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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 1 February 2012
I absolutely love Futurama no doubt about it! I quote it often on a daily basis!
So after the success of the 4 movies and continuous pressure from fans to bring it back Futurama has returned with great gusto!

What I love about the new Futurama is how the writers drop references and characters from earlier episodes back into these new episodes, showing a great deal of care and genuine affection they have for the franchise. My personal highlights of this Season 5 boxset have to be 'The Prisoner of Benda', 'Lethal Inspection', 'Proposition Infinity' and 'The Late Philip J. Fry', very clever episodes for the true diehard fans such as myself. I'm not surprised 'The Prisoner of Benda' was nominated for an Emmy. And Bender dressed up as Leela at Comic Con 3010 declaring himself 'Every nerd's fantasy' is the highlight of the whole box set. Plus Matt Groening and the writers poking fun at Futurama being cancelled with their 'new' series Futurella!
Futurama has definitely still got it!

I must go now. I feel like I'm coming down with a case of 'Circusitis'. What's this you ask? Just buy this box set! Simple.

Bring on Season 6! Hail Futurama!
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on 29 December 2011
After around seven years off the air after a premature cancelation and four great (If sometimes lacking...) specials, Futurama, the best western animation that has ever been created, finally returns to our screens as an actually serial series, and it is about time!

As some have commented, this set technically includes the first 13 episodes of Series 6, but in the UK it seems to be known as Series 5. In America it seems that the specials Bender's Big Score - Into The Wild Green Yonder are classed as Series 5, whiles here in the UK, Series 6a is being considered Series 5. Bit confusing, but if the next 13 episodes are classed as Series 6 it should get us back on track with the US!

What impresses the most about this series is how quickly the show has regained its spirit. The majority of episodes are absolutely wonderful, being both funny and skilfully written. Highlights of Series 5 include the touching The Late Philip J. Fry, which rightly won an Emmy; Proposition Infinity, which is a wonderful satire of the ridicules same-sex rows, and the crazy and fun The Prisoner of Benda, which contains a wonderfully heart-breaking scene, featuring Scruffy of all people! The best of the lot however is Lethal Inspection. It is one of the best ever episodes of the entire series in general, being both hilarious and emotionally touching at the same time as Bender discovers his own fragile mortality. Fellow fans of Jurassic Bark and Leela's Homeworld (My favourite episode) will love it!

Despite the high quality of the episodes, there are some episodes, such as In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela (Could they give the Zap/Leela thing a break now? Please? It was funny the first four series, but now I would love it if they wrapped it up a bit...) and the wasteful The Duh-Vinci Code, which fail to stand-up with the rest in terms of quality. But this is only a small complaint in a series that constantly impressed.

One of the strengths of Futurama has always been the characters, who, despite being one-eyed, robots and crab-like, have always felt very real and engaging compared to certain other animations (Yes, I'm looking at you Seth...) and I am glad to say that in this series the Planet Express team are as wonderful as always. They continue to evolve and expand through great writing and voice acting from the still-original cast. One of the surprises this series offers is the unlikely team-ups of characters, which allows us to see sides of their personality's we had yet to glimpse. The best example is Hermes and Benders joining up in Lethal Inspection, but other great team ups include Bender and Amy, Amy and Nibble and Zoidberg with Cubert.

The special features on the disks include wonderful commentaries on each and every episode, featuring the gods that are Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, along with various voice actors, producers and many others (Given the number of people participating in the commentaries, I'm surprised they can fit in to one room!) As usual, these commentaries are great fun to listen too while being informative and interesting at the same time. Also included is a live read-through of the episode The Prisoner of Benda (Which shows that the cast do have a great time reading the scripts), a music video featuring Bender and a comic written by Fry himself! There is at least one Easter Egg hidden within the menus too. While these features are more than enough, it would have been nice to see some actual interviews with the cast and crew, given how the commentaries can sometimes fly by.

The Collector's Edition contains the 13 episodes on both DVD and Blu-Ray and comes with a well-designed T-shirt (Sized Large) and a wonderful script book of the episode The Late Philip J. Fry, which I personally think justifies the higher price.

It is fair to say that with a series this great Futurama is not only back, but it is back to stay for a long while yet (Series 7 has been confirmed!) and I for one think the world is a slightly better place because of it.
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on 15 June 2011
I love FUTURAMA. I've watched the classic episodes a bazillion times on SKY and have yet to grow tired of them. So after viewing the rather disappointing specials, I was really worried that the FUTURAMA writers had lost their touch. Thankfully, my fears were unwarranted. FUTURAMA is back and in terms of quality, hasn't missed a beat since its foolish cancellation by FOX in 2003. And who cares if SKY won't carry it? I'm quite happy to watch it on DVD and enjoy all the extras you get with said. COMEDY CENTRAL have already renewed this great show for another two seasons so lets all hope it runs for a lot longer than it did in its first incarnation. Long live FUTURAMA!
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VINE VOICEon 18 February 2011
13 episodes over 2 DVD's. The story continues straight from the cliffhanger ending of the last movie.
A very funny series that is more in keeping with the series humour rather than the films which didn't seem to sustain it.
The states is currently the place to get them. Expect a few weeks wait, but patience will be rewarded.
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on 15 August 2011
I've just received the discs today (not played the discs yet), and the thing that surprises me is the cardboard packaging. I don't like cardboard as it can more easily scratch the discs when they are slid in and out, compared to the plastic cases. Also the packaging just looks cheap compared to the other Futurama DVD products I have (all box sets and all the films).

Still, up until now I've been watching the series on Sky (at last...!) and it seems up to standard - in other words, it's good stuff! I look forward to watching the rest of the episodes without Sky's interminable advertising breaks and What's Coming Up Next stuff. That's the advantages of a Region-free DVD player, which is why I buy the box sets etc in the first place.

Hoping this Series/Season 5 gets a proper UK/European release very soon so more can enjoy the continuing adventures of the Planet Express guys.
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VINE VOICEon 14 March 2012
First, I need to say that this doesn't seem to be Season 5. It appears that Futurama (like Family Guy) is not released on DVD or Blu Ray in broadcast order. There are 13 episodes in this set, but it's not strictly "Season 5".

I hated Futurama when it first started. I was so excited for the first few episodes but it got boring after that, trying to coast by mainly on its irreverence while almost never expanding the range of characters. By Season 5, The Simpsons had a huge range of supporting characters, but Futurama rarely introduces new people. After a 5-year hiatus the show returned with 4 feature-length adventures before Comedy Central relaunched the show, this time not pandering to a young Simpsons audience, and it's much, much better.

With a few small hitches (mainly scenes involving Mr. Burns clone 'Mom') Season 5 (or what passes for it) features highly intelligent, sharp writing, loads of snappy dialogue, and some heartwarming moments. Even Hermes Conrad, a character I previously disliked, has improved. I just love his ludicrous catchphrases ('Sweet Kangaroo of Katmandu', 'Sweet Orca of Majorca').

Futurama has gotten better, a lot better. It's not a rival to The Simpsons yet, but the show can only get better and better if they keep this up.

Now animated in HD, the show is presented in 1.78:1 1080p with DTS HD-MA sound and loads of great extras. You absolutely must buy this.
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on 16 April 2012
I've read comment saying oh it only has 13 episodes and it's not really season 5, it's just half of season 6. Well first of all they're idiots because it shows on the picture of the cover that there are 13 new episodes and season 5 was really all the movies but Comedy Central decided to split season 6 in half and call the first half Season 5 and the second half will be released as season 6 (hope I'm making sense). Anyway, all that out of the way just want to say that this Blu-ray is amazing, the picture and sound is great. The episodes are just as good as the others. Overall a great set for any Futurama fans!
review image review image review image
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on 24 September 2012
I was worried this wouldn't work on my UK (region 2 DVD player) setup since it's NTSC and not PAL, but it plays absolutely fine, the only difference being that the screen size/resolution is smaller than we're used to in the UK - so basically you get a black border around the screen while you're watching it.

This was fixed for me by adjusting my TV setting to the '16:9 zoom' setting that it has, where it basically just zooms the picture in a bit so the border is hidden. I guess that makes the resolution a bit more blurry but it looked fine to me.

So basically - if you're worried it won't work on your normal UK setup, don't worry.
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on 15 January 2012
Well worth the wait. The second generation in our household have always preferred Futurama to The Simpsons and could never understand why Futurama was given the boot. Thank goodness someone had sense and here we have Season 5. Both my Husband and I are in our late 50's and love Futurama. Roll on Season 6.
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on 15 January 2015
finally got to see the newer seasons of futurama as i love this show! personally the first 4 seasons were better but i'm glad to see one of my favourites shows back. i didn't even know they made a new series of it on comedy central until recently so i decided to buy it as i didn't get the channel until christmas. glad i bought it though!
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