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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 28 May 2014
Was really impressed by the album :) would definatly reccomend this album if you are a fan of ADTR its well worth the money unlike some other sellers that are ripping people off for the normal edition for £30 odd quid which seems a bit weird.
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on 24 January 2015
my son thinks this is great.
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on 25 November 2009
This new album completely blows 'For Those Who Have Heart' (previous album) out of the water. Nearly EVERY song on this album is incredible and you will 100% like at least one song on this album, guaranteed. They deliver a good balance of heavy screams which then break down into beautiful melodic chorus' which will get you singing along.

I could say much more but honestly there isn't any reason to, if you're a fan of post-hardcore, melodic hardcore music then you're going to like this. A Day To Remember have a great unique sound which is a MUST to listen.
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on 8 July 2009
An excellent album by a band most commonly described as the heaviest 'pop' band going. Don't let this description fool you! Plus together the incredibly heavy, gut wrenching riffs with the melodic yet powerful growl singing not forgetting to add the fast paced and well timed drumming and you get Homesick by A Day to Remember. With Jeremy McKinnon's incredible ability to deal out pounding and heavy singing but then change suddenly to insanely melodic and catchy lyrics you'll be listening to this album again and again.
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on 15 April 2010
One thing you can say about a day to remember is that they make a frigging amazing special edition.I myself own a rather large selection of cds including many special editions and this is one of the best i have.now about the music on the cd it is a quality cd one i have played through and listened to on my ipod many a time with catchy songs and a surprising vocal range from pop-punk singing to hardcore screaming. It includes a mellow track called "if it means alot to you" which is stand alone an awesome track but is an awesome finisher for a album. The DVD that comes with it is qulity with alot of backstage action and an awesome live performance. this is a must have for a fan of A Day To Remember and an awesome cd to get into them with!!!!anyway off for cuppa hope this review has helped!!!!!
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on 12 February 2009
Hi guys. First of all Homesick is a great album. But not the best screamo album thats going to be out this year.

Yes it does have some mind blowing songs and a couple that are going to be in my list of favourite songs.
I was happy that they had stuck to writing catchy pop type songs but still having their own sound with the brutal screaming and heavy breakdowns.

The 2 songs they released on their myspace page (Downfall of us all & Welcome to the family) are 2 of the ones that stick out on the album. Downfall of us all starts of in typical ADTR fasion, with a catchy intro and pop influenced verses. Welcome to the family was (in my opinion) influenced by A plot to bomb the panhandle (Last album). Again, catchy chorus, heavy guitars, heavy screaming and a decent breakdown.

The BEST song on the album (and alot of people are going to agree with me on this one) is 'I'm made of wax Larry, what are you made of?'. Wow. Talk about catchy songs. I seriously dont know how they do it. With their heavy style and screaming, you would think its hard to sing along. But it is not. This song also has one of the best screamo breakdowns in the history of screamo bands. Seriously if you have not heard this song before, and you are into bands like Silverstein, LHH, ADTR etc then you MUST listen to it.

ADTR's style is awesome, ok the guitarists arent solo experts or anything, but who needs to be a guitar shredding genius to write great guitar riffs? The rhythm guitars are second to none and these are the 2 best guitairists on the screamo scene. The drummer is exceptional as always and the singing/screaming is mind blowing. If you havent ever heard ADTR (and you like bands like The devil wears prada, Silverstein, Escape the fate and even Underoath) then BUY this album. Dont think about it. Buy it. Like now. And do this band a favour as they are one of the best in their genre, and also I feel they will be contending with Silverstein for the greatest band on Victory Records
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on 29 November 2016
A Day to Remember, more like A Band You'll Never Forget. The Homesick Vinyl was something I've wanted to purchase for a long time and I'll never regret buying it. All of the tracks run smoothly into each other and I loved every single second of the album. I received a free code inside for a digital copy of the album which came in handy when i wanted to listen to the band away from home, it saved me from getting Homesick. This is recommended for EVERYONE and you wont regret it.
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on 23 December 2009
I would say Day to Remember are a conflicting band. They are a mix of heavy songs with punk rock songs thrown in the mix and it almost feels like its two seperate bands on the album.

Some of the heavier ones im not too fond of but the punk rock songs are absolute epic. It is probably a matter of taste and the broadness of your taste, however if you like screamo and heavy guitars then its for you. If you like punk rock tunes but not so much the heavier ones then perhaps its not so much for you. Its a tricky review to write. All i can reccomend is give it a preview listen before you buy it and make your own mind up.

Overall i would say it is a good album with lots of good tunes on it.
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on 29 September 2010
In My Opinion there best album by far! i love all there songs and albums but this blew me away,so much so that as soon as they toured here where i am i bought tickets straight away,and they are amazing live! best experience of my life! Jeremy's Voice is definitely wonderful even with the bit of screamo thrown in,i could listen to this band non stop and never get bored.The Songs Are So Catchy,you'll be rocking in your underwear before you know it.This is a must have.If You Are Just Getting into A Day To Remember Because This I Say, Is Some Of there Best Work,So Give It A shot,I Garantee You'll LOVE It...Just Like Me :)
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on 31 October 2013
A day to Remember Homesick special edition.

This album is absolutely brilliant, in my opinion this is one of their greatest albums and fits nicely along with Dan Mumford's artwork. The cd contains music full with different emotions which really sets the bar for this album. The music on this is a huge step up from their past albums and almost feels new. I would recommend this album to everyone who likes ADTR and other artists of this genre, this is an amazing buy at a great price.
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