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on 15 November 2011
I had previously bought the fantastic Billion ADSL 2 7800N gigabit wireless router that has been absolutely fantastic, I then decided it was time to increase the wireless coverage in our three storey 120 year old house where in many areas the 7800N router is great but wanted top reception in all areas so thats the main reason in continuing my association with Billion.

This product is an access point that can be linked to your existing wireless connection and also be used as a bridge wirelessly, I found some settings that may help people set the access point up correctly. It will however show two SSID'S one for your router and the other will be the Billion wireless access point, dont worry as it will use the best connection available depending where you have positioned your wireless access point!

The product felt robust and not flimsy so I was happy with its look, some may feel its a little bulky but it fitted into a plug cleanly which is a plus point. The next task is getting the computer and access point talking together via a wired ethernet lan connection which is the hard part especially when one is pretty good at network appliances, but I have to say it wasn't easy.

What you need to do is make sure that you follow their instructions on how to implement a static IP address otherwise your unable to configure the web browser and its here that you will be making changes to the settings on the 3100SN Access point. The IP address I was given by Billion technical was this enabled me to eventually get onto the settings page and configure the mac address of the Access point and then do the same for the wireless router, quite complex when your not a professional but got their in the end.

The following are the settings I have used on my devices and it now works properly and effectively, so if you want to increase your wireless connectivity then bellow are the settings.If you have any issues then you can ring Billion directly on 0203 372 0120 or use their technical email address[...], I hope this has been useful as this has been the only review so far. dont let the complexity put you off it would have had 5 stars apart from the settings issue.


- Set SSID
- Set wireless channel to 6
- Set security to WPA2 & enter key
- Set WDS to repeater mode
- Add MAC address of 7800N to WDS MAC address list


- Set SSID
- Set security to WPA2 & enter key
- Set Wireless channel to 6
- Enable WDS
- Enter MAC address of 3100SN

Alternatively you can go to "AP Client" page, select 7800N from list & enter key at the bottom.

My channel settings are 1 so also set the access point to 1, just use the one that your currently using for your ADSL Router.

All in all a great piece of kit but it could be made easier in setting the product up better, the web browser is tricky but when you have overcome that its pretty straight forward.
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on 1 November 2015
Absolute rubbish. It was never able to maintain a reliable connection to the internet for more than a few weeks at a time falling back to just limited access to my network. Bipac were not able to explain why this was the case and could only suggest a different IP address which did not solve the issue. In 11 months eventually failed completely and was consigned to a bin where it belongs.

Avoid: When a manufacturer cannot explain why their own device doesn't loose internet connection its not worth buying.
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on 25 January 2012
This is a rock-solid, well-performing repeater / bridge. I have two, one in bridge and the other in repeater mode, to provide LAN / WLAN access in my house from a Billion BiPac 7800N router. If you have a networking qualification, you won't have any problem with this device - because you won't have to read the manual. If you DO have to read the manual, good luck.
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on 20 September 2012
I bought a Billion 7800N some years ago and, while impressed by its ability to sustain fast connections over an old phone line, found that I still suffered from WiFi blackspots. With the 3100SN sitting on top of a cabinet at the far end of an adjoining room, though, the WiFi signal-strength now hovers at around 85-90%. The signal's also extremely stable, and I no longer have to think twice about downloading very large files for fear that the wireless connection might temporarily cut out.

Some earlier reviews have criticised the documentation provided with the 3100SN. However, I found that I was able to configure a working connection in ten minutes or so by following their online guide. Taking it step by step:

Power up the 3100SN, and connect it up to your PC via the Ethernet cable. Log in to its web interface. Note down the BSSID on the Wireless Settings > Basic page.

Log in to the 7800N. Select the 'Advanced' menu.
On the Configuration > LAN > Wireless page, note down the Channel ID and the AP MAC address. In the 'Wireless Distribution System (WDS)' section, set 'WDS Service' to 'Enable'. Type the 3100SN's BSSID into the first 'Peer WDS MAC address' field. Insert the encryption key that you're intending to set for the 3100SN into the 'AES Key' field. Click 'Apply', 'Save Config', and 'Apply'.

Log in to the 3100SN.
On the Wireless Settings > Basic page, set the 'Channel (Frequency)' to the one currently being used by the 7800N. In the 'Wireless Distribution System (WDS)' section, set the 'WDS Mode' to 'Repeater Mode'. Copy the 7800N's AP MAC address into the first 'AP MAC Address' field.
Click the 'Wireless Security' hyperlink. Set the 'Security Mode' to WPA2-PSK and the WPA Algorithm to 'AES'. Type the 3100SN's encryption key into the 'Pass Phrase' field. Click 'Apply'. Both devices are now configured.

In brief, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the 3100SN which, as other reviewers have commented, is a very reliable tool for extending home WiFi networks.
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on 8 November 2014
I needed to boost wi-fi coverage in an area of my house which had a LAN socket but very weak wi-fi. My router is a Billion BiPac 7800 (which I'm very happy with), so I reckoned it made sense to get a Billion BiPac repeater for ease of configuration. I connected the BiPac 3100SN repeater to the LAN socket in the weak Wi-Fi zone. Following the simple instructions I got from Billion support (which were very prompt), I configured the SSSI, security type and password on the 3100SN repeater to match those on the 7800 router. And that was it. I now have excellent wi-fi coverage in a previously dud area. Delighted with the product and Billion's support.
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on 1 December 2015
I got this to go with my Billion 8800NL router, to extend the wireless coverage to upstairs where the signal was too weak to be useful. Once I got it set up, it works great! In fact it is putting out a strong signal throughout the house, better than the actual router.

The tricky bit is getting it set up, which is far from intuitive - much less so than getting the router set up in the first place. I didn't find the provided instructions useful at all - both the quick start guide and the user manual that comes on a CD were opaque to me. (I have an IT background but am not a networking expert.) After spending some time messing around with it and getting nowhere, I gave up and phoned Billion support - they were brilliant. I would recommend that to anyone who is not confident in setting it up by themselves. It took about 20 minutes on the phone with support to get up and running. You will need to physically connect the device (using the included cable) to a computer that is connected to your router in order to set it up. Also you will need your wifi encryption key.

Billion support recommended setting it up with AP settings, as opposed to WPS, because in the words of the support engineer "AP doesn't go wrong." They also recommended using a different SSID (network name) from the router - although it's possible to use the same name for both, they said that some devices would take longer to switch between the two if they were named the same.

In short, it works great but I docked it a star because of the difficulty of setup.
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on 6 July 2014
I had read all the reviews before buying this and thought I knew how to set it up but I still fell at the first hurdle - talking to the unit from my PC via an internet cable.
The guidance is to enter the IP address in the browser but chances are that if you have a Billion router then the network addresses you are using are probably 192.168.0.xxx rather than 192.168.1.xxx
This can cause a problem.
I used the info in the manual on the disc and an XP laptop and changed the properies of the ethernet connection on the PC from automatic to fixed IP, I could then find and talk to the repeater.
In the settings on the repeater I changed the IP address from to
I then went back to the properies of the ethernet connection on the PC and changed the IP address from to
New everything talked to everything else and I was able to follow Coopermans instructions for set up and it was reasonably straight forward from then. Total time was approx 2 hours but most of that was being stuck at the beginning.
Once set up, the unit worked from any plug in the house and we have now eliminated a wireless dead spot in our studio annexe.
One final thing, go back to the properies of the ethernet connection on the PC and change it back to automatic.
Painful to set up (so only 4 stars) but this is quickly forgotten with the convenience and benefits of use afterwards.
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on 31 July 2012
I have previously bought a plug network adaptor (which runs the data over your ring main) but was having no end of reliability problems with it. This extends my network in a "Network > Billion 3100SN > Billion 7800N > Network > Internet" fashion. Very pleased - I'm toying with buying another one to work as a repeater to improve my wireless signal in other parts of the house. I would agree with Steve260 in that having a bit of "network-know-how" would be very useful, but as a network professional I found it a piece of cake :)
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on 4 July 2015
I have struggled for weeks with setting this up as I am never at home when the Billion helpline is available, but today I took the time (and yes it did take some time, but only because I was trying to research the problems on the net first), but finally it is done and yes it finally works beautifully.

I am not an IT idiot, nor am IT techie, but if I can do it then so can others.

I have a Billion router 7800DXL and have bought the Billion 3100sn to strengthen the signal in my old house. I couldn't get onto the Billion 3100sn website as per the quick set-up leaflet and I couldn't work out why.

I found this website which did the trick for me:


All you need to do is plug your 3100SN directly to the 7800DXL, wait for the WLAN light on the 3100SN to illuminate , then open a web browser and navigate to

Then setup 'wireless security' and 'AP Client' mode as per the instructions at:


easy when you have the proper instructions

I hope this makes it quick and simple for you to.
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on 9 November 2012
I bought the wireless access point to extend my wifi network and allow my Sky box to connect to the internet through the LAN socket. The access point is fast and is stable, and the configuration of the device is easy, assuming that your router supports Wifi Bridging or repeating. The documentation supplied with the product is not particularly good, however most of the configuration needed will be on your router end and not the access point.
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