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on 7 August 2013
On first hearing this album more than impresses and demands more play, during which its extra 'layers' come through and work their way into your bones. From the 'happy hearted..' 'hot sand on toes...' on the opening track Old Pine to the darker tones of Black Flies, you are taken on a journey that grabs all your attention. All other CDs in my collection were suddenly of no interest to me whatsoever as I totally indulged myself in this one.
My only little gripe would be the last two tracks, esp. Gracious, which I find a bit dreary and have a bit of a 'tabbed on' feel, to me - but then again, there are moments in them that I do like. Black Flies is the 'black hole' breakup of a failing relationship, with these last two tracks being the 'ghost of you..' aftermath. They end the album with a bit of a whimper but they don't seriously detract from its overall brilliance.
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on 19 January 2015
I bought the standard version shortly befor I bought this one and I was never fully satisfied with the amount of tracks it had then I bought this one that has 6 additional tracks and a dvd that has a load of music videos and live acoustic videos.

The bonus tracks are all unique and show a side to Ben Howard that you don't really see in standard version. You get tracks like I Will Be Blessed and bones that are very slow and mellow, a couple of live performances like Empty Corridors that are fun the listen to and are guaranteed to get your body moving and These Waters and Under The Same Sun that he plays in a very unique way.

All in all perfect album if you want more of Ben Howard.
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on 10 December 2011
I pre-ordered this album after a friend introduced me to "The Wolves" in July. It couldn't have come a moment too soon. I found myself simply sitting in a room listening--doing nothing else, but enjoying the music floating over me. To be frank, I was astonished. I haven't had an album impact me in that way for years.

A few days after receiving the album, I flew to my home country of the United States and spread the joy--to family, friends and a group with whom I was doing yoga-teacher-training. It was loved by all.

I don't see how you could go wrong with this album.
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on 11 October 2012
This album provides everything for someone who wants to relax, smile and sing.

Ben Howard shows his talent throughout the whole album and pushes the boundaries of the genre.

To compare his music to Ed Sheeran's or similar artists would be an insult to him, if you like Ed Sheeran's music buy this, I can guarantee you will like it however I do not feel you will like Ed Sheeran any longer after listening.

A must buy from any fans of any genre not just for people after acoustic sounds.

A real mood lifter.
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on 25 March 2013
What a lovely album! I bought it because I heard The Wolves as a backing track to a video on YouTube and I just had to have it. I'd never heard of Ben Howard before, but I thought I'd get the whole album, rather than buying one track, because I've found that this is often a good way to get introduced to new music. Sometimes this strategy backfires, but not this time! This really is a beautiful album, and while The Wolves is still my favourite track, there really is not one bad piece of music here. Buy it, and you won't be disappointed - he's a brilliant young musician.
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on 19 May 2012
I heard Ben Howard on Jules Holland's "Later" and after just one song, I was so captivated, I went on to Amazon to order the album immediately. Emotional, thoughtful, sometimes gentle, sometimes bursting with energy, every track offers something different.

He's been described as a folk musician, but there is so much variety in the tracks, his songs don't fit neatly into any category. As another reviewer has said, there are echoes of Fleetwood Mac, though the singer he reminds me of most is Damian Rice. But his work isn't in any way derivative. If you want to be soothed, stimulated and moved by turns, buy this album. Within a couple of plays, you'll find the songs are lodged in your memory as if you'd known them forever.
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on 1 June 2012
I purchased this review on the strength of other Amazon reviews and a few listens via Spotify. It's strength is originality backed by a genuine acoustic feel without over-production. Hearfelt songs simply presented and generally uplifting in style. I have given this 5 stars and highly recommend this album, even though I think there is room for further development and I look forward to the next album and live performances. Let's hope Ben remains true to his roots and avoids the trap of over-commercialisation.
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on 29 July 2012
I wasnt quite sure what to expect from a new acoustic-based artist, I thought it might just be a couple of great radio released singles mixed in with some weaker stuff but boy was I wrong. Right from the opening track 'Old Pine' you realise Ben has some serious fingerpicking skills coupled with an incredible and unique voice. He also uses a rather unusual guitar tuning which gives it an atmospheric feel. That said the album also carries a very positive vibe as well as some impressive lyrics and it made it a joy to listen to as a whole.

Stand out tracks for me include; Everything, Old Pine and The Fear.
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on 1 August 2015
This is a magical album. I can listen to it regardless of my mood, as there seems to be something for all emotions on here. It's a very reflective album, deep. Sometimes, I just sit for the hour, listening to the lyrics and layers of instruments. There really are some beautiful songs on there. I particularly like 'Black Flies', 'Diamonds' and 'Only Love'.
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on 8 October 2011
I got this album about a week ago, and have listened to it constantly since. I was attracted to it by the song "The Wolves", I think it is the strongest track on the album,although all the other tracks are of an excellent standard, there are no fillers on this disc and I look forward to hearing more of Ben Howard in the future.
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