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on 13 March 2018
Be careful if you're thinking of purchasing this drive folks. I bought mine in May and not even a year had passed it became unallocated leaving it useless. I took it to my regular pc wizard only to find that the internal drive was a Seagate Model: ST1000LM035-1RK172 Firmware: SBM3
Serial: WC00EXBK LBA: 1953525168 (1000 GB) As you might or might not know Seagate drives are notoriously bad and fail all the time!

I'm now having to take the drive to a specialist data recovery company in Glasgow, UK which will cost me £600 to get my data back. Transcend don't offer that service so what with the cost of the drive and now the cost of hopefully getting my data back I'll have spent nearly £700!! on something that didn't even last a year?! - buyers please do your homework on what drives are inside the casings before you buy, don't get conned like I did.
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on 26 May 2016
I have always used Seagate external drives, however, they are currently one of the least reliable brands and have one of the highest rates of drive failure, and as a working pro photographer who needs to back up his work securely, I decided to switch to a different brand. I spent quite a while looking at reviews, and doing my homework, and this drive had rated highly. It is meant to be shock proof, although I have no intention of finding out how good that feature is, in one review on a tech website, the reviewer dropped the drive repeatedly until it gave up working! It took him seventeen drops to break the drive!

So far, I'm pleased with the drive. It appears to be well made and very solid, it's far quicker than all of my Seagate drives, even those apparently equipped with USB 3.0. It seems good value for the price I paid, and depending on how reliable the Transcend proves to be, I will be buying more of them in future to back up my photographs on.
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on 21 June 2016
I bought 2 of these, and I say they're OK as they are strong and don't mind being dropped a small distance, unlike my previous desktop version one. However I can't rate it highly as with both of my purchases there seems to be a problem with the leads or their connections. Often I find when i'm playing music, watching a film or working from it that the connection cuts out for a moment so files are skipped or big backups have to be done in small increments. I don't believe it's a laptop error as I have 3 usb ports and have tried them all. Shame, but I will be going for a similarly rugged but different brand 2tb next time i buy.
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on 11 September 2017
I just lost around 600GB's of video work and photos. For no good reason, the Transcend drive just erased it all. Attempted some drive recoveries but still no sign of anything being on there. I'm actually in the middle of a video for a client too and the entire project is gone so I am now facing some really awkward chat.

Trust is a hard thing to find with external hard drives and now thanks to this one, I will never trust the brand. Applying for a refund (should rreally claim compensation of some kind as it's cost me more than it is to buy).
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on 19 August 2017
The description for the USB-C model is misleading. I bought it expecting the drive itself to have a USB-C connector, as implied in the description. But it turns out the drive still has a USB 3 micro-B socket. They've just packaged it with a micro-B to USB-C cable, and then charged an extra £7 for the pleasure.
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on 24 July 2016
I wanted a drive to back my photos up to when travelling and bought this one based on reviews. It has performed perfectly and is easily fast enough. The rubberised casing seems very tough and looks thick enough to provide plenty of protection. I have experienced reliability and connection issues with other external drives - but not this one. No problems at all and I have used it on 3 separate PCs and tablets.
I cannot vouch for how tough it is as I have dropped it yet but it certainly feels very well built so I would expect it to survive quite a beating.
It is quite big for an external drive so check the dimensions if size is an issue for you. But if you need a reliable, tough drive then I would recommend this one.
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on 8 March 2016
I had pondered on buying one of these for a couple of days and so when i saw it on offer at a reduced price i ordered it and it has proved to be one of the best buys i have made, it is compact and lightweight with a nice non slip rubberised cover that also doubles as a shock protector, this is in addition to the plastic shockcase and the drive suspension system that makes this a very durable drive

it was up and running as soon as Windows installed the driver, i then formatted it to NTFS and it was ready to use, the supplied Transcend formatting tool took only seconds to complete and i was then left with 937 GB of free space to play with

i created a 50GB encrypted container which again was very straight forward,then in order to try out the backup utility i made a folder on the drive and backed up my D:/ to it, this took no time at all and i now have a full backup of all my stored software and files etc

this is a very good drive that comes with a suite of free utilities to backup, encrypt ,recover files etc, it takes up very little space and is totally quiet in operation, i cannot recommend this drive highly enough and i would certainly buy it again.
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on 22 May 2017
I looked at the more expensive SanDisk options, but this product fitted my price bracket and memory size requirements. It has been great. Transferred around 100GB of photos and videos to device with no concerns at all. The product is a good size. Not something you could loose down the back of your sofa or bottom of your bag. The rugged rubber outer is reassuring also if you were to accidentally drop the product.
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on 11 April 2016
I downloaded my files from my laptop onto the hard drive then ejected it and plugged it into my desk top and all files were read only. Tried changing the settings on the hard drive but changing them to allow for all users made no difference. Do not buy if you plan to use the hard drive on more than one computer I am going to return this as it does not work as a portable hard drive should.
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on 5 June 2016
I purchased this after being informed of a massive price hike for the SOSOnlinecloud backup services I have been using (up from $129 for three years to $199 for one year!).

This is a fantastic piece of kit. It works from my USB 3 Hub without any problems at all. I'm not using the supplied software but rather SyncBack Pro as that allows me to back up any type of file. Also, by encrypting the entire drive first using TrueCrypt, my backups run at normal speed as it doesn't require each individual file to be compressed and encrypted. Since it also has a large operating temperature range (5 - 55 degrees C), I shall be able to keep this device off-site (even in my car), so I won't have to continue to pay the high price of third-party data backup solutions. I shall use this as a mirror of the backups already stored on my Western Digital NAS device, but it will be kept in a different location in case of a local emergency.
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