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on 12 February 2012
Purchased this after my previous media player went in the bin as was useless, this one is fantastic and a thousand times better, after connecting and sorting out the wi-fi, I then ran through I think two or three automatic firmware updates, the final update seems a lot bigger and got me worried as it sat there for what seemed like ages but eventually finished, and the BBC iPlayer was now available, now we just need players for some other channels here in the UK.

The only real problem I seemed to have was when running through wi-fi.... it could see my computer's and I could download films and stream from the PC, but the reverse way from my computer to the WD TV I could not connect, although it was shown on my network but just would not connect, the idea being (and easier) would be to drag and drop films onto the drive I have connected to the WD TV unit using the computer, the only way I could get this to work was using a network cable and it works perfectly now.

So impressed I will at a later stage buy another one for the TV upstairs and going to invest in a network hardrive (no doubt supplied by Western Digital, also see my review on that) so it will just be the WD TV that is left connected to the TV.

You can also use an app for the iPhone which acts as a remote, well clever but unfortunately for me I cannot get it to work, as have a few other users looking at their reviews in the app store this suddenly started to work ok.

There is also no instruction manual supplied with it, you have to download it from WD's website, another way to save money no doubt... and to print it yourself in colour and over 229 pages would cost a bit of your money!!
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on 12 May 2015
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 17 December 2011
Firstly, despite its greatness as a media player, within a few minutes of owning it, I'd already found a couple of wmv. and flv files that would not play. Now... this is (correct me if wrong please) the fourth generation of these WD Lives, and I've 'upgraded' from a 1st generation WD Live. So, as far as file playing capabilities go, they may well be generations apart but they still have the same file limitations. Progress? Hmmmm, not in all ways it seems. My first gen WD Live didn't play all flv and wmv files either! But... that being said, it would be unfair just to leave it at that - for this latest WD live also is capable of playing internet files from youtube etc. which is, it must be said, a brilliant upgrade from the 1st gen WD Live. There are also a few (puzzle etc.) games thrown in for fun which you can play on your tv. And its very useful network abilities (included with a very recent firmware upgrade is BBC iplayer which works very well, and Netflix as well as youtube, facebook integration etc) is an impressive upgrade over earlier gen WD Lives. Having Windows 7 on any PC, now you can simply play a file to your WD live and it plays on your TV screen. Pretty good, also for the fact that that's also a way to overcome any of the WD's few file limitations - for if it will play on your PC - that at least is a way to get any troublesome file definitely to play on your TV too. Its user interface is completely updated over that of earlier generation WD Lives. Ok, I'm not too sure whether I'm warming to the new interface just yet, but suffice to say it is definitely screaming with more bells and whistles - while remaining user friendly. What's nice is that you can use it as simply or as complicatedly as you like. So, if you don't feel like reading a long manual? No problem, just load up a file, sit back and play.

Quality of playback is every bit as excellent as I'd hoped on those files which *do* play - e.g., avi's including 720p and 1080p, xvids, .mp4, mpeg, dat, and dvd folder files. However I am still not happy that it took me only 5 minutes to find some files which play easily on any computer but which do not play on this unit (unless you've windows 7 and use the "play to" command). Frankly, at this stage, there should be nothing commonly available that this player shouldn't play. Granted it will play some FLV and WMV files - just not all of them, which is a little irritating. Still, that's really a minor nibble and I very happy with this unit as an upgrade to my first gen unit. Also, one minor niggle goes to the PSU - mine was supplied with a continental PSU and a plug was given as an extra in the posted box. Just be careful to examine your box when you receive it and make sure you don't accidentally throw away or lose the supplied plug adapter or you'll be paying around a fiver to replace it. I'll update my review in due course when I've had more experience with it. It is supposed to be able to update itself via the internet, and although there is new firmware available, my unit wasn't able automatically to update itself. Four stars for the fact that there are still commonly available files which do not play on it, and for its relatively demanding price (given how much more inexpensive competitor units are). However, this is still the best media player of its kind and with only a few minor improvements it would definitely be worth an unquestionable full marks.


EDIT: it's now the second year anniversary on from my review above and I'm glad to report that my Wd Live is still working very well. The latest firmware update adds much more content and even ensures that most FLVs play well too. But please do see. particularly if you run into any issues updating your unit, my cautionary comment below dated December 2013 re updating firmware from version 1.xx.xx to version 2.xx.xx. Last, but not least, thank you to the many persons who've shown that they found my review to be useful. I am very happy to be of help to you all. Thanks again, tw
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on 29 April 2012
Hi guys, reason this unit has a dodgy plug is that it is a Europe,Middle East and Africa model, you can tell because the model number ends -EESN
If it was a UK model number should be WDBGXT0000NBK-UESN these are available (just bought one to replace my old WDHD Gen 1) on Amazon and are nearly £15 cheaper then these Jokers are charging...
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on 3 March 2012
Un-boxed it this morning, plugged it in and away it went; it detected my network immediately and asked if I wanted to upgrade the firmware from 1.4 to 1.7, I pressed OK. I then went into the settings, first off the Time zone, very simple to do. The internet settings were next, I had to put in the work-group code, again very simple. I then choose how to display the folders, tried out iPlayer and one of the American TV channels, next a YouTube video all went well. I have two Western Digital external hard drives connected too it and they were recognised and all the films are now having images attached to them, I set that on auto. It plays anything I have tried on it, so I am pleased and the menu is much better now, clear and easy to navigate. The remote control is much larger and less intuitive to use than the older one, but I'm sure it will soon become second nature to use and it is well made.

I have been transferring some films from my PC which is at the opposite side of my house, the WiFi works well but they take a while to transfer, but it is much better than unplugging the external drives all the time, which is what I used to do with the older model.

So all good, well not really, the quality of the case is nowhere near as good as the previous generation, it is indeed very plasticy and feels fragile. The most annoying thing for me is the stupid front facing USB output, what idiot designed that I wonder; I get the feeling it was either an afterthought or they gave the design to a student doing some work experience :-J The USB cable I have cumming out of it at the front looks ugly and spoils it. It gets very hot, so I tried standing it up on end, like I was able to do with the previous version, but it takes a lot of patience due to the cable coming out the front, but I did eventually get it to stay upright; I don't know yet if it will help with the heat. It doesn't look as good next to the external drives, they look like a pair of books as did the older model, this one doesn't.

So to sum it up, it does what it's designed to do and does it well, but the design is horrible so only four stars from me.

I've had this for a week now and enjoying it very much, so I have upped my ratings to 5 stars. I hope anyone who has read my review realises that a lot of it was tongue in cheek, I realise that the front USB socket allows memory sticks to be inserted easily.
I have tried my Belkin 7 port USB hub into the WDTV and can confirm that you can then run up to 7 external drives from it and the WDTV finds them without any problems. Another thing I have found is that little remote from the older version of the WDTV works with this model.

So it is a great player which is highly customisable.
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on 17 December 2011
I have this unit plugged in via a HDMI 1.3 cable in to a 20" Samsung 720p lcd tv.
With a 500gig WD passport drive for storage. Everything is working well so far.
The unit it's self is very small and compact, it does feel a little "plasticky" though.
I don't think it would do well if it was being taken out and about a lot.

Menu is easy to navigate with it's pane layout.
Load times are not super fast but well acceptable.
Play back is very good, no jitter on anything I've watched yet.
Remote control feels nice in the hand and is well laid out.

My only negative opinion on this product is the psu it shipped with.
Worst possible option...A wall wart with a two pin plug that comes with a clip on 2 to 3 pin adapter.
Sticks out a lot from the wall socket. Got around this by swapping it out for a sensible psu.

All in all. It's great.


So a few months on and I have had a few issues with it overheating. This causes the device to stop seeing my media drive.
Turning it upside down to allow the air vents to do their job seems to have fixed it.
I will say that it only overheated when I was watching 1080p files.
All other lower res files seem not to to stress the unit.
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on 13 August 2013
I've been a user of the WDTV Live for a while now, so I was excited about receiving this latest edition.

Unfortunately, this version is the Euro model and comes with a European 2-pin power supply. Some reviewers said that Amazon shipped them a converter in the box - but mine didn't come with one.

Contacted Amazon who told me to order a Euro to UK converter and they would then refund me the cost - which they eventually did. However the whole process meant I had to wait an extra week before I was actually able to use my new toy.

Compared to the previous generation, the remote control is much bigger - almost as if it has come of age! I also prefer the styling of the new unit.

Setup seems greatly improved, and it had no issues connecting to my wireless and downloading the latest firmware.

All WDTV Live Stream media players use the same firmware regardless of region - so the fact that I had a Euro model didn't stop me from receiving services such as BBC iPlayer.

So far the unit has performed well. My biggest issue with previous WDTV Lives was Western Digital's tendancy to produce upgraded firmware that was buggy - meaning you then had to wait for another fix to resolve the bugs, or roll back to an earlier firmware. Hopefully they have improved their firmware quality control since then.

I can't comment on format compatibility other than to say it plays all my DVD ISO images with no problems.

Your own mileage may vary if you use other video formats, as other reviewers have indicated there are still some quirks in the firmware with regard to what it will and won't play, but overall this is a good step up from the previous unit, and the iPlayer support is really handy.
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on 20 January 2012
-Super user friendly and beautiful menu.
-Convenient remote control.
-Exelent picture quality and sound especially with 1080p DTS movies.
-Digital optical out for Home Cinema
-USB for external HDD and memory sticks
-Play almost all type of music,video and picture archives
-Connect with WLAN
-Internet radio with all local stations (Tunein application)
-Greek subs
-Many more...
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on 11 January 2012
Recent updates have addressed most of the issues mentioned by other reviewers. Network connectivity is seamless amongst the other PCs & Mac on my home network - I can stream and browse media without making any changes to the set up. The interface is an utter dream to use - so simple and intuitive! BBC iPlayer is now available (and displays perfectly on my 50" plasma) via another update. The WD support website is great for any issues and the downloadable manual is well laid out and explains all the settings & options. I have a 1TB Seagate drive attached and it works perfectly. The PSU / plug is the standard moulded UK kind, no adaptor required (if bought from UK supplier, like Amazon, and not 3rd party reseller). All in all, this is one of the best purchases I've made recently, and is highly recommended.
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on 15 January 2013
A nice piece of kit. But if you want one, have a look for the Amazon sold model.
It's a lot cheaper and it's the UK model, not the European model.
Check out the model number.
WDBGXT0000NBK-EESN is European, WDBGXT0000NBK-UESN is the UK model.
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