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Customer Reviews

3.1 out of 5 stars
3.1 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
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on 5 August 2012
It all seemed promising, a wide ranging pirate based game, where could it fail?

Well, the graphics seemed slightly familiar until it dawned on me that they reminded me of the delivery guys from the Dire Straights video for 'Money for Nothing' (ask your parents). The NPC acting is weak and bizarrely animated and the sound gives no clues to what's happening in the environment.

The 'quests' are simplistic, unchallenging and repetitive and it seems that you can complete them without actually being aware there was a quest to complete. Flotsam, anyone?

Also, a game set on islands with only an occasional rowing boat to use seems a little churlish. Let me, at least, swim if I can't have command of a ship.

For a game studio to release this when Skyrim has been out for nine months either shows how far ahead it is or how unfinished a game can be and still secure a release.

The extra star is for the pirates. You can't completely hate a game with pirates in.

Or monkeys.

One star each for monkeys and pirates.

Save your money and keep playing Skyrim.
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on 5 September 2013
First off, this game like most RPGs is very addictive and very hard to put down. This is a mixed game with some aspects working quite well but there is a lot that lets it down. Set in a very Pirates of The Carribean-esque world of swashbucklers, carribean ports, evil curses, voodoo tribes in jungles, sea monsters (including a Kraken) and of course great big ships. Within a few minutes of playing you will think this is a 2006-2008 game with graphics and gameplay not quite as good as the first DragonAge. However, this game was released in 2012! You would think the studio would be ashamed to release a game that looks 6 years behind the current trend. But it is not just the look sadly. Gameplay is so glitchy and buggy, camera angles in cutscenes are often rubbish and it freezes pretty regularly.
Now all RPGs are principally characters and story driven and this is a problem also. Our protagonist is out to kill the evil MARA and has to hunt down various relics in order to do it. First big problem is that MARA has done nothing evil to the protagonist. She's upset his bosses and killed a relative of a friend but the protagonist actually has no relationship and no real motivation with the villain. The protagonist is not personally invested in this epic quest so why should the gamer be?
Other problems include no naval combat or gameplay whatsoever, traveling by boat is just choosing a destination followed by a cutscene. The final boss is a joke how easy it is and although it is quite hard at the start you can figure out the best layout and upgrades that make the game pretty simple from then on. Your decisions have very little affect beside one companion choice and none of the characters have any real arcs.
It isn't all bad news, the music is good on the rare occassions when it kicks in and the dialogue though often filthy is quite entertaining. Some of the characters you meet are quite fun, you can possess people with voodoo and you can play as a monkey and sneak into windows. Skills can be upgraded at a decent pace and if you change your outfit it will be changed in the cutscenes. It is very addictive and the combat though too simple is quite fun. The biggest problem in my opinion is that it requires an investment of a lot of your time but the gameplay and story when it is all over isn't nearly as rewarding as a Mass Effect or DragonAge. Honestly, although it has some redeeming features I would advise avoiding this game as you can spend the time on other RPGs and have a much more rewarding experience.
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on 12 August 2013
Risen 2 has been slated by some and I think wrongly. When you first start to play it is a very hard game, everything will kill you very easily and some of the tasks seem very hard but persevere and after around 10 hours of play you will find yourself capable of doing anything asked of you and you will start to enjoy this title,then you start realise what a fun game this is!. OK it's not Skyrim and it does have alot of very bad language but who cares!, it's funny and enjoyable and something slightly different. It's on sale for around £12 so well worth buying..Oh and you'll either love or hate your Gnome.
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on 6 August 2012
So Risen 2 an open world rpg free roam game .... i was very excited for this game and after playing it im slighty dissapointed .... the graphics are decent ,the gameplay is boring early on and gets better as the game goes on ..... the thing i have the biggest problem with is the frame rate , as you move the camera it sort of laggs , also the load times are pretty long and the cut scenes need fixing , all in all its a very unique rpg experience that needs polishing ..... i recommend waiting for a price drop , but if you want a pretty long rpg that will keep your intrest i recommend buying it , after all its a big rpg pirate game !
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on 6 November 2013
Great game. Like a lite version of skyrim. It is a bit hard when you start off but it does get easier. The boss battles are easier than fighting the pirates. One of the few games that I liked that much I completed it
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on 6 April 2013
Graphics are average, voice acting average. Appears they tried to get as much swearing in as possible when making this, which is a bit silly. Takes a really long time to progress and level up. If you get lost you will inevitably end up somewhere where the monsters are way too difficult to kill, or way too easy. You can wander around for ages sometimes and see no other living creature, hence grinding is very difficult. Visually similar to Two Worlds Two. Very rare that I give up on a game, but gave it 20+ hours and half the time didn't have a clue what was going on. Very slow, very boring. And I don't like killing monkeys.
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on 9 July 2013
Ok the graphics are rubbish the voice acting is bad. However you can teach a monkey too go through windows and unlock doors, and if thats not great you can do voodoo which in my book makes up for all the faults and glitches! :) The Chair Be High, Says I!
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on 22 September 2014
Rough around the edges but a worthwhile RPG purchase.
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on 9 January 2015
abit of a pain to get into but still kinda fun :)
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on 16 April 2015
How is this game worse than the original?
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