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on 30 August 2013
I enjoyed the first two thirds of this book,it flowed nicely, the story was unfolding at a steady pace, then the author shot into overdrive and crammed what could have been a whole other book into the final third.

It's glaringly obvious in the last couple of chapters, particularly where character interactions are dispensed with entirely and replaced with an omni present narrator style summation - like the wrap ups at the end of those true story movies.

That's the bad out of the way, the plot was interesting, and there are great character development moments for Picard who is faced with having to disregard his morality to save his wife.

Cloudhurry receives a lot of attention here and we see her finally get to grips with losing her family, and how she gets there was well played out.

Not much action, as with the other typhon pact novels, it's more about the politics and manoeuvring.
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on 16 July 2012
This book is like one of those episodes which takes 95% of the time building a story and then concludes it in the last 5% leaving you feeling robbed of a "Next Time on...".

Also little disappointing as both story lines within the book could have expanded so much more to offer a much more rounded conclusion. Not sure why Wolf is on the front cover as he is not really integral to the story, even Dr Crusher is not the most prominent character.

This is certainly the weakest of the Typhoon Pact Novels I have read so far, but certainly worth the read as it involves the Kinshaya who have been nothing but a mention in the previous books; it highlights the deviousness of the Tzenkethi and is a good character development for Lt's Choudhury and Chen.
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on 6 May 2018
It’s ok good read but boring politics in it prelo g the story not enough action
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on 17 July 2014
I didn't realise this was a short, although you wouldn't be able to tell without looking at the counter in the corner of the screen. It was a great story, a little hasty in telling, but a great addition to the series, and another great look into three different alien societies. I love it, though I wouldn't expect anything less from Bennett!
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on 29 July 2013
A welcome addition to the Typhon Pact Series. Compelling political situations played out in true Star Trek form. Revisiting an old loose end from an episode of TNG was a risk but it paid off. New characters were given centre stage for this story & given more depth then previously in other books. A brilliant story, I enjoyed reading it.
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on 14 December 2012
I found it a bit lumpy, the plot line was a good one but for me it did not flow, and I found myself having to back up and re read the past to see where I had misunderstood the world.
It did keep me interested, and I did finish it (unlike some MeToo's).
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on 8 February 2014
This is ok, I've read the other Typhon pact books and they struggle to really get going. If you're reading the rest then get it, if not then I wouldn't bother
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on 20 January 2013
Great book I really enjoyed it. And it's a great shame that these characters are not subject to the rest of the next generation crew
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on 20 February 2013
Very short novella but a good story.
I look forward to reading the next books in the typhon pact series.
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on 4 October 2011
This is the first Star Trek ebook that I have read, and while it was a novel experience I don't think I'm yet ready to give up the dead tree variety. The Enterprise is dispatched to Talar to seek an alliance, while two members of the crew head off on a separate adventure.

The story is excellent and fully deserved to be fleshed out to a full length novel. At only seven chapters long I felt it lacked depth in places and the writing style came across a little casual. The plot however seemed surprisingly relevant to real world events of the past year and I think the possibility of a much quicker publishing process for electronic output made it feel more so. For a Trek novel this is great as one of the TV series original aims was to mirror the real world.

I thought the dual plotline approach was constructed very well, separating the familiar Picard story from that focussing on the book-only characters, which for once I found to be the more engaging. The two stories play around a similar theme and so although separate they fit together well, and develop at a good pace.

Although it took me only an hour to read, this is an excellent addition to the Typhon Pact storyline and I look forward to more of Bennett's output in the future.
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