I bought this to replace a separate ancient scanner and much newer printer (about 4 years old). I only ever use this on a wifi network (as opposed to wired) on my Mac.

The scanner is generally pretty good - the document feeder works well for A4 sized paper, and the flatbed is good for anything up to A4. It's relatively quick, and the document feeder means you can pop papers and click go, and off it goes, scanning away.

However, the printer only handles A4 paper - you can't manual feed anything, such as envelopes or card. In addition, print quality is nothing more than adequate. I used to have a small canon bubblejet printer which was miles better. draft/quick print mode is awful - it's so poor as to be pretty much unusable. my old printer would use less ink but still form the characters properly; this one uses less dots, making it look cheap and unpleasant.

software supplied is poor - it comes with version 1, with very poor instructions, whereas we're now up to about v9. which means it's so old that once you've installed from the CD, it can't auto-update, you have to uninstall the printer and start again. on a mac at least, it's better to allow the computer to find the software automatically. the old software is slow and hard work to use. the newer version is much better.

the front panel is a pain - sooo many buttons, and the only one i've ever used to operate it is the power button - everything else is from my computer. whoever designed it obviously also does TV remote controls - they think you have to have a separate button for absolutely everything, when in actual fact, most of the buttons never get touched.

if paper jams. you have to press five buttons to say "yes, i've cleared it", and you get the same "helpful instructions" on how to clear it each time. but after you've done it the first time, you don't need instructions again, so they become unnecessary and a pain. if you press OK too quickly and end up pressing it 6 times instead of 5 (bearing in mind, it doesn't respond instantly to being pressed), it makes you turn the thing off and on again!

printer inks come in four little cartridges, one for each colour, so if one colour runs out, you don't have to buy all four.

OVERALL: if you want a decent scanner with document feeder, then get this. if you want a good printer with it, then don't. and for goodness sake, if you are technical enough to know how to install a printer yourself, please ignore the CD and let your computer do its thing.

i've never used the fax function. do people still use those things?
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on 7 February 2012
Have owned the printer for a few weeks now.

Have unfortunately had some installation/setup issues that people might want to be aware of...

I set my printer up as a network (via LAN cable) printer, connected directly to my router. For whatever reason (not had time to diagnose yet), the scanning to PC does not work, it appears to only want to scan via USB cable and to a memory card/stick. Therefore, I have to use a memory stick even though the printer is right beside my PC.

The printer wants to install its memory card reader, and allocate a drive letter to it so you can access it from PC. This is a neat feature, however, unfortunately it defaults to mapping the drive letter Z - which broke my existing mapping of drive Z for another drive.

Things like VPN connections appear to stop the printer from working/communicating entirely, although there may be some way of fixing this. However, currently when I initiate a VPN connection on my main PC - the printer becomes invisible and totally non working on that PC.

On the plus side, print quality seems decent, the fax was a doddle to setup and use and the auto document feeder is great.

Confident this will be a good printer for business use, but if your setup is not super simple, expect some issues getting it to work smoothly.
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on 15 May 2012
This printer is so rich in functionality it is amazing. It is not a Rank Xerox but it produces stunnung output.

It does require patience in setting up.
It also requires basic familiarity with device operations (especially the "hidden" functionality)

So far successfully tested on Dell laptop (Windows Vista); Sony Vaio (Windows 7) and iPhone 3GS

4 essential functionality: Print / Scan / Copy / Fax

Please ensure that you set you printer up properly.
I set up the USB connection first (in error) but it turned out for good.
I now have the one single physical device installed as 2 devices on my laptop (USB with its own icon AND wireless with its own icon).
I have set the wireless one as my default printer.

The print speed is very good.
User is given the choice of print quality:
Fast Economy

Each of these has varying print speed. Do not that when you print in Quality mode IT WILL TAKE A WHILE TO FINISH PRINTING ONE A4 side, let alone 5 pages.

Realistincally, you should be OK with Normal or Fine quality (also saves you ink money).

OK, there have been some reviewers saying you cannot scan wirelessly.
I have tried once and it asked for USB connection.

It makes sense. If you want to scan to PC it is safer to connect physically to the PC or Mac.

What else? Well, the user interface is so user friendly. My 7 year old son observed the icons on the front panel and easily figured out what each one does (apart from Fax - which is alien to him).

Power save mode is fantastic.
I have configured the web printing functionality.
I have ensured only users on my access list can print remotely (to prevent unauthorised printing).

ADF (Auto Document Feeder) is also very handy (I havent used it yet but saves standing there manually feeding pages!)

I can go on and on. But I will say this: This printer is the business (I doubt I will ever use the fax though! Do people still fax when they can scan?).

The only one design flaw i can mention is the retractable output tray.
You do not want to leave this extended out (can easily break).
At the same time, if you send job to printer and forget to extend the retractable all your papers will be on the floor (lol).
review image review image
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on 4 April 2012
After having a torrid time for a couple of years with an HP All-in-one, I was 100% determined never to go HP again. After some scouting around I found this Epson and have not looked back since. Fabulous value for money. All the various functions work well, smoothly. Double sided printing is a huge plus. Inks are cheaper than HP and the cartridges appear to be more robust. Finally, the Epson software suite, while not small, looks relatively lightweight when compared to the complete bloat-ware that came with the HP. All in, solid purchase.
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on 18 February 2012
We have had this pinter for a few weeks now and it has proven to be one of the best printers we have had, it has a good print quality and is also very fast. The automatic paper feed it such a time saver. would recommend for home or small office use.
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on 29 August 2012
I bought this printer as my scanner doesn't work with windows 7. The scanner/copier is very good.
The printer however is attrocious! If you print in Normal quality everything is ok but print the same thing in economy or fast economy and it takes twice as many sheets of paper and look horrible.

I contacted epson support and they said "In regards to your issue regarding the spacing of your documents when printing in Economy mode I can confirm that due to the printer feeding the paper through the machine quicker in Economy mode the spacing will be increased. Unfortunately there is no way to change or prevent this from happening."

I could not believe the reply basically TOUGH - NOW GO AWAY AND DON'T BOTHER US AGAIN!!

Epson Stylus BX635FWD All-in-One Printer (Print, Scan, Copy) with Wi-Fi, Network, Duplex, LCD Screen and Fax
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