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on 25 January 2012
Ordered this item on the weekend and took two days to arrive, and packaged very well (Amazon always packages exceedingly well!) I read reviews about this one and the Hub version, but as I already have many 1TB drives (and read that the internal drive kept on failing for people in the Hub version) I went for this one.

Now, I've been looking for a decent streamer for a LONG time. I have PS3's, a 360, an Apple TV, an Xtreamer Ultra, NONE work as well as this little box does.

Firstly, it plays everything. My PS3 was lacking this (even jailbroken) as was my Apple TV, the Xtreamer Ultra is shambles (selling it), and the 360 stuttered. This little box played all my HD, mkv formats, smoothly, and what surprised me even more, is that it streamed a 720p .mkv from my MacBook Pro wirelessly, with no lag or stuttering! My PS3 can't even handle 720p movies unless it's plugged via ethernet, but both my laptop AND PS3 must be hooked via ethernet in order for streaming to be fluid. This is a MAJOR plus point, and i'm really very impressed.

Secondly, it detects all my NAS storage and connects well, including my WD World Edition MyBook. It does however take time to index files from external HDD's, which can get a bit annoying, as the interface lags a bit due to it and at one point it got stuck and didn't move till I disconnected my HDD. I'm sure this will be fixed in a FW update. But it indexes files fine from my HDD's and shows all the clips and thumbnails.

Thirdly, Apps. They work well with the UI, I have Spotify premium and i'm using it all the time now, works really well! Haven't tried the other apps, but i'm sure they are as good. I like the colour co-ordination in the apps which matches the UI. UI is fluid and is good for a Media Player.

Lastly, should you buy this? Yes. Don't waste your money on things which won't work out of the box, don't spend hundreds on sophisticated items, you simply need one little box which does it all. Reason I chose this over the Apple TV (for all the fan boys out there) is because I can't be bothered to jailbreak it and install apps etc, it has no external HDD support and even though it's an Apple product, it's pretty much useless to me as I have all my media on HDD's, I don't rent.

So, this is a worthwhile investment, you don't need an ethernet connection to stream fluidly (perhaps a good connection though, mine is 20MB), if you want an ethernet connection and have no port in your room I suggest you get the WD Livewire, or TP-LINK ethernet plug. I have the TP-LINK one and works perfect with all my stuff.


- Streams Movies, HD and SD, amazingly well with no stuttering
- Apps are great, work well
- UI is user friendly
- Expandable, ext HDD friendly
- Does what it says on the tin.

5/5 Stars, well done WD!
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on 11 July 2016
I bought this back in Jan 2014, and recently reintroduced this into my home cinema set up. Why? Simply because it is the best product for accessing my media files on my NAS and on my HDD and USB stick, period. I also have an Amazon TV box which I use with Kodi, but my wdtv has a specific purpose and does this very well, it plays a plethora of media files and is so unobtrusive.
I have read on forums that Netflix is no longer supported on this device, to this I say there are countless alternatives you can use. I personally can still access Netflix even though I updated the firmware!!

The other major issue owners have complained about is dodgy firmware, i have had issues in the past but currently with new firmware update this is not an issue (fingers crossed). The lag from the remote control can be overcome by using the wdtv app available on Android and this is much more responsive.

This little device streams 8gb movie files wirelessly over my home network without any issues whatsoever, its truely amazing. You will find other media streamers that are able to download Kodi etc. but this media streamer is in a class of its own in terms of playing a wise variety of media files from a NAS, HDD flawlessly over a WiFi home network!

I bought mine back in Jan 2014, second hand for £46.99 from Amazon and for that price it has been and continues to be, a fantastic purchase!
I can only comment on my personal experience of the device and overall it has been very positive!

Update: 2.6.17
After not having used this for some considerable time due to purchasing a whole host of other gay gets/tv boxes and they occupying my attention, I have recently changed my set up in my bedroom and due to the flaky wifi reception in my bedroom and the lack of availability of Ethernet I decided to blow the dust off this little box and set it up connected to a 2tb we hard drive with media files on it. This little box although old in terms of technology is still a useful addition to any av set up. The picture and sound quality continue to be excellent, I have not yet had time to see if it will connect to my network as I have said earlier the wifi in the room it is in has been very unreliable of late! But this enables me to play files from a USB and my portable hard drive when the wifi is not working. To me this has proved that even though this is old technology there is still a place in today's sat moving hi tech world for a good, well made box. It is by no means the fastest box but it does do the job extremely well and most importantly it is reliable! This is not something that can be said about the numerous android boxes I have used over the years. I have adjusted my star rating to 5 stars to reflect what all boxes and indeed gadgets should do which is exactly what they say on the box! This is one of the few that I have come across that actually does just that.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 16 October 2012
I have the WDTV Gen1 sitting in a box in my loft because Western Digital dump their customers when a new version is on the market and the Gen1 doesn't play Mkv files.
I bought a Cyclone 2+ and we used it without problems and because it was cheap but i was never happy with the sound or the quality of the picture.
After some research I decided to splash out on the WDTV Live, The WDTV arrived quickly and was easy to setup. I am used with watching my downloads via an external drive so i thought I would go down that road and the picture and sound quality is excellent. Then we hit a snag, when i put new files on my drive it wouldn't update the list on the TV. I visited forum after forum but even after some advice I still couldnt get the WDTV to see new files all the time, sometimes it did and sometimes it didn't. I then started to use the network share and once again it was easy to setup and now I can stream straight from a folder on my PC to the WDTV. The problem is that if for some reason your download speed is slow then you will have problems, happily mone is quite fast, however if I have used my PC all day and download quite a few files,or the kids are off school and they are all using the internet on your channel then you will find that the WDTV will stop during play and then quickly catch up and all the characters look like they can outrun Usain Bolt! So the solution to this is to reset your modem before you sit down to watching anything, then its great with no picture or sound disturbance.
One small problem with the Network side on the WDTV that i havent found a solution to yet is, when using from a local drive if the folder is empty it will not show the folder on the menu, this is great if you watch a load of TV downloads and can't remember which programs you have deleted because you have watched them, I like this with the WDTV,however with the shared drive it won't do that and I can't understand why.
All in all the WDTV gives fantastic sound and picture, the support isn't the best and the people on the many forums never seem to give the full answer to your problem, also when your WDTV is updated to another Gen then expect Western Digital to drop you like a ton of bricks so you will have to buy a new one if you want to update firmware etc.
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on 26 February 2013
Small and compact, I haven't used the wireless stream but I can tell you how it is via USB hard drive...there is nothing this doesn't play!! Device scans for new firmware on start up, regular firmware updates via built in WiFi, DTS /DTS HD MA 5.1 and DD 5.1 pass-through for sound decode through AV receiver set-ups! Nice, easy to use interface which can be themed, put movie and poster pic in one folder for it to be displayed when browsing your media files, subtitles can be positioned and re-sized (I have mine in small setting and below the black bars - doesn't distract watching the movie), lip sync, remembers where you left off, can be HDMI controlled, IPhone / Andriod app to control, remote is very responsive in all directions unlike the the cheaper branded media players (trust me i have had a fair share of those), the ergonomics of the remote in hands is designed to fit and feel nice in the hand.. my only gripe with this device is (I hope the improve on the next release) a faster processor as initial boot up does take some time. A highly recommended and reliable media player by WD!!
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on 12 November 2013
I've tried several media players but this is the first one that really works. Plays most of the movie formats on my PC, just seems to have a problem with MP4. A little free piece of conversion software (mkvmerge) sorts that out in seconds and off we go. BBC iPlayer built in but none of the other channel dedicated players. WD may eventually update the firmware to include them but don't hold your breath. The unit itself is small and unobtrusive with a good user interface. It's easy to set up as it does most of that itself. Took about ten minutes to be up and running. Very much worth the money, nothing else is this good at this price.
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on 1 April 2017
Bought in August 2012 and it's still going strong. Shame there's limited apps, but I understand this version now has a custom ROM that can be updated - At the time, I believe it was too locked down to be able to put a custom ROM on it. Still, it's good for streaming from other devices or media servers. for the size, it's good.
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on 25 August 2013
the wdtv is simply the best when it comes to file format compatibility. i have played layed very large files without issues (29.7GB files), but obviously it will get slightly hot but that is no issue. it plays almost anything from FLAC audio files to FLV and WMV HD video files. it can play dvd ISO's so that means you can get all the menu's and extras from your dvd rips. I havent tested out bluray iso's yet but im sure it can do that too. It has two usb ports, optical out ,ethernet, and most importantly built in wifi, so no need for a proprietary dongle that is usually expensive.

On the apps front, it doesnt have a lot (about 29) but what it cleverly odes is that some of the apps are actually "video content aggregators" so you get more content out from it (the Flingo app is a good example of this.)

For the price and what you get, it is a must buy if you are looking to maybe cord-cut.
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on 22 October 2017
WD are great
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on 15 August 2015
plays everything i put on it , looks smart , updates are regular. and plays good at quality. Has never failed me
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on 11 September 2017
good product if not a little dated now with streaming
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