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on 8 April 2013
Love cameras - have a full size Canon slr and lenses and for top quality work can't beat it - BUT - it is so damn heavy that for holidays and general family use it is OTT. The SX40 is everything the day to day photographer would want - you don't need to blow up picture of your kids etc to poster size all the time - 99% of family/holiday shots stay on computer or at most in 10x8 prints - so why cart all the pro stuff around?
The SX40 is great for everday use, has enough programmes to keep everybody happy and takes great photos. The zoom is brilliant - and for those budding nature photographers gives great shots for personal use - and under some circumstances semi-professional use.
So, a great bridge, full of features, better than the SX50 for low light shots (given SX50's stupid ISO system), the 35X Zoom is almost top of market and given camera shake above this is best useable. Downsides, - I have a Panasonic with smaller zoom range (hence purchase of Canon) and the Panasonic handles better, quicker focus and smoother zoom, and if Panasonic brought out a 35x plus zoom I'd get that.
However, for those of us who want a super zoom for nature plus quality optics then the Canon is the best compromise available (better than SX50). Also, the lens will take a 52mm screw (don't need the special canon attachment) although thick filters like rotary polorising can viginette at less than 30mm.
In summary, best long zoom bridge available at moment, until Panasonic bring out a similar zoom!
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on 12 December 2011
Good price and prompt delivery.already have canon 550 EOS system.could not afford long range zoom..Tried this product. Took on holiday to Canada superb purchase.Only drawback is eye viewfinder size compared to 550 and the fact that EOS system may gather dust.As for any zoom a tripod/stick is essential to realise the full potential of the zoom
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on 2 November 2011
I owned the SX30 briefly, but gave it back because the results were frequently disappointing. The SX40 has the same (great) optics, but infinitely better sensor and processor. I have been surprised and delighted frequently by what a great job it does in what you would expect to be difficult situations (dark, movement, backlit). It won't let you take exposures of more than 15s, and it doesn't save RAW. I always buy Canon because the CHDK third party firmware releases rarely take very long to arrive, and enable things like RAW files and long exposures. Great features of the stock firmware include exposure and focus bracketing, 1080p video, slow motion video (120 and 240fps recording at smaller image sizes). I recommend buying canon's 67mm adaptor and a polarizing filter. I have Hama's, which was about 30 quid on Amazon. Don't bother with a UV filter - they're only relevant to film cameras. Enjoy!
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on 19 October 2011
The SX40 ticks almost every box in my wish list so I was very excited about it. It is incredibly versatile with wide angle of 24mm all the way to an impressive zoom of 840mm. The lowlight capability is excellent - a huge improvement on my previous camera, the Canon S5 IS. The SX 40 is a clever little camera in so many ways - I enjoyed playing with functions such as the 'smile' detection - the camera automatically takes a shot when a smile is detected. I am also delighted to find it has an articulated lcd monitor - something I found extremely useful on the S5.

However, there are a few annoyances ... in the 'low light'setting images are only 'medium' sized coming out at 1MB or less. Interestingly, they are bigger in 'night scene'. I thought this problem might be overcome by using manual - but the manual settings are very awkward to use indeed especially whilst using the viewfinder. To adjust manual you have to turn the very narrow little dial ring on the outside of the main control dial.

This is a great camera for someone who prefers to use auto but a wee bit disappointing for a serious photographer who wants to use it manually (edit - see my comment below). Still, the SX 40 is a super piece of equipment for amateurs and would be a really useful piece of equipment for holidays. On the whole, I am very pleased to have this camera.
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on 18 September 2012
Like other people I was fed up with carrying around my DSLR and never having the right lens on at the right time, to say nothing of the heavy camera bag. After reading lots of reviews I chose this camera. I also have a compact Canon so a lot of the functions are the same. I have just returned from a couple of days away and I'm really pleased with the results. The clarity at the far end of the optical zoom is terrific. If I were being picky I would say that it would be nice if the screen was a little bigger.
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on 24 February 2012
I was given this camera as a birthday present from my Fiance. After one week, I'm already totally in love with it!

I used to own a Canon G10 so I find the menu very much the same and this makes it easier to get into this new one, not that it's difficult to use anyway!

Taking shots in auto mode is good and normally gives good results. However you do have full manual control on everything if you want.

the high speed movie mode is good fun too, you do need more light for it, but it looks great!

An excellent bridge camera that I would recommend to anyone!

Look on youtube for clips t see the quality of what this will give you.

Oh, and I love my Fiance even more for giving this to me, and I can't wait to marry her!!!!
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on 25 November 2012
I purchased this after spending a few days comparing similar spec cameras such as the Nikon Coolpix P510 and the Panasonic FZ150. At a very high level view, the Coolpix has a much better LCD screen and also a built-in GPS but has poor battery life. The FZ150 is slightly more expensive but had a lower max zoom. I disregarded the newer SX50 because it was outside my budget.

Initial impressions are very good. I went to an orchid nursery and took over 450 pictures over the space of a couple of hours. 80-90% of these shots came out brilliantly, a few were out of focus - not too surprising - I was not using a tripod and taking the shots at a fairly fast pace. For some reason, focusing on red seemed harder for the camera than other colours. The zoom allowed me to take very clear and sharp pictures of flowers despite sometimes being 10 or 12 feet away. Even more impressive was the battery (which needs to be charged before first use) showing full charge after taking this many pictures. Three weeks later I had snapped a few dozen more pictures and still haven't had to recharge the battery yet. I didn't use flash for any of these shots but this suggests to me that the camera is capable of taking 500+ pics (in normal daylight) on a single charge. With the 6 megapixel low compression setting, the JPG file sizes of the pictures was around 2MB each and the camera indicated a 16GB card would hold around 8900 pictures. The high compression setting halves the file size and so doubles the number of pictures you can store.

The camera does not come with a SD memory card so make sure you have one on hand if you want to start shooting on day 1. I used a Lexar 16GB SDHC class 4 which worked fine. A higher class would be better if you intend to shoot video. The camera supports SDXC so you should be able to fit 64GB cards too. The manual does warn that some brands of cards may not work so I'd suggest you stick to the more well known makes.

I have not had a chance to play with the Aperture or Shutter Priority modes as yet. The macro mode can focus right down to 0cm (object touching the lens!). The flash does not fire unless you manually lift the hood to reveal the flash, which is something I prefer. The camera has one or two interesting features such as increasing the zoom at the focus point prior to shooting, this allows you to better check the focus - this had to enabled in one of the menus. I'd certainly advise reading the full user guide which is easy enough to find in PDF form on the Canon UK website.

Overall this is a great choice if you want to move up from compact cameras, without wanting the expense and worry of handling a full DSLR. The sensor in this camera is not any bigger than the compacts but the zoom capability and overall feature set is excellent at this price point.
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on 18 April 2013
I've had the Canon SX40 for quite some time now, well over a year. There is never a perfect camera that is for sure, but for an all rounder this comes as close as one can get in my view. It's a very stylish camera and after owed some Fuji cameras overs the years, knocks the socks of any of them.
Many will concentrate on how good the zoom is, which it is, but it's a lot more than that, the image quality is really very good, as I also have other Canon cameras and they all good that way. I do heaps of night shooting and it's great for that, great in low light and haven't found many flaws with it.
There is also many other things you can do with it to be more creative, you can attach filters and lens hoods etc to it and also, although you can't see it comes with a valuable hot shoe mount. It's not every bridge/hybrid camera that does this eg Sony.
Great value for money this camera and is better in many respects than the new version the SX50
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on 3 August 2012
Like many people, I read lots of reviews on similar types of cameras like the Nikon, Lumix and Sony Cybershot.Image quality is by far the most important thing to me so I eventually chose the Canon. The images straight out of the camera are 'incredibly' good. I cannot state this too much! Portrait shots have this wonderfully smooth, milky look and the colours are beautifully saturated without being overdone. Try out the fisheye lens effect - my wife and daughter and I laughed till we cried at the strange, distorted images of ourselves. It is so much fun! The zoom on this little camera is incredible.I took hand held shots of the moon at full magnification and all I can say is "wow!" The image stabilization is great, it really helps you to obtain and keep focus. The shots of the moon showed clearly craters, marks and lines you just wouldn't see otherwise. It looks like something you would see through a really good telescope. The camera is easy to use and feels good in your hand.From reading lots of reviews I was expecting the LCD screen quality to be pretty bad. Honestly, I found it perfectly good - you'll be surprised! The viewfinder is another story however. I shoot with a Nikon D300s most of the time and have never used an electronic viewfinder - I found it very hard to see properly through it and the screen quality is just awful. I think you'll use the LCD screen most of the time. You can spend weeks trawling through review after review reading stuff that not only bores you silly, but has little to do with what you do with a camera on a day to day basis. This is not a dslr - it's a completely different feel. To me it's a fun camera that takes amazingly good pics, easily as good as shots that my D300s takes and that's shooting in RAW format. The technology in this little wonder will amaze you. All the above cameras are great they will all take super pics. Some are better at one thing and not so good at another. But everything in life is like that. All I know is I am so pleased I bought this camera. Go on - you'll love it too!
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on 24 February 2013
This camera is insane! i bought this last year and as a top end photographer i am still with it, it offers great image quality and lots and lots of different settings to fiddle about with, and as a bridge camera it gives a 35X optical zoom which is fantastic! everything about it is good quality and easy to use, i would recoment this for a simple photography beginner to a near proffectional. it is fanstastic and for just over £300.00 is is truly good value for money, it has let me photograph my passions in life with great success, birds, cars and nature, it copes well with everything. Just today i found the most outstanding option which lets you do the 'Sin City' effect, usually only possible in photoshop, it is where you can take a sample of ANY colour (red, turquoise, majenta) and it selects this colour, then it selects ONLY this colour and makes the rest of the photo black and white, fantastic!
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