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on 7 April 2016
The CDP-120 digital piano has been a success, it fulfilled the requirement and but the keyboard action is a bit clunky and noisy compared to a real piano, and it’s not quite as good as a similar slightly more expensive Yamaha model.

Our CDP-120 was bought for my 9 year old son in December 2014. He’d been learning keyboard at school and wanted to learn the piano at home with a weekly piano lesson. We considered several digital pianos and it came down to a choice between the Casio CDP-120 and the more expensive Yamaha P35. We wanted a full size keyboard with piano feel but didn’t want to spend too much.

After reading the reviews and seeing a Casio digital piano demonstrated at a local school we bought the Casio. We also purchased the Casio CS-44PC5 stand which is specifically designed for the CDP-120. Overall it’s been a success. The construction quality is excellent, the sound is good, it’s easy to adjust the settings and with the stand it’s at just the right height and comfortable to play. My son has progressed well (taking Grade 1 in summer 2016). As a piece of furniture and permanent item in the living room it looks OK.

The “key” issue is the keyboard action. It’s described as a “scaled hammer action weighted piano style” keyboard. It’s a big improvement on a basic synthesiser keyboard, but the action is a bit clunky and noisy and my son prefers the feel of real pianos he’s tried. He’s also since tried similar Yamaha digital pianos and on balance the Yamaha feel is more to his liking. The Yamaha also has a built in metronome and dual keyboard facility (which the piano teacher feels are both useful features), both lacking on the Casio.

With hindsight we probably would have bought the slightly more expensive Yamaha, but for the time being we’re content to continue with the Casio. It’s good, but possibly not quite as good as competitor products.
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on 16 May 2015
The quality of the sound is good, the feeling of the key is quite different from a normal piano. You would have to press harder than normal, even thought you choose the most sensitivity setting. I aslo wish that it would be lighter
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on 18 January 2016
It's a good piano, the volume is not very loud but it does the job.
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on 14 May 2013
i was planning to buy it for myself as christmas gift. it was delivered on time, before christmas. i am completely happy with my new hobby! thank you!
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on 2 May 2012
Received my Casio CDP-120 yesterday after having it on pre-order, and although the box was a little shabby, the keyboard itself is excellent. It has a nice weighted action, as similar to a real piano as I have played on in this price range. The grand piano sound is very nice and sounds rich and clear. The digital piano sound is quite nice, but the others aren't much to my taste, sounding a little too synthetic. This isn't a big problem for me, though, as the USB midi-out is a great little feature that means this interfaces well into the iPad or PC.

It's quite large, as in deep and high, but I guess that's what the scaled weighted action requires.

Overall, I don't think you can find better for the £300 mark in the current market.
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on 14 September 2013
I'm a grade 8 pianist and I bought this because I needed an interim piano for when I'm travelling or when doing gigs. Overall it's a really good purchase - a real step up from my Yamaha (which I previously used for practice whilst travelling). I can quite easily carry it, and I don't exactly have much strength. The sound quality is pretty good too, but even better through headphones. The big turn-on was the weighted keys. This gives it a more realistic feel, but it's still not a replacement for an actual piano.

The CDP-120 doesn't have any recording or playback functions, so bear that in mind if you were planning to use them. However, it can be used as a midi keyboard.

Overall I would highly recommend this keyboard. But if you take piano seriously, it is not a replacement for the real thing.
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on 28 January 2013
The Casio CDP 120 is perfect for my needs. I grew up playing piano and have a real one at my parents' place, but can't fit a full piano at my own place, so decided for this one after reading up on several reviews, and I'm happy with it, as it has the weighed keys like a real piano, and even a pedal. A great buy indeed.
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on 2 August 2016
This was my very first Digital Piano with weighted keys. I can say I love the feeling and weight of the keys, however,​ they were slightly heavier than I would like (Compared to an acoustic grand piano). The pedal included works, however, did not feel made of quality. This is simple to remedy by buying a higher quality pedal.

As a tool for learning piano, I can recommend this for beginners/ intermediate players. The weighted keys are essential to learning.
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on 15 August 2013
I bought this after a bit of shopping around as I have started to learn to play the piano again. It arrived quickly and I am really pleased with it. You can change key and there is a small selection of different sounds (which doesn't matter to me as I only want it to sound like a piano!) Keys are weighted and it feels good to play. the sound quality it great and once i can play more than scales and chopsticks i think it will sound excellent to! I would definatly recommend for the price and it perfect for a beginner like me.
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on 6 July 2017
-The bottom line-
You can't get better for the price. It's perfect for me (a decent level learner) as I don't have room for a real piano, and I like to be able to plug the MIDI into my PC. Perfect for most people, but I can see how higher level players would want a more expensive model.

-The good-
The keys are really nicely weighted, and the grand piano sound is impressively realistic, especially on the low notes. Lovely to play and I like the simple, faff-free design of it.

-The bad-
You do need the volume up a bit to cover the sound of the keys being pressed, which can be distracting, and it doesn't go as loud as I would choose. The touch sensitivity occasionally plays the notes louder/softer than I would expect, but this doesn't happen often enough to be an issue
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