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on 3 October 2017
Classic series
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on 12 May 2017
Love it
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on 30 April 2017
Love the series
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on 27 April 2017
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on 16 October 2017
Just as good 2nd time round
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on 5 September 2017
Good nineties teen action well worth watching if comedy horror is your thing
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on 10 July 2002
There was a lot of criticism about season 4, mostly from fans who didn't like the change in the Buffy formula and Angel and Cordelia's departure. Buffy couldn't be a schoolgirl for ever and season 4 introduces us to the challenges of becoming a young adult, living in a dorm, falling in and out of love, exploring sexuality, facing an insecure future.
This is a difficult year for Xander, desperate to escape his parents basement and trying to keep up with his college-going friends and Giles, who loses his job.
We are introduced to the lovely witch Tara, whom Willow falls in love with. When Willow's ex Oz comes back in 'New Moon Rising' he discovers she's not waiting for him and this brings pain to all concerned.
Xander's girlfriend, ex-demon Anya, brings fun to the show with her ignorance of society's rules and her rude behaviour.
Bad guy Ethan Rayne is back in 'A New Man' and rogue slayer Faith in the excellent 'This Year's Girl' and 'Who Are You'.
There is an episode centred on Jonathan (the student who tried to kill himself in season 3), the very enjoyable 'Superstar'.
Buffy's new love interest is Riley, a soldier in the Initiative, a secret government organisation hunting and experimenting on demons.
I didn't particularly like the Initiative/Adam storyline but looking back, this was probably the best Buffy season ever with strong episodes as well as good storylines in the background.
Spike is back with a twist as a conflicted, 'neutered' vampire with a chip stopping him from hurting humans. This season sees him trying to find his new place in the world. Spike's situation brings humour to this season when he teams up with Harmony and while he lives with Giles and then Xander.
This introduces a new aspect of Giles character, for the first time we see his paternal feelings towards Spike.
'Hush' has the scariest villains in the form of the gentlemen and an excellent storyline never done before in a TV series.
'Restless' is outstanding, a must-see for any Buffy fan including Joss Whedon's commentary.
Buffy's writers have always enjoyed teasing the fans with clues as to what will happen next and Season 4 is particularly strong on this. There is foreshadowing of major storylines in both season 5 and season 6. All Buffy fans need this DVD set!
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on 24 February 2003
With the loss of David Boreanaz and Charisma Carpenter to the spin-off show, "Angel", there were voids to be filled in this, the first season out of high school, and Marc Blucas and Emma Caulfield suitably obliged. The fragmentation of the Scooby Gang was for many the core reason why Season Four didn't match the heights of the previous three: nobody seemed to care enough about each other any more. With Giles out of work, Xander flitting from one deadbeat job to another, and Buffy and Willow settling in to life on campus, there was concern that the old gang would never get back together.
A big risk was taken in introducing a more classic sci-fi element with the arrival of a secret government demon-hunting operation. But there's a big difference from other genre shows: the Initiative was never in control of its actions. And that's the gist of the season: that Buffy and her traditional methods will always be superior, and that it's through her skills and her friends that evil is defeated, not bureaucracy. Which is why there's no big finish in episode 22 (the grand climax happens in episode 21), because the most important storyline is about the reaffirmation of friendships, demonstrated in the most bizarre way imaginable in an episode composed almost entirely of dream sequences.
There are a few misses among the hits (watch "Beer Bad" for the cavegirl activities of Buffy, but don't expect much else), and some classics (the Emmy-nominated "Hush" was possibly the boldest piece of television attempted before "The Body" the following year). And in the final scene of the season, we get a great setting-up of what's to come, without knowing any specific details.
There's a featurette on "Hush" as well as a commentary, and Christophe Beck gives us a great insight into the work that goes into scoring an episode. Plus there's all the usual scripts, episode commentaries, stills gallery and cast bios.
All in all, a season that left a few minor gripes, but which in the overall scheme of things, has continued the journey of life into adulthood. Now they're all supposed to be grown up, but the future still holds a great deal of uncertainty, and that can only be good for the show.
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on 2 July 2002
Season 4 turned the Buffy formula on its head, and was all the better for it. One of Buffy's strong points is that its about real life (albeit in a supernatural world), and life is about change. So, season 4 addresses what happens when you graduate from high school and move towards adulthood. Buffy and Willow went to college, Angel, Cordelia and eventually Oz left, Giles found himself without a job and Xander without a home. Although many people criticise the show for leaving Xander and Giles in the cold, I believe Joss Whedon very wisely did this. Giles' redundancy which lead to loneliness and minor alcoholism, is a common occurance for middle aged men. And Xander's isolation due to him being the only person out of his friends not go to college is very real too. Without this they couldn't have grown as people. And reintroducing Spike and chipping him was a stroke of genius. He's great fun and far more interesting than Angel. The similarities between 'chip' and 'soul' are endless and effective. Later seasons have even shown him to be an even more tragic hero. Giles mentions to Spike that his chip could be part of a greater purpose, and I really hope that pays off some day. And Tara? I think a wolf whistle will suffice. Anya makes a very sexually explicit, welcome replacement for Cordy too. The Initiative and Adam don't really cut it as villians, but then the real villians the gang had to defeat was their differences. What makes season 4 one of the best however is the consistancy of the entertainment in virtually every episode. Restless, Hush, Superstar and The Yoko Factor to name a few. I always struggle to compile my favourite season chart for Buffy, but one thing is for certain, season 4 is close to the best.
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on 29 September 2015
great dvd thaks
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