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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 26 October 2011
Not so bad, just a far better and updated version of Business the Amazon.Com Way: Secrets of the World's Most Astonishing Web Business (Big Shots Series). I had hoped for something like an interesting biography of the company's CEO, Jeff Bezos. Instead, I had received information, mostly known and was feeling like reading a long article about successful startups in some business orientated newspaper. The book is little, nothing surprising. Interesting maybe for those who want to own every book about a successful internet businesses, but if you're looking for something with atmosphere, this isn't it. It isn't a book with a story to tell.
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on 6 February 2012
"One Click" by Brandt is not a great book on one of the biggest success stories of the internet age. I would imagine that building a company like Amazon must have been a exciting journey but this book reads like a badly researched article for a local newspaper. It becomes apparent quickly that he has not done a lot of interviews with the key people but is relying on secondary research. The book was edited recently and the updated numbers and figures are patched into the text amateur style.

An almost embarrassing aspect of the book is the way that he writes about Jeff Bezos. I am sure that he is an intelligent person and that he has a lot of drive - however, he is not a god like genius who never failed and always succeeded. I think if Jeff Bezos has read this book he will have flushed about some of the descriptions of himself.

If you are interested in an easy to read book that gives you an introduction about Amazon it might be the right thing for you. If I were Jeff Bezos I would call Walter Isaacson to write a proper book about the story of my business and myself.
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on 13 November 2011
This is a book of only around 200 pages, I read it in a weekend. It's easy to pick up and read despite some little oddities of speech (in the text the author refers to something falling "like spit from a bridge").

I'm a big Amazon fan, the site is easy to navigate, prices are good and everything arrives in good time and as described. If I was rating Amazon the company I'd have to give it 5 stars. 3 stars only for this book, I'd recommend it for anyone that wants a taste of the Amazon story. It reads and feels more like an extended magazine article than an in-depth analysis of the rise of Amazon. I'd still like to read a deeper analysis of the development of Amazon and of Jeff Bezos who has steered it to its present pre-eminent position. Amazon's success has possibly lead to the closure of bookstores as it has attracted so much on-line business. On the plus side it has also provided cheaper books, I live in England and until recently book prices were effectively fixed. Amazon also makes it easy to find out-of-print books, again at reasonable prices. There's plenty to write about.
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on 18 November 2011
This was a really short piece of work, to put it politely.

I felt like I was reading an article from the NYT while reading the book, and was amazed at how little detail was actually in the book regarding Jeff Bezos.
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on 15 January 2016
Interesting to see how he's created the giant we all know of. A combination of genius, timing, luck and derring do - I'd like to see the following chapters covering the next three or four years though. For every opportunity he has created enabling serial vultures to sell the ideas and endeavours of real entrepreneurs, I suspect another business has folded - and with it the ideas and innovation they would have brought to the market. Clever, but to some, a destructive boy.
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on 25 November 2012
There seems to be a wave of the CEOs biographies started with several books on Jobs. This books starts like a CV of the young mr. Bezos. I was ready to put it down then. But then came the part on the IPO and the strategy that I found interesting. The end tries to summarise the role and personality but again there is just a handful of comments leading nowhere. Indeed, as said in other reviews, there isn't too much you cannot find elsewhere. One could easily make it a one pager with the same content. Not recommended.
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on 17 May 2013
I was very curious about the story behind Jeff Bezos and Amazon and wondered how it does what it does so well. The service is what I would expect of Marks & Spencer, British Airways or Hilton Group but Amazon is a relatively new kid on a very new block and now sets the standards for e-commerce.

In summary I was glad I read this book, albeit not a very detailed book. It was bought for me as a gift and I read it during a recent holiday. The book offered some insight howewer I do have a couple of criticisms:

1. I understand that a biography is punctuated with new characters/business associates. It is therefore necessary to pop back and forth on the timeline; however this occassionally happened with the Jeff Bezos element of the story which upset the flow a little. Minor as it was, it did not detract much from my enjoyment but cannot understand why the book jumped around like this - it's a biography, not a Tarantino movie.

2. I read that the subject, Jeff Bezos, is a very unique individual. As such I was interested to read that his traits are very different to those of other successful entrepeneurs whose biographies and autobiograpies I have read. However the author occasionally pigeonholed Jeff Bezos' traits by pointing out how they fit with other entrepeneurs. To me, this contradicted the rest of the book. Instead Bezos is from a financially stable background, very well educated, highly technical, an introvert in many aspects such as his personal life, oversized his operations and systems in anticipation of growth, didn't turn a profit for many many years nor was he interested in doing so. He executs his strategy with precision but is also adaptive and admits his mistakes. As I say, different to your standard entrepeneur.

I won't spoil the book for other readers but it seems evident that Amazon (to which Jeff Bezos is highly committed) is a stepping stone towards a greater goal. Amazon has evolved from an internet book retailer, to a media retailer, to the leader in e-commerce, to holding one of the worlds greatest resources of customer information using it to advertise, to becoming a marketplace for items is does not sell, to offering new user experiences via a Kindlereader, then a colour tablet. It seems this is all a means to an end for Jeff Bezos and I would not be surprised if he steps down from Amazon in the next 5-10 years to pursue the goal outlined in the book. If he pursues this with the same zeal and professionalism of his retail wing, the future of mankind will be very interesting indeed.

As such, this book is only chapter one of Jeff Bezos' story and I imagine a book of a similar size could be written every couple of years to track Jeff Bezos' progress and future successes.

This is a worthwhile read if you don't want too much detail and without requiring any prior technical or IT knowledge. For me it was a light poolside holiday read but I feel I could have read as much on Wikipedia and was left with the impression that Jeff Bezos' story deserves a better biographer.
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A competent, informative, albeit a bit one-dimensional account of Jeff Bezos's building Amazon from nothing to the world leader in not only book sales but virtually all types of consumer products, and in the process creating a mega computer facility of boundless complexity that is used, at a cost of course, by many other unrelated concerns.

The book runs through both the chronological progression of Amazon, and explanations of the various Bezos mind-sets that moulded the different aspects and directions of the 'Amazon' roller-coaster, particularly his take and explanation that for the first few years huge losses were for the long term benefit of both the company and what must have been very nervous investors. However he was right, and both the company and it's investors have prospered.

However, during this fast moving race to world commercial domination there must have been much in-fighting etc. and dark and unattractive aspects of Bezos's character that was outside of the picture painted in this book. The book lacked a bit of 'colour' and gutsiness that would have added to the overall impact, not least of which would have brought a touch of reality to this somewhat sanitised work.

But still a good and worthwhile read.
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on 15 July 2013
Richard L. Brandt's investigation in to the workings of and the mind of Jeff Bezos, the man behind the company, offers a great insight in to the mind of the man whose simplistic approach to e-commerce changed the way that we shop online, creating an internet giant in the process.

Not only is it fascinating to read about the development of Amazon's One Click system, the approach that set them apart from their competitors, but also you get a great insight in to the workings and the culture of the company, as well as a good idea of what makes Bezos himself tick.

While not strictly a 'social media' book (i.e. - the type of book that I can kid myself I'm reading to advance my career), there's plenty in One Click to appease even the most lax internet addict, and though I started to read this for work, I ended up reading it for pleasure.

It's surprising how innovative Amazon were, too - founded in 1994 and launched in 1995, Amazon is one of few web companies that has successfully adapted with the times, survived the dot com boom and lived to celebrate its 25th birthday.
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on 30 August 2012
It's an easy book to read, more like a journal article rather than a comprehensive discussion you expect from a book. Though, I am still fascinated by Jeff's story and his creative long-term vision.
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