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on 3 April 2013
well a lot of people have commented on the bug that it tells you your maps are up to date when they are infact not.
But I managed to get the maps up to date (still worth complaining about as it is a bug TomTom are not fixing)

But even with the most up to date maps TomTom would take me down restricted roads and even take me to wrong postcodes when having typed in the right postcode. For 99% of road users this TomTom is good but when you need to arrive places on time and have multiple stops this TomTom will fail occasionally.
I thought about getting a better tomtom for 170 pounds + 50 pounds per year for live updates but after reading how TomTom have stopped making quality products within the last 3 years I decided to go for the 90 pound garmin with free life time map and live updates. Very happy with that so far.
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on 14 June 2015
Excellent. I was very sceptical about sat navs but had to get once I got a new job and found it is amazing. It is not the bulk of the journey you need it for (Driving down a motorway is fine I can do that without being told to go straight ahead and Tom Tom does not keep telling you to go ahead which is great). You get lots of voices on line and they do have the odd comment about shortcuts but not too many and you can choose voices. You can buy ones but to be honest they keep cracking comments in the prescribes accent when really I just want to be told to turn right or left which you get just as much form free voices. Very good but does take a couple of minutes to get going and also does require interpretation occasionally e.g. turn right might mean continue on the same road that turns right. You do have to pay to get it updated but no need to do instantly advised to as not than many roads change.
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on 6 August 2014
Bought this as two of my Garmins have stopped working and I'm too busy to go through the elongated Garmin repair system (they always tell you to push buttons and turn it on and off etc, but of course you can't because you've already told them the thing has simply stopped working - so I can't turn it on and off can I?!?)

I'd read some iffy reviews here of TomToms and had been put off trying one. But, for this price I figured if it stopped working or wouldn't take an update, then it's not the end of the world.

As it's turned out, I'm very pleasantly suprised. This is a good value item, with just about all the knobs and knockers you get on a much more expensive Garmin. Also, it's easier to attach direct to the windscreen than the Garmins. The size isn't a big deal. As it's so small and easy to fit, you can have it on the right hand side of the windscreen, so it's close to you as you're driving. Also, very good sound quality.

All in all, a very good buy. I'm intrigued and may not even send my other Garmins back, but just buy two more of these.....
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on 31 December 2013
I have been a TomTom user for a long time. I had an HP iPaq and TomTom software (V5 I think) for many years. Unfortunately, I lost it. I saw this unit in an Amazon Black Friday deal and bought it on the spur of the moment since the price was quite good. It does the job and is in some ways better than my old unit but I miss some features of the old one.


The maps are much more up to date but I did not have too much trouble with the old ones.
The new software speaks the street names (sometimes pronounced in an odd way). The old one just had a limited set of phrases e.g. "turn left in 100 yards".
The unit "knows" the speed limits of the roads. However, this is not perfect. There are many recent reductions (several years ago) which it does not know. So, this is a useful warning but don't rely on it.


The screen is not very responsive, it needs a very firm press to respond.
The POI management is disappointing. It was much better on the old unit.
There are fewer planning options. The old one had a limited speed option which I found useful.
I get fewer statistics e.g. I don't get miles to go as I used to.

The old system had a separate bluetooth connected GPS. In some ways this was less convenient but in others it was better. The GPS unit could be positioned for optimum reception and the PDA for optimum convenience; I used to use the cup holder. The new all in one unit has to be placed in a compromise position.
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on 9 October 2012
I bought this to replace my TomTom One, which had died after 6 years loyal service (alas, the battery can't be replaced). The first thing that struck me was the price - comfortably less than half the cost of my first one, and not very much more than the cost of Western Europe maps alone, and they are now included. It looked a bargain and so it proved, with the vastly improved design and new features more than making up for a couple of items which I liked on my old TomTom being absent from this very simple entry level model. I have to give 5 stars simply for function and value, but there are issues.

TomTom routinely offer a free upgrade to the latest maps for a new sat nav. When I tried to upgrade mine I got a message that the time limit had expired. TomTom customer services said that it must be a refurbished item; I was sceptical about that but had no option but to call Amazon. The agent was also sceptical but sent me a replacement which arrived the next working day. Same problem with the attempted upgrade. This time the TomTom agent accepted that there was a problem and arranged for me to download new maps. This also led to problems because, as reported by other reviewers, the capacity of the device is barely sufficient to hold the two sets of maps and the old contents do not fully delete. It was solved by formatting the device and reloading everything, and all is now well. I considered including the formatting instructions here but, on reflection, think that anyone wanting to do it should get advice from TomTom customer services lest they end up with a brick.

A few words about the excellent customer services with both Amazon and TomTom. As well as very patient help getting the maps issue sorted, a side issue arose with delivery of the replacement sat nav. I checked the tracking info to find that it was left in my porch about 15 mins earlier. It wasn't. As it's easier to get the queen on the phone than the courier firm, HDNL, I called Amazon and the agent undertook to call me back. She did, just after the 20 mins it took for her to get HDNL to tell the courier to return to my street, when she realised that she had gone to the wrong porch! I was impressed.
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on 28 July 2013
I had my expensive 170 satnav stolen and needed to replace immediately so opted for cheapest option. This satnav is cheap and chearful, easy to use but has some drawbacks. Firstly, it doesn't rotate the map when you are driving to show you the direction you are going e.g. If you are travelling south, you have to be able to work out your left and right turns upside down, obviously at a glance. it is slow to update the map so that i have missed turnings because the map is 'behind' the position of the car. It has also tried to send me up a well established 'no right turn' on a complicated dual carriageway junction in marylbone, central London to get onto A40 and I ended up being forced into the congestion charging zone, so it cost me (wasn't impressed!). Probably being harsh as I have been used to a much better model, so with satnavs I'd say you get what you pay for!
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on 29 January 2015
I got this 2 years ago and already the battery in it has died. This means that it does not work for the first half hour of a journey because it is charging before it will work. This is problematic when you're replying on it to get somewhere, to say the least.

It started off working okay, but gradually the response time to any command got worse and worse, until now it is barely usable. Considering I spent almost £80 on it, I expected it to work for longer than 2 years, so this is poor. I'll be buying from a different provider next time.
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on 18 October 2012
I work in the delivery business and have been recently forced to change my route. My old sat. nav. didn't even do postcodes so I invested in this and a new map book. Things did not start well. Asked to put in my home address the unit insisted I lived in a road around the corner. That explains why I don't receive 1/3 deliveries! I confess I don't do instructions but after a few pounds in the swear box I worked out how to save the location correctly. My house has only been here 20 years. The issue seems to be how well people input data concerning their address. The unit cannot handle roads under two years old although the map fares far worse. Forget rural areas it is hopeless. The one thing the unit does well is put you on the correct street particularly in one way situations. Around town this is a must!! The speed camera function is useful wish it came with a mobile unit detector. If you use the unit every day it will work out cheaper than using the app. for your phone plus data charges eventually. If someone smashes a window to steal it £80 compared to £500 for the iphone? To sum up very useful tool. Does not replace the mark one eyeball but it helps a lot.
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on 19 May 2013
I bought this Sat Nav to ensure I find my way to our destination in southern Spain in September. I already have a basic Tom Tom, but wanted to be sure I would not be let down as the item aged. Trying to work out the next move on Spanish motorways can be challenging. I have tested this model around Anglesey where I live and it does what it says on the tin. One difference is that there is no volume control - just on or off. However, a feature not available on my old model is the ability to set up a journey from a point other than where you happen to be. This is useful for getting info on time and distance I like the small screen versions, so am not moved to purchase the wider screen versions Having read other reviews I shall not even try to update the mapping and end up with insufficient memory!.
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on 19 June 2015
Excellent cheap sat nav. I find it difficult to attach to the windscreen, tyhe suction cup doesn't work very well, but I usually leave it on the passenger seat and listen to the dulcet tones of Tim with the directions. As with all SatNavs it always wants to take you via the nearest motorway, but if you use it in conjunction with a map and go the way you want to go it quickly gets the message and switches to your route. Once near the destination it is very accurate and gets you right there, provided of course you've entered the right postcode
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