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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars

on 24 January 2015
Another entertaining release from Richard Herring, one of my favourite comedians.
This one builds on some of the sketches he used to do when he was big on the TV in the 1990s.
It is also controversial, in the same way that his show 'Hitler Moustache' drew attention.

Didn't think it was quite as good as Hitler Moustache, but still funny and you learn a bit about his background in the course of the stand up.
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on 10 May 2013
This show is clever, funny, crude and eventually, perversely uplifting. Richard Herring is half-way to being the new Stewart Lee.The extras are not bad either, highlight being the discussion with Christian protestors outside his gig and reading from some of the mail the show has generated.Very, very good show. Buy it.
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on 27 November 2014
This is up to scratch, worthy of the master! A clever, funny, well thought through piece of observational comedy. Great for anyone who likes thinking AND laughing.
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on 10 January 2012
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on 21 December 2011
This is clever and funny stand up from Richard Herring, and there are loads of extras, which are also entertaining especially the correspondence which features Richard discussing the show with protesters outside the theatre.

The only negative is that this version appears to be two discs of a three disc set, there is at least one reference to disc three I have found, and the original release (which is still available) does have three discs. Had I known it had a disc 'missing' I don't think I would have bought this version.

Further to above review; I returned the two disc version to Amazon and bought the three disc version from gofasterstripe.com as it is a lot cheaper than buying the third disc seperately. Hats off to Amazon for accepting the return and letting me post gofasterstripe.com on here too, as until Amazon sell the three disc version I would recommend shopping elsewhere for this item.
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on 29 April 2013
I went to see this live and it was superb. Well structured, well paced and well informed humor and most of all very, very funny.
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on 2 January 2012
The show itself is funny, hysterical, and confrontational - something which so many of the world's religion appear to have an issue with. It is especially attractive for me, as I prefer a clever sort of comedy laid in front of my eyes, a non-McIntyre-esque sort of humour if you like. I mean, amusement is one thing, but if the show's not challenging, it is more likely to disappear out of your memory and consciousness. And this release certainly belongs to the category of' intelectually stimulating'.

The only downside might be - and this is especially true of all those for whom English isn't a first language (like myself) - the Richard's natural style of delivery. It is sharp, quick, rapid as he hits you with a sentence after sentence after sentence. Therefore it is very easy for a listener to get lost, after which it may take a while to get back on track. Albeit I must admit Christ... is still more watchable than Hitler's Moustache, so there's perhaps a little improvement there. I would suggest that the first time you watch it, subtitles may be of great help. Not essential, of course, but surely a recommended feature.

The real treat is the second dvd in which Richard - as if he were a Messiah himself - gets out of the theatre hall in Lowestoft (just as Jesus did when he confronted Pharisees countless times...), and begins to talk to people who disagree with him on - let's say - theological aspects of the show. Ironically, these are the very same people who may not have watched a second of the show, which I hope gives you the sort of idea of the discussion that followed. Anyway, the somewhat age-ey folk in Lowestoft are willing to boycott the performance for their own sake, or perhaps just to seek publicity by knowing it'll later appear as a bonus feature.... You be the judge. And besides, now that I think of it, I reckon Richard may indeed be the true Messiah himself - and if it should offend anyone out there reading this, relax! It's just 'my' belief!

Hence I am leading to the main point here. I happened to see the show in Manchester, where another incident in the tour occurred. This time, though, a female (drunken?) heckler spoilt the show. I remember being sat at the balcony at the time, where indeed little could be heard, or seen, of what was going on. In fact, it took a longer while to realise that the show inexplicably suspended... I have later looked the RH's blog where I believe it was mentioned the incident might be featured (though only in audio form) as a bonus to the whole set. But couldn't find it anywhere on DVD 2 attached to this release. It turns out, however, that I have wrongfully given up hope of ever listening to the excerpt of the (in)famous Manchester gig, as the initial promise has been kept! (memo to self: post this review to a certain Nick C.)
It is only featured on DVD 3, however, which is unavailable with this release, unfortunately. Turns out shopping at ****o* may not always be the best option matter of fact. So if you want to experience and enjoy a full, unrestricted release, look it up elsewhere. (I'm probably not allowed to supply a link here.) Hence 4 stars by the way.

I see another reviewer has fallen for the same trap. Thankfully, it seems to be possible to order just the additional (missing) disc to add the dvds I've already got. Which is what I am definitely planning to do next! (Also, by coincidence, I discovered that it's the same old story with my set of Hitler's Moustache show. Was only able to buy 2 disc set on here, whilst it turns out there is a 3 disc set avaialble...)
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on 9 January 2012
Herring says he resurrected this show due to never having had the chance to film it for DVD and therefore a lot of people who had come to his stand up more recently would never have seen what he considered to be his best show. Indeed, watching it it's not hard to see why. The subject matter is very well researched and dealt with at face value, making it a lot more accessible to anyone of faith rather than of an atheist outlook like mine. Far more importantly though, it's very funny, and by having a strong narrative thread to the show it hangs together really well, working towards an definite end.

Being a Go Faster Stripe recording, the extras are good and numerous as ever. The tour diary was enjoyable for the confrontation with the protestors, and the inclusion of a video version of the post-show `Collings and Herrin Podcast' is brilliant as ever. Overall, it's well worth picking up, and certainly better than a lot of the other stand-up DVDs released around the same time by some considerable margin.
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on 27 November 2011
I saw this show live earlier this year and was completely blown away by how funny, intelligent, well thoughT out and well played it all was. I saw his latest at the fringe and it was just as good. He takes a fairly well explored subject and looks at it with an irreverent but not disrespectful eye and manages to make it hilarious but inoffensive despite the subject matter. Richard Herring is one of the finest comedians around right now who just seems to get better and better with every show. Tragically overshadowed in the media by ex-writing partner Stewart lee (a genius too nnetheless) I dare you to buy this and not be impressed but his piercing wit and utterly loveable style.
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on 8 November 2011
This set should have been recorded and released a long time ago. Refreshing, intelligent and reflective stand-up material, delivered with the masterful skill of a veteran surgeon and interspersed with the vibrancy and cheeky mischief of a thirteen year old boy leafing through a sibling's hidden stash of pornography. Shame it's not as good as Stewart Lee's 'Jerry Springer: The Opera' though.
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