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on 8 January 2017
Just 2 days more than a year since I purchased this device. During that time it has been used occasionally. I would agree that the charging process and requirement is the biggest downfall. It never seems to be charged when you want to use it and does take quite a while to charge. Over Christmas I decided to rig up permanent USB connection so that it was always available. 48 hours in an the device appears to be dead and impossible to switch on.
My advice is to spend a little more and get one which is designed to be powered unless you are after something really tiny.
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VINE VOICEon 15 February 2015
I got this tiny Bluetooth receiver to use at work to stream audio from my phone to a Aiwa unit via it's Aux input function and it works fine.

The JUSTOP unit is simple to pair with any Bluetooth device and can be used for headphone or as a Aux device, it's also great for portable speakers that don't have Bluetooth built in. This device is charged via a USB port or in my case a mains USB charger, I'm using an old Nokia charger that has a USB output, charging time is a claimed 3 hours but took longer. Build quality looks a little flimsy but for the price paid I'm not complaining.

I got around 8 hours use out of the device before having to charge it for the first time, I'm hoping it will last a little longer next time.

There is no volume controls on this device, you use the volume control on your phone/tablet, the power button doubles up as a pause button if needed.

Included with the JUSTOP device are a short 3.5mm socket to 2 phono plugs (used for connecting to an AUX input on an audio unit) a 3.5mm to 3.5mm extension socket (used for connecting headphones).

First impression of this device are very good, the sound is crisp and clear with good range.

Simple easy set-up and does the job intended.
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on 24 October 2015
Very useful device, with handy additional extras.
The applications I use this for allow me to update my stereo's to Bluetooth without spending many £'s on replacing them just for one simple feature.
Crisp clear signal. Although I haven't checked the claimed 10m range it has certainly covered 5-6m without issue.
Setup was very straight forward, and it pairs to the last known device automatically. Switching device is simply a matter of repeating the startup procedure.
I have one very minor gripe (certainly not worth a loss of star) which is that the blue LED flashes very brightly, which at night forces me to get up and turn it off instead of drifting off to sleep with my favourite music.
It has had an unexpected use with my travel speakers too, meaning I can attach it to them and still use my phone wire free.
So, no issues so far. Very pleased.
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on 13 December 2015
I'm quite impressed with the performance of this adaptor.
After my iPod stopped working I tried connecting my phone to the car stereo but it wouldn't connect as the cable/jack was too large with a cover on the phone. A replacement cable didn't help an I didn't want to go to the cost of a new iPod.
So it works well, get's my music onto the car stereo or onto an external speaker.
But there's a problem...
The power for the adaptor is a non-standard cable with a tiny coaxial coupler going onto a tiny pin. This device would be excellent with a phone or micro USB slot instead of the coax.
I hate to think how long it's going to last befor that charging pin gets pushed out of place, I doubt it will be long. And if the power cable gets damaged, where could you get a replacement?
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on 4 April 2016
Does what it says on the tin ( to misappropriate an advertising slogan from about 20 years ago ). Main use case - connecting a great set of wired noise-cancelling headphones wirelessly, via Bluetooth, to my iPhone - or to my Samsung TV, to which I have connected another Amazon-procured Bluetooth transmitter / sender.

Out of the box, charged up via USB, I started the Bluetooth pairing process ( by holding down the power button until the light flashed blue/red ) and then picked it from my iPhone's Bluetooth device - listed as BTR006.

I'm now listening to a podcast from the iPhone. With the white earbuds plugged into this Bluetooth receiver rather into the iPhone 😎

Nice 😎 and simple 🌞
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on 14 October 2013
its tiny and neat and pairs easily with the Iphone 4, and the Samsung Galaxy note 2 & 3 I have. it does all this easily.

Its not without faults, or my example wasnt others may differ. It pops and cracks very loudly when switching tracks on the phone/tablet but this can be forgiven given the price and saving of buying a newer hifi. Its not usable if playing at house party levels though as the pop could blow a speaker but elsewhere its just midly irritating.

sound quality wise, yes its drops in every department (if your into proper hifi) but the convenience keeps it in use. Its kind of a drop from say; listening to the radio vs a CD.

Our Arcam Solo mini or Anthem MRX AV amp both do do everything we require but lack this nice-to-have feature. Both Cars(Honda & VW) have 3.5mm line inputs and a OEM bluetooth module would be around £150-300 once fitted.
This tiny box is easily transferred from each place with no fuss. So there you go, it gives wireless audio functionality to most 3.5mm or phono-in music players at a good price.

Tip: put the sending device audio high for best dynamic performance at the receiver end, (I think the volume control in the unit is by clipping the frequency which makes the audio very dull and lifeless).
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on 13 November 2015
This item was purchased to allow a Bluetooth connection to my shiny new internet radio!

Before purchasing, one thing I couldn't figure out is why the 'AmazonBasics Bluetooth Audio Receiver' (which are usually, as the name implies, a good but basic version of a product) was and is being sold for more money than this product.

Having received this I can only assume it's because AmazonBasics version doesn't produce sound similar to a 1980's magnetic tape recording, as this product does.

From the number of positive reviews I can only assume that many people have purchased this item for in car use, which, with plenty of background noise, I'm sure is fine. However when used at home with half decent amp and speaker setup the sound quality is dreadful.

Having said that, connection to my phone was very easy and the battery life seems good.

I'll try the AmazonBasics model and hopefully see an improvement in the audio quality.
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on 2 March 2015
Works well once connected, no problem with the sound quality either. The device does need to be prodded each and every time it's required to connect though so it can't be concealed too much out of the way anywhere, this being to save power when the device is running from it's internal battery, which it does for a surprisingly long time (i've clocked up 2 or 3 hours with no ill effects and still not reached the bottom of the battery). This device would be pretty much perfect if it were made to remain active whilst connected to external power (5V using the supplied USB cable) and switch to 'pairing' mode whenever a connection is lost. Even so, given it's diminutive size and prodigious battery life I have to forgive it these minor inconveniences.
P.S. Great fun to take to the pub to enable impromptu music takeovers - just hand to the barstaff for connection to the pub sound system, sit back and enjoy the eclectic diversity of the pub's collective phone contents!
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on 5 January 2016
I have an old stereo in my car, but it does have an aux input, so I bought this in the hope that I could link it via bluetooth to my mobile phone to get some tunes on the go. I have to say, it works like a charm. It can take a little while to pick up the signal, and you'll probably want your phone in some kind of dashboard mount to be useful but the sound quality is excellent and I've never had it drop signal.

The one issue I have is that the attached cable is a little flimsy - perhaps if it had been contained in the housing as a kind of all-in-one plug that would have worked better for me. It's nothing a bit of velcro won't fix - I can then take it in to recharge every few weeks.
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on 2 December 2015
Much smaller than I thought and hides away nicely under my armrest where the AUX plug and power is. Took me about 30 seconds to get up and running. The sound quality is excellent, just as good as plugging the phone directly in to the AUX port.
My only gripes and so the 4 star review is, because it's tucked away you can't answere the phone easily. Also when I come back to the car and switch the car on the unit doesn't connect to my phone until I reconnect on my phone. I thought as soon as the unit was in range it would connect automatically.
On the plus side I have been using it plugged into my AUX in on my computer speakers at work and playing my music through them.
Great little bit of kit.
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