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I almost want to say that this little device has changed my life! I have an iPhone 4s, I love it but as we all know iPhones are not known for their battery strength. This phone is now fairly old and well used which certainly doesn't help. I normally charge my phone before I go to bed, then sometimes I top it up again in the morning but if I use it a bit (and by a bit I really don't mean that much) then it quickly drops and I start to be aware of trying not to use it in case someone calls. Recently I've had a lot more phone calls and this has made it worse, I'd be trying to plug the phone in for ten minutes here and there when I could to try and get me through the day without my phone dying.

So then I thought about buying one of these. It's wonderful! It's quick to charge and has lights to indicate how charged it is, and it charges my phone quite quickly too. I can plug it in and still easily use the phone too. It has made such a difference as I'm not now planning my day around having time to top up my phones charge and the stress around all of that has gone. The customer service has been great too, not that I've needed to contact Anker but they have sent me a couple of emails with hints and ways to contact them if needed which is unusual and appreciated (not too many emails either so don't worry about being spammed by them!). I'd really recommend this and love how long it keeps charge so if I don't use it for a bit I don't have to worry about it being empty, and as it can do multiple charges I don't have to keep remembering to charge it up either.
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on 17 June 2017
After my initial problem it was discovered that I had a faulty item - Anker were brilliant is sorting it out! I received a replacement and it's been working great and as advertised! These things happen (not often with Anker because from my own experience they are usually very good) and I'm very impressed with the way Anker dealt with it when there was a problem! Excellent service!

Previous Review:
Has stopped charging itself - literally only used it 2-3 times. Not sure why as I have a number of other Anker chargers which all have worked perfectly - it may just be this particular design.
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on 10 November 2015
I thought this could be very useful to recharge my iPhone 6 when I am travelling or just out and about. There are a wide range of similar devices and choosing the correct one very much depends on the size that you are prepared to carry. Large capacity models can be quite bulky so I chose this model because it is quite compact, being under 10 cm long and weighing under 140 gm.
It appears to be extremely well made and has a black matt appearance. It is also supplied with a handy, protective bag.
The charge level appears on a circular white display and shows the level of charge both whilst it is being charged or when it is charging your device. When not in use the display is off but moving the device causes the display to light up showing the current level of charge. After some two weeks the charge level still appears to be full.
In practice it easily recharged my iPhone 6 a couple of times from a very low battery level. It is capable of recharging almost any device that requires a USB charger from GPS trackers to iPads. How many times it can achieve this will depend on the device in question. Overall highly recommended!
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on 13 December 2015
I received my Anker battery a couple of weeks ago. After less than brilliant performance from it I was dealing with Anker support.

Their support is brilliant. They've been quick to respond and very friendly. The end result is that I have a new device that is working perfectly. Anybody can have a faulty unit. That's acceptable. What they do when you receive the faulty unit to resolve the issue is what makes the difference to the customer. I'd recommend Anker to anybody looking for a battery.

The unit itself is very neat. It's compact and tidy. I bought it with the aim of giving me at least one extra full charge on my phone when I'm travelling. So it'll do that easily.
It's very easy to use. Use your standard phone charger to charge it up. When you want to charge your USB device just plug it in to the battery. There's a big white indicator which shows the amount of battery left. So that's it. It does exactly what it says on the tin.
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on 15 April 2016
I love this. I have a new Samsung Galaxy S7 which doesn't have the capability of swapping out the battery, unlike my old S5. There are many size options, but I like this one as it has a nice balance between charge capacity and size/weight. We have one of the larger ones that can charge multiple devices, but is quite large for carrying around. This one is perfect for shoving in a bag, knowing that you can completely recharge your phone on it. It doesn't come with a wall charger, but you should be able to use the one that comes with your phone. A protective carrying bag and cable are provided.
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on 7 May 2016
Really nice quality charger, feels really nice, like a matt black finish, but it gets greasy easily from finger prints. Ive owned a 5200 power anker product before so this one is even better. It comes almost fully charged and takes about 8 hours to charge it from empty. It charged my samsung galaxy s6 from 0 to 100% in about 2 hours. It still had 40% battery left in the charger and charged my phone to 40% full after that. The only downsides are that it cant charge your phone while its being charged, but i knew that already, but also the "shake to wake" battery display sensor is extreamly sensitive, it must be a ball bearing sensor as i can hear a rattle when i shake it, and the light shines constantly. Even if i walk and just hold it steady in my hand the light still shows. And when it is charging your phone the light stays on aswell, just makes me think that energry would have been better off charging my phone instead of constantly displaying how well its doing.
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on 22 August 2016
Having become a frequent traveler and loving my tech gadgets I decided to invest in a portable power bank to avoid the otherwise inevitable dead phone at the end of the day.

Why did I choose this particular one?
Anker is a well known brand for power banks and having done some research online it was clear that they have a good reputation in this area.
I had initially considered buying a cheaper alternative from another source but the battery capacity for budget power banks are usually incorrect.
I wanted something with a decent power capacity but something that could easily fit in my pocket and not feel like I was carrying a power generator around with me!
2.0A power output is a must. Anything with 1.0A will struggle to charge a device that is currently in use and would be very slow to charge if it did.

First impressions?
The packaging was worth the money alone! Very well presented box with a very premium look to it.
The powerbank itself continues the premium appearance and the matte finish was a pleasant surprise which should stop annoying finger prints.
It feels very well made, easily fits in my pocket and is night and light.

The power bank comes with a USB cable which allows you to connect it to a USB charger / PC (to charge the power bank) or you can turn it around and use it to charge another device. You can also plug another USB cable into the powerbank if your device requires a different sized USB connector.
It also comes with a handy carry bag which holds the powerbank and the USB cable.

It features a circular LED on the top with approximately 7 sections which light up to give you an indication to how much charge is left. This is turned on by 'shaking' the device. It can be a little trial and error to get it to work. Occasionally it randomly goes off when it's sat on my desk from a slight nudge, yet wont come on if I am flinging it about like a glow stick at a rave... There seems to be a very precise 'wiggle' to activate it.

Overall it has been a brilliant product. I find it usually charges my S7 about 3 times before I need to recharge (although my battery is only about 60% at the end of the day)
In theory, a fully flat S7 would get charged fully once and a bit.

I have also used it to charge my tablet which worked perfectly also.

Don't skimp on the cost of a cheap powerbank. Spend a few extra pounds and get something decent and reputable.
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on 11 January 2016
Just received this in the post now in good packaging and arrived on time. I bought it to charge My Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and it works fine (looking at it charge My phone right now). It arrived with 70% charge in it already which is brilliant! You can tell how much charge it has by the circular light (you can see in the picture).
It has a good weight to it and You can tell it is a very good quality product.
All of the reviews in here have given Me confidence in buying this as My first power bank, and I need it for when I go away for a few days later in the week.
I haven't used it long enough to really say as it's only just arrived but I'm sure this product won't let Me down. Great price for the product. I would Definitely Recommend this.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 March 2013
[This review is for the Anker® Astro 5600mAh Backup External Battery Pack Charger with built-in Flashlight for Apple: iPad mini]

My wife has just got an iPad Mini and I wanted something that could power/charge that and her Blackberry. Please note, that as stated in the product description, the iPad Mini 'Lightning' cable is not supplied.

I bought the Astro 5600mAh as it seemed a good trade off between weight and capacity. To that end, it works very well. In fact, some of work colleagues are now also planning to get one.

We haven't done a proper test to see how many times it can charge a Blackberry phone or iPad Mini but she is very happy with it.

The flashlight is a bit weak but good enough to find a keyhole in the dark or locate something at the bottom of bag in a poorly lit room.

I do however have two criticisms which is why I couldn't award it 5 stars:

1) The cable that is used to connect the battery to the power source is also the cable that is used to connect the battery to the Blackberry. As it is only a USB to Micro USB cable, this isn't a major issue but given how many devices use Micro USB now, it would have been nice to have.

2) Re-charging the battery after use seems quite slow. I realise that different chargers may produce different results but I have tried it with the AmazonBasics Wall Charger (2.1A) and a Blackberry Playbook Charger (2A). Looking at it simplistically, one might expect a 2 Amp charger to recharge a 5.6AH battery in under 3 Hours. However, we have now recharged the battery several times from just over half full and it consistently takes in excess of 4 hours. If I can muster up the enthusiasm, I will run it 'flat' and then time how long it takes to recharge but my guess is it will be in the region of 10 hours.

I accept that neither of these issues are show stoppers but I would have preferred it if there was also something like a 12V charging socket on it (as well the the micro USB) to allow fast charging from the mains.
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on 5 March 2014
Having read through numerous reviews of different products, this seemed to be the best choice for an iphone 4 backup/charger.

First impressions were excellent - the item feels substantial and well made, and nice touches like a useful protective bag being included, numerous connectors (less as noted in many other reviews a lightening connector) all for under £20 seems like amazing value for money.

The first few uses were problem free, and helped keep my phone charged whilst off the beaten track and that was more than worth the purchase price.

The problems started not long after purchase, when travelling in sub zero weather in the UK. When plugging in the phone it would charge for a couple of seconds, then stop for a couple of seconds then start again and keep repeating that cycle. The phone was not at fault and I worried that damage could be caused by the stop/start charging. I tried a number of options including new cables etc but without luck. Though I could not be absolutely certain I put the fault down to the very cold weather, but I was no longer confident to still use this routinely.

Anker customer service responded unprompted to my review and replaced the unit - this time with a slightly different model to the one I had bought, including being packed with different accessories. As at Mar 2015 I see that the photo of the item has been changed to a third design, so it seems Anker are changing the product quite often; hopefully later purchasers will have more luck with theirs.

In summary, this is a great idea but did not prove reliable in cold conditions.
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