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on 31 May 2017
Perfect Thank you
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on 15 February 2015
I bought several of the novels in this series and enjoyed them all. I gave up when the characters began to blur and a feeling of repetition crept in.
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on 7 November 2011
Silence Hollingbrook once paid a pirate's ransom to save her husband. She stayed the night with St Giles's most notorious pirate king, Mickey O'Connor . . . one purely innocent night that ruined Silence's reputation forever, and destroyed her marriage.

When Silence's husband perished at sea she was heartbroken and drowning in grief, despite the fact that their marriage had been over ever since she'd agreed to Mickey's offer.

The small ray of hope that dragged Silence out of her misery was Mary Darling, an abandoned baby left on her doorstep. Little Mary, with her head of black curls and pansy-coloured eyes filled the void left by her husband's death.

But now Mary's father has come to take her away . . . the pirate king, Mickey O'Connor.

Mickey is in the middle of a St. Giles turf war against the scarred and terrible Vicar of Whitechapel. Mickey has been battling the Vicar throughout his childhood, spent on the dangerous streets of St. Giles.

The Vicar has somehow got wind of Mary Darling and her adopted mother, Silence. Mickey will do anything to protect them - not out of the kindness of his own heart, but because nobody touches what's his.

But when Silence agrees to stay at Mickey's `palace' and live amongst his looted treasures with Mary Darling, she starts to unravel Mickey's history with the Vicar. She sees beyond his affluent criminality to a dark, wounded heart . . .

`Scandalous Desires' is the third book in Elizabeth Hoyt's sublime historical romance series, `Maiden Lane'.

Silence and Mickey's romance has been brewing since first book `Wicked Intentions'. For two books now we have been reading their heated dance - between Mickey's impossibly cruel deals that tarnished Silence's reputation, to Mary Darling's appearance on her doorstep. Now `Scandalous Desires' delivers fans the romance we have all been waiting for - between a notorious Pirate King and his virtuous woman.

Hoyt's `Maiden Lane' is one of the best historical romance series I have ever read. So to say that `Scandalous Desires' is my favourite book thus far is big talk. . . and it's all thanks to Mickey O'Connor.

Forget Jack Sparrow - Mickey is pirate du-jour, the hottest swash-buckler you'll ever come across and a delicious fantasy. As is Hoyt's trademark, Mickey begins the book as a total scoundrel and womaniser. He's despicable and deplorable, greedy and unfeeling, utterly selfish in every way. The only reason he wants to protect Silence and Mary Darling from the Vicar is because they're his, and nobody touches what's his. Of course, Silence and all her virtue fascinated Mickey . . . she is his antithesis, pure and good, a sweet counterpoint to his black heart. But Mickey expects Silence to bend to his will and succumb to his charms.

Except Silence is nothing like the doxies Mickey usually beds. She is strong and self-possessed, viciously protective of those she loves and never afraid to speak her mind. Mickey is charmed, instantly and unfathomably.

Slowly, Mickey's heart thaws to Silence and his own daughter, Mary Darling. He becomes desperate to protect them both from the Vicar, not because they're his property but because if anything were to happen to them - he would never forgive himself.

Mickey and Silence have the most explosive romance of any Hollingbrook sibling thus far explored. It's partly thanks to Hoyt's masterful building of their romance over the last two books . . . but also simply down to opposites attracting and Mickey's climb to grace from such great depths.

A few new characters are introduced in this book, including Hollingbrook black sheep, brother Asa. And beloved secondary characters, like the prudish Winter Hollingbrook, are fleshed out and given glimpses into their upcoming books. I, for one, really hope that Asa Hollingbrook gets his own novel . . . because even the small, tantalizing little mention we get in `Scandalous Desires' had me crossing my fingers for unlimited instalments in the incredible `Maiden Lane' series!

`Scandalous Desires' is also the book that takes readers through the grimy streets of St. Giles, and reiterates the dangers of Maiden Lane. Because Mickey has lived in St. Giles all his life, and is its veritable King, Hoyt does some really masterful things with the descriptions of this sad little London town. Some of her scene-setting is truly magnificent for being mired in scum.

`Scandalous Desires' is my favourite instalment in an incredible historical romance series. Mickey O'Connor is a sublime pirate rake, and an instant fictional favourite. `Desires' ends on a delicious cliff-hanger concerning the Ghost of St. Giles . . . leaving me all aquiver for `Thief of Shadows' in 2012.
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on 24 March 2015
This story gripped me from the beginning. Mickey O’Connor is an extraordinarily ‘bad boy’. I mean really bad. I can’t help but love him, regardless. His Irish accent, slang and swearing was a surprise at first, but it’s consistent with being a river pirate.

Where Mickey is so very, very bad, Silence is too good and pure.

There is a slow build to this romance. At first, Silence loathes Mickey. He ruined her reputation, her marriage, and kidnapped her ‘adopted’ daughter, Mary. And he’s a criminal. Silence has some huge mental leaps to make before she can consider Mickey a potential lover.

Mickey is fiercely protective of Silence and Mary (I must say the depiction of the toddler, is excellent). He does not show romantic interest in Silence at first, but there is something about her that calls to Mickey – her eyes mesmerise and confound him.

The couple have a physical relationship after a good build-up of awareness, conflict, sexual tension and fierce heat between them. When sexy times happen, it is good and smoking HOT.

Warning: Mickey regularly uses the “F” word and “cu**y.” Also, Mickey alone engages in a sex act. I have never read such a scene in a romance novel before. Whew!

The story had a good plot, pirate action, evil villain, life and death drama; conflict and romance.

The first ¾ of the book was 5 star, but the last ¼ lost some of the magic for me. I felt Mickey’s overwhelming power lessen, and I’m sure Silence confused smokin’ hot sex for love at times (but I can’t blame her). The ending was a little too tidy for me as I think a more credible conclusion would have had this couple move abroad forever.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed this novel (this was my second reading), and it had more meaning for me now that I’ve read the next 3 books.

For those interested, there is a free epilogue to this story and you can find it here:

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on 11 December 2011
My sons bought this for me as a surprise present and what a great one it was! Once I started to read it, I did not want to out it down. Elizabeth Hoyt has outdone herself again. I would suggest that you read her two previous books first to understand the plot/story better. Her follow on book cannot come out quick enough for me.
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on 5 January 2013
Scandalous Desires is book 3 (I think) on the Maiden Lane series.
You don't need to have read the earlier books to make sense of this one, but it will make you more fully appreciate the awesome talent of this author if you have.
Silence is a widow, her beloved husband dies as sea and her remaining solace is a baby, Mary Darling abandoned on the steps of the Foundling Home she helps run. However, it turns out Mary Darling is the child of one Mickey O'Connor and it just so happens that Mickey is a dangerous river pirate, who's worst enemy is out to hurt him any way he can...and knows where Mary lives. As his enemy, the Vicar, closes in on him Mickey has no choice but to move Mary, and the woman the babe regards as mother, into his palace to protect them. But Mickey hasn't reckoned on falling in love with Silence and his daughter, and is faced with life changing decisions if he is to face up to his true feelings.
I L-O-V-E-D this book. On so many levels it could have been a disaster - how can love flourish between such polarised good and bad people, how can a notorious gang man succumb to the soft attractions of a virtuous woman? And yet, somehow, Ms Hoyt manages it...and then some, with style.
This book is perfection for its type - the only possible reason it could receive reviews rated anything less than 5 is if the reader isnt truly looking for a great, escapist historical romance in which to lose themselves.
Highly recommended.
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on 9 July 2016
This has to be my 5th or 6th reading of this series, so, obviously I enjoy it. In this one, we find out more about another Makepiece sister (Silence) and the man she loves to hate (Charming Mickey, the pirate who cost her the comfort of her first husband). See publisher's blurb for clues, no spoilers here. There is the usual erotica, but there is always a real story with lots of plot twists, and a (mostly) happy ending, as well as a paragraph or so of the morality tale at the beginning of each chapter. You can't go wrong with an Elizabeth Hoyt novel, but you can get addicted.
Ashford McNab does a remarkable job of character delineation in the audio version.
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on 8 October 2015
I am a huge fan of historical fiction. I have often had Elizabeth Hoyts books recommended to me but until recently had never tried them. What a terrible mistake ! This series if absolutely fantastic. a series of wonderfully interlinked carefully plotted stories about the inhabitants and visitors of a poor area of London whose paths all cross around a home for orphan children.
I loved this tale of Silence Hollinbrook and the pirate Mickey O' Connor. A story of redemption,of good and evil,a tremendous love story with some very well written and extremely erotic love scenes. Another winner. I've already downloaded the next!
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on 27 December 2014
This book was a fantastic romance, loved the action and interactions between Silence and Mikey, exciting and emotional. The classic historical romance tale with something a bit different, refreshing after the boredom of a few too many 'samey' books in the genre. Really enjoyed Hoyts style and plot twists and the chemistry she creates in general. Definitely recommend.
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on 28 June 2014
Absolutely Brilliant! Captivating from beginning to end! Fell for the characters from the beginning. Exciting, full of action, passionate and romantic, no repetition. Elizabeth Hoyt is my favourite author of historical romance. Imagine a passionate romance, crossed with a Dickens novel with a few murders thrown in for hood measure and you have Hoyt. Fantastic!
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