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on 24 March 2013
This has played every file I've thrown at it so far and has exceeded my expectations. Great little player. The biggest negative I have with this is why no HDMI cable was included.
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on 29 August 2015
Happy with it.
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on 24 November 2013
Nice piece of kit, will play any codec and is eminantly updatable via WD website. the only media player I have owned that will play all formats effortlessly.
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on 29 November 2012
the western digital tv live very good media player runs hd files from wd hard drive
with no problems netflix runs very good in all very good player
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on 11 November 2013
Great that it's got netflix but I can't understand why these media players don't have all the services e.g no On Demand 5. Other than that it works brilliantly.
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on 31 March 2013
The title says it all I really do not need fifteen more words perfect peice of kit well worth it
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on 3 June 2012
I picked this up to use alongside my NAS, meaning that I no longer had to turn my PC on to watch films or music I had and, to that end, it works superbly. No matter the format (so far), this WD TV Live plays it. Not only that, but (once set up), negotiating your way round the files is child's play, literally. My six-year old can now watch what she wants when she gets up before me in the morning, which makes this well worth the money!
BBC iPlayer works fine, as does YouTube. The rest of the freebie channels are nothing much to write home about, and I doubt I'll ever use them. I'd like to see ITV and Channel 4 added, perhaps in a future firmware update.
Talking of firmware, be warned that the latest version as of May 2012 has issues with anyone with a Virgin Media superhub. You might find your WD Live resetting itself every hour or so, as I did. This was immensely frustrating but it can be fixed by going into your Virgin Media Super Hub settings and changing the uPnP timeout to 1440 from its default 30 mins. I did this a couple of days ago and have had no trouble since. Presumably future firmware will resolve this, too, and it should be noted that updating the firmware on the WD Live is a doddle.
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on 6 April 2014
This is quite simply the most versatile media player I've encountered, however, my primary source is a hard drive. It streams well too.

Local/LAN playback:
- Easy to setup either way. You can automatically "Get Info" on your films (make sure you name them correctly), which adds images, synopses, trailers and so on automatically. It works with every format you can think of, and is the only player that seems perfect in this regard.
- LAN playback for me is imperfect with 1080p files. For lower resolution video it's fine. This is both Windows, Mac and Linux compatible.
- NAS friendly.

- A range of services are preinstalled and you can't add any more. The main ones are Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Spotify, YouTube and WD's own cloud sync.
- Netflix works flawlessly. It automatically optimises quality up to their "Super HD" format and where available, surround sound will be used.
- BBC iPlayer works perfectly, with the HD option, but it's quite clunky.
- Spotify works but it's clunky and you can't choose to force HQ playback.
- YouTube works very well, and you can automatically connect your mobile device (i.e. choose video on phone and play on TV) if you're on the same network.

- Full HD works perfectly, with maximum 1080p 60Hz output.

- DTS and Dolby Digital, etc. surround sound friendly.
- Has an optical socket. Make sure you select it from Setup if you use it.
- Plays most audio formats, including MP3, AAC, MP4, FLAC. Not the nicest interface though.

- Basic and intuitive. No navigation problems. Can be customized (colours, background, etc.)
- You can change the view settings of your films. So you can have a list or detailed pages with stills and synopses. This looks really good.
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on 16 August 2012
I have had one of these for about a month now, and I am quite pleased with it. There are some ways in which it struggles, however. I have some high-definition movie files, and these will not play over Wi-Fi without stopping and starting. This did not surprise me. I have connected a 2 TB external hard disk to the unit through the unit's USB2 port and now I can watch all my movies with no problem. The WD TV does struggle to manage the hard disk, however. Sometimes the WD TV gets into difficulties and reboots itself and then says the hard disk is not connected, even though the system has not been touched. I then disconnect both WD TV and the hard disk from the power and reconnect them, and when the system comes up again the WD TV can again see the hard disk. All this is a lot of irksome hassle. If I delete a film from the hard disk using the WD TV's functionality to do this, it takes about five minutes for the system to recover and to reread the hard drive, so there is no way that I would tackle deleting several films because it would simply take too long. I do feel that the USB2 interface is just too slow for this unit and it is a shame that a faster interface has not been provided, such as USB3, FireWire or thunderbolt, for example. The WD TV has never failed to read the diverse video files that I have, including .VOB folders and ISOs. I have a Flickr account and the WD TV has a Flickr app, but the app is not capable of logging into an account, so it is pretty useless. The WD TV is amazingly good at getting a film's ratio correct without any intervention from me. I am using it with a 42 inch Panasonic plasma TV.

Edit (12th May 2014): I have registered with Netflicks and I'm using the Netflicks app in the WD TV Live to watch Breaking Bad. Typically, when I want to watch something on Netflicks it takes about ten minutes before I'm settled and watching the item, and I feel as though I've been through an assault course to make it work. Initially it took three tries to get a BB episode to load. On the first two tries the WD TV Live rebooted itself. The next problem is that an episode starts without the sound. To cure this I walk across my sitting room and pull the power plug out of the WD TV Live and wait for it to restart. This has happened four times. The next problem is that an episode starts with a pink cast, or wash, across the image. This has happened twice. So yes, that's three types of problem encountered so far (in about a fortnight). Everything the WD TV does is so S-L-O-W. When I have to reboot it (often!), or when it reboots itself, I wait until its home screen appears on the TV, and then it says 'Connecting to the network'. Just that takes about 30 second. Then, at the top of the screen I see that it is re-cataloging the attached hard disk. I'm now amazed that the WD development guys judged that this device was fit to be released to go into production. If Apple's motto is "It just works", Western Digital's motto must be "It can be made to work." It just takes patience, patience, patience.... I'm now wondering what device to buy to watch Netflicks without hassle.
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I bought one of these about 18 months ago and recently replaced it with a "smart DVD/blu ray player". My main problems were the sluggish response at times, whilst it's usuable and the price has come down somewhat, it's not quite as good as it should be.

A quick fire summary of good and bad

+ Unit is compact, fairly well built and with a front USB connection (take note Apple TV!)
+ Huge support for files formats I've not had a video file I was unable to play
+ Quite a lot of channels, with WD adding more over time
+ You can use an external HDD or use the unit to stream media from other devices such as pc's that are connected to it
+ WD remote app worked ok (Android) though not all the time, it did not have the delayed response the provided remote had)
+ Output quality was just fine from both streaming services like Netflix and USB played media
+ The WD can do a decent job of indexing and sorting out a large collection of video/photo/audio files, but this does take time to do.
+ WD have provided quite a few firmware updates over the time I owned one, mostly bug fixing and adding/updating the channels

- Remote response is a bit slow and delayed/sluggish, buttons feel a bit mushy. Nice enough remote otherwise but this makes it annoying when browsing around files/services or trying to enter text (ie for youtube searches) I don't think the provided remote is that good really.
- I had some problems with the unit defaulting to 720p resolution when powered off (when it was set to full HD) I also had the unit freeze at times too (requiring it to be unplugged) Not sure if this is a heat issue (as some have said) didn't happen that often though
- No browser, but with the remote lag issues I doubt you would want it
- Firmware updates have not resolved the "laggy remote" problems, I had hoped they would but I think the actual physical remote is the problem
- Remote range is poor and has a fairly narrow angle too
- Wifi signal was ok with the WD, but sometimes it could take a while to lock on and at times the unit would be unresponsive whilst it searched for the signal

The price has come down since I bought one, but to be honest my main uses for the WD live are Netflix and the odd youtube search and a video file on a USB stick. Whilst there are quite a few channels on this unit, I'm not sure how many of them are that good! (some are fine, some have fairly old content aka budget indie movies etc)

Really the deal breaker for me was the constant lag with the remote, really quite annoying. I don't want to rate it 2 stars as it's better value now, and when it works it's not actually a bad media streamer. But it's not really as good as it should be, and has issues that WD have not resolved even with quite a few updates to firmware. I replaced the WD live with an LG Blu Ray/DVD with built in wifi and smart, it has a lot less content..but there is no lag at all using the supplied remote.

I would suggest for most people who don't have a smart TV set, to just get a Blu ray/DVD smart box with built in wifi, they have come down quite a lot in price, and you have just one single unit for all your media needs. Overall not bad, but a few too many annoyances to really recommend it.
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