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on 22 August 2012
Great little product. Most of us don't have super-fast broadband to download new software and even then most manufacturers provide it on a DVD. With ultrabooks and netbooks among the fastest selling types of computer, this really is an oversight when they are sold without DVD drives.

This little device is almost essential if you have any software on CD/DVD and/or want to backup data or media from your portable device. It runs straight off of the USB socket so no external power supply needed. It's fast and quiet. Shame you have to buy these but for the price, I don't think you can go wrong.
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on 27 March 2012
I bought the Samsung SE-208 as a replacement for a DVD player I had been using for my netbook which had gone bust. It is light, looks good and works very well. On the other hand it does not appear to be very sturdy, with most of it appearing to be made of plastic. The other thing that struck me is that the player requires two USB ports, presumably due to power requirements. This isn't something I have come across before- I don't really mind, but the USB plugs only have an inch of cable between them and unless you have two side-by-side USB ports you will need an extension.

My machine has not yet seen a huge ammount of use, and as you will have gathered from my thoughts above my views so far are mixed. Personally of all the concerns I have, the one that bothers me most is durability. My netbook sees a lot of travel so time will tell if this machine will last.
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on 27 June 2012
I bought this having replaced the DVD drive in my laptop with a drive bay adapter so I could add a 2nd hard drive but I still wanted a convenient solution for the rare occasions I need to use optical media.

This drive is certainly neat and portable - barely larger than the disc tray with a neat curved form - mostly in matte black plastic but with the top surface in that "piano black" that seems specially designed to show off finger prints to maximum effect :)

The unit is very simple - aside from various logos there are the obvious eject button, activity light and pin hole for a manual eject on the front of the tray and at the back a single mini USB port for data transfer and power.

It is supplied with a cable which has dual USB connectors at the PC end and the mini USB at the other to connect in to the device. My experience is that you only need to use one USB connection on my laptop but for lower powered USB ports you have the option to plug into two ports at once to supply the juice.

The kit is supplied with a CD with a "lite" version of Nero for all your burning needs and an electronic version of the manual, and a paper quick start guide which given the simplicity of the setup is something of a insult to the intelligence!

So far the drive has proven to be quiet and reliable, reading everything thrown at it and happily burning dual layer DVDs and a couple of audio CDs.

For the price its a well made and designed little unit.
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on 9 August 2012
I recently purchased an Asus Ultrabook, which of course doesn't have an optical drive. Although it's increasingly possible to do without one, there is just the odd occasion when you really, really need it. Hence this purchase. I wanted to get something functional, that's not rubbish, spending as little money as possible. I'm totally satisfied with the choice of this unit in this regard. Some points to note:

- It is only an 8x drive, so if you're used to ripping CDs on your laptop or desktop with a 40x times drive you'll really notice the lack of speed. But that's what you get with USB only power - you won't find a faster one.

- You may need to use either 1 or 2 USB outlets depending on your laptop's ability to supply power (the supplied cable has a Y connection with two USB plugs). With an older machine it's very likely you'll need to plug them both in. If you need 2 they'll need to be right next to each other. If they're positioned like they are on my old Sony laptop (one on each side of the machine) you'll have to purchase an additional USB extension cable. My new Asus UX32A laptop has a high power USB socket for charging devices, so I'm able to get away with just using one outlet. YMMV

- The case is 'piano black'. It will get covered in fingerprints and show scratches easily. I don't care - it spends the majority of its time in a drawer out of sight, not on a display shelf.

- The case is reasonably solid but does have a bit of flex when the drawer is open. I've found a couple of times that when I have my fingers resting on the top of it as I try to close the drawer it stops it closing.

The unit is AV capable - I haven't tried this as I don't have a compatible TV. It connects via USB - there isn't a video output or anything like that. According to the instructions you need to switch in into AV mode by opening the tray and then pushing the eject button twice with the tray open. If you do want it for this purpose I guess it's important to check the manual/website of the TV manufacturer first to check it will work.

In summary: It's well priced, and it does what I wanted as an occasional use companion device for a laptop with no optical drive.
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on 22 June 2013
I needed a replacement DVD reader/burner for my IMac. No, not because it's one of those swanky new models without a DVD drive, rather my older IMac's drive simply stopped reading/burning DVDs with its built in "Superdrive". My experience suggests the name is not entirely accurate. Rather than sending it off to be replaced, I thought it would be quicker and easier to try out an external DVD reader. Step up the Samsung drive, which connects to your PC/Mac via USB (the cable is supplied). Without going into excessive detail, the reader is in my experience almost silent when reading DVDs, and a bit louder when writing. It's slim, and feels sturdy and in my opinion excellent for the price. It does everything I want it to.

A word of caution - if indeed you are after an external DVD reader/writer, I would avoid Apple's Apple USB SuperDrive. Not only is it hugely overpriced, if it is in any way similar to the device they put in their older model of IMacs, I have little faith that it will continue to work for longer than a few months. I could have been unlucky with my experience of it of course, but reading online this seems to be a problem that many people have. Whether it's the same for their standalone external drive I could not say.

There's really little else to say about this Samsung DVD drive; I am very happy with the purchase and does exactly what it claims.
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on 10 July 2015
This drive works well if you're using it with Windows 7 or perhaps Vista but I found that Windows 8 had problems with it. Initially it wasn't recognised at all, then I installed VLC and Real player. It was recognised after installing the software and would play a commercial film but if I tried to use it for my own video files then it would play a few minutes, then it would say that the files were corrupted. I bought this DVD drive as it said it was Windows 8 compatible, however, that was not my experience and so I sent it back for a refund. I know it works well with Win 7 as I tried it with my other PC but I was disappointed that it didn't function properly with Win 8.
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on 20 November 2012
I have a DELL which is just outside of the guarantee & the DVD/CDRW stopped working so I looked around (DELL for repair & replacement is crazy prices) & then I thought I would look on here to find an external replacement which I am very pleased to say is this Samsung item.
The first one that Amazon sent did not work but this is a credit to Amazon as I filled out the on line returns form & 2 days later my Samsung replacement arrived so top marks to Amazon for customer care.
I have only used it a little bit this morning but I have to say it works really well & there are no problems with it working with the Cyberlink DVD 9 software on the lap top.
It is a slim unit but not so slim you would think it to be flimsy but feels well made & I am very happy with it as I know that some of these External Drives can make such a noise that it can become tedious & annoying but this is silent.
I would recommend this as to allot of the other choices as it is made by Samsung so you are assured of experience & functionality that a market big company as this provides in their product.
With this I also got Nero 10 software for burning discs etc.
Very happy with Amazon & this purchase.
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on 19 October 2014
My daughter got a new lap top and it didn't have a dvd disk drive so had to get one so we could put micro soft word on it, I checked it out on the site and it came up at £16. something but i did not buy it then and went back the next day to get it and found it had gone up to £23. had to get it but was not very happy at all as i have found that other times i have looked at a product and then gone back to buy it and it has gone up, is this a thing with amazon that if they know you have looked at something they then put it up. But apart from that the disk drive is great and was fast to come
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on 25 October 2012
This is a great little portable DVD player for netbooks or servers without internal DVD drives. Initially I had issues getting the drive bay to release for the first time, but this was due to the underside catching on the surface it was placed on and becoming stuck. The clearance is actually quite low so its something to be aware of when using this drive. After a moment carefully releasing the door, the DVD drive released and I have had no problems with its operation since.

I've used this DVD reader so far for one of my HP Microservers which does not have a internal DVD drive (replaced with a SATA Hard Drive enclosure). Its sometimes more convenient to use a physical DVD disc of software etc. rather than having to use another machine to create an ISO and then mount it to the server through virtual discs.

The drive itself is simply plug in the USB cable and your done, no driver installation is needed. The drive itself is powered by its USB cable and does not need to have any other external power, with this in mind the USB cable has two USB port ends. In most cases you only need one, but for machines that provide low power to each single USB port you may be required to use both for adequate power.

Overall the drive is thin, light and portable that makes perfect for its price. Reads disc perfectly and does its job.
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on 8 November 2012
The CD tray on my Mac Pro is jammed and I cannot burn data for my business. The Mac shop said 7-10 days to fit a new one and not cheaply, also I need to drive a 60 mile round trip and lose the use of my Mac potentially all that time.
I took a chance on this and it does what it says on the box. It has 2 usb's which need to be plugged in one is for power and one is for transferring data (this prevents 5 stars rating, it would be great if one USB could access power and transfer data simultaneously)
I plugged it in and my Mac finder instantly discovered it, I-tunes opened straight away and now I am ripping and burning data faster than the Mac Pro optical drive did. No need for the software disc as it has Nero on it which I don't need.
It is flimsy and light as a feather, but its works just great, lets see how long before it packs in as I rip and burn data every day so
watch this space.
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