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on 20 March 2017
I live in a cold part of the world - Scotland - and so owning one of these has been important. There are a couple of things to say about this product:

It is a little funny to light sometimes. You need to hold a flame to the catalytic fibers on the reactor unit for long enough that it becomes able to sustain itself. The thing itself works by fumes from the fuel evaporating into the reactor, where they they burn to release heat. There is no flame - the reaction is contained within the catalytic fibers, and so all you will see is a slight orange glow reminiscient of aurora borealis within the fibers. This orange glow is the only way to tell if the thing is sustaining itself or not - aside from the heat, but this takes a few minutes to get to, so the glow is the thing I look for after lighting it. You need to hold the flame to the fibers for around 10 seconds, but given that flames like to point upwards, you need to hold the handwarmer upside down, meaning you'll get some sooty deposits from the lighter all over the hand warmer if you let the flames lick it too much.

Another thing to say is that it guzzles fuel. I've been using this almost every day for around a month, and in that time I've gone through a couple of tins of Zippo lighter fluid, which they (of course) recommend you use. Surprisingly, it also happens to be the best fuel to use - others can be more expensive and harder to get hold of. As long as you have some spare lying around, as I do given I use Zippo lighters too, this really shouldn't be an issue.

Lastly, the handwarmer comes with a little fabric pouch. The metal casing of the handwarmer can get fairly hot to the touch, and the pouch helps protect skin. However, I feel like the pouch somehow restricts the amount of heat given off - it really shouldn't, as the same amount of fuel is being burned - but the handwarmer feels less warm when I use it, so I don't bother and just leave the metal unit in my pocket as-is.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 28 February 2017
 This is the 2017 version of the handwarmer that I've now got here. There have been a few changes in its construction, mainly, I think in the design of the material inside which is now definitely different.

The wick/reservoir material inside the lighter is different. This makes it a lot easier to fill, as there is now a guide hole to fit the swan neck in, and I suspect it makes it a lot easier to light as well. The lighter fluid doesn't have to be wicked all the way to the catalyst material. What happens is that lighter fluid at the top of the wick material vaporises from the heat of the burner, and it's the vapors that react at the catalyst. This means that they can use a fairly hard material for the wick.

The instructions have changed, so you do need to read what comes in the packet. Now when you use it the first time there's nothing special you have to do. You just fill it as much as you want and go. The instructions do now say something about not using a blowtorch or a blowtorch lighter, now, though, so I suppose people have been destroying the catalyst. They also say that it takes no more than 10 seconds, now, to light. I've found that ten seconds works just fine (see my video).

This handwarmer is a great product that they've actually managed to improve!

We've used charcoal handwarmers for many years, and I really liked them, but these Zippos just give out so much consistent heat from one filling that they beat them hands down.
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on 29 December 2015
This hand warmer works much better than the rechargeable ones you have to boil and filling the reservoir can keep it warm for well over 12 hours and if you're camping you can easily fill it up. I use it as an everyday hand warmer when the weather is particularly cold because I suffer from extremely cold hands. The pouch it comes in keeps it from getting too hot and although this product is burning the lighter fluid there is no flame and the smell is barely noticeable unless you sniff it from fairly close up. I can keep it in my pocket without worry. If you knock it hard enough the burner can fall off inside the case which is annoying if you happen to drop it but there is no risk and it just stops burning which is useful if you want to stop the hand warmer before it has ran out of fuel; just bop it with your hand without opening it.

Lighting it can be difficult and its sometimes hard to know when you've lit it. When it is lit properly you feel it expelling heat immediately. Just be persistant with the lighter to get it lit.
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on 15 April 2017
As advertised, this gives off up to 12 hours of heat when fully filled.

It starts off fairly cool, but after 30 minutes it really gets up to temperature. Keep it inside the cloth bag and the temperature is just right for warming hands.

Main flaw I've found is that the catalytic burner is quite loose, and it can fall off during use. If this happens, the heat stops, and you need to make sure you have a lighter to relight it if out and about. The burner can be made to fit more tightly by pinching in the base of it...
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on 24 January 2015
This has to be one of my best buys ever.
The boy gets really cold hands during his outdoor activities, as do most people I guess.
I've tried other types of hand warmers with exception to the electrically operated units, hot rocks as an example.
The 'one use only' and 'boil to use again' warmers do not provide the length of time this little unit does.
Very simple to use and easy to start, I use the gas hob to heat the catalyst up to get it started and it can last up 12 hours depending on the amount of lighter fluid you add. 12mls = 12 hours, 6 mls = 6 hours, 4 mls = 4 hours.
The unit is flameless in operation, however it must be kept in the pouch provided with it.
Operates at about 40 deg C but can get hotter if taken out of the pouch
My boy thinks it is great and it allows him to have a more pleasant day out in the colder weather.
You can stop the unit producing heat by removing the catalyst from the fuel canister and then allow it to cool down.
I use my car key to remove the catalyst from the fuel canister else you'll risk burning your fingers!
Really pleased with it to date.
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on 9 March 2015
Unfortunately these are now made in Taiwan which clearly shows in the poor quality. The chrome plating is very thin and the finnish is very poor compared to the USA made one that I also have also the bag/sock is really poor quality and won't last two minuets in use.
I also recently purchased the Peacock hand warmer (which is made in Japan) and it really is far superior quality in every way even the bag/sock is made of good quality material.
If you're thinking about getting this kind of hand warmer, I would recommend the Peacock of one of the cheap ones which are the same quality as the Zippo but far cheaper.
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on 8 March 2018
brill ordered another one when found out how good it was my have lasted 20 hours on one fill. place it in inside coat pocket and it give a ambient heat and keeps your whole coat warmer. to use as a hand warmer you can take the bag off but can be to hot. one down side you cannot tell if it is lite but it does not take long to warm up so light it 10 minutes before you need to use it to make sure. this is probably because I have used charcoal burners and seem to be a bit of hit and miss.
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on 27 January 2015
Absolutely fantastic. I'm actually waiting for some colder weather to hit Southern Britain so I can use this all day.
Tests have produced 13 hours full-on warmth for a full fill, 7 hours for a half-fill, and about 4 for an estimated quarter fill. I'm currently only using a quarter fill during the week as that's more than enough to get me to work.

The product looks classy, though I'm wondering if I should have gone for a silver finish as I suspect that the black coating might chip over time - although that is unlikely to affect the functionality and the metal is hidden inside the little velvet case when in use.

The item is easy to fill and light - though it can be tricky to tell when it is going as there are no flames - best to simply leave it alone for a minute and then see if it has become warm - TIP, leave the unit somewhere cold after use and it is really easy to tell when this happens.

Note - there's absolutely no way to turn this off once it is running and I expect that it is a good idea to make sure it is finished and then left for a while before refilling it - I have no idea whether pouring lighter fluid into a hot/warm unit could cause a naked flame to start, but I'd prefer to err on the side of safety.

No noticeable fumes - nothing that smells in any case.

Lovely little item. I recommend both the item and hiding it from family and friends when it is not in use. In fact hide it from your work colleagues as well; I have seen quite a few envious glances after the first time I brought it in and showed it around - though at this price they can all afford to buy their own.
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on 14 January 2015
Been using this hand warmer for a few months now and it's one of the best purchases I've made for my walking adventures. A maximum fill will keep it running for a good 24 hours. It doesn't get ridiculously hot but it does stay warm enough to keep your fingers working in freezing weather. It also keeps you toasty if it's close to the body. Far more reliable than the charcoal warmers and much longer lasting

Update: it’s been 3 years and I’m still using this item. In cold weather I wouldn’t be without it. Some reviews I’ve seen say it doesn’t get warm enough. If mine got any warmer I’d be spending a few hours in A&E for burns. I keep it in an inside pocket and it acts like central heating all day. If my hands get a bit chilly I just wrap them around it for a minute. If you are thinking of buying one don’t hesitate. Once it’s lit you’re good to go
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on 9 January 2015
So, having taken a long time to think about it, I bought one of these handwarmers. The first reaction to it was not positive.

I half filled it to test it out. I couldn't get it to light. Then I left it a day and filled it three quarters full - but again, couldn't get it to light. I went back to the reviews, youtube and asked questions about how to light and the burner part, which seemed to differ from the photos of the product.

I got to the point where I thought the burner on the top was faulty and ordered a new one. When it came, it was exactly like the one on the bought unit. So I went back to the original hand warmer and decided to give it one more go before returning it. I filled it fully and attempted to light it again. After about ten minutes, it was seemingly lit and a mild heat spreading over the whole of the hand warmer. Over the course of the next few hours, it became as warm as I was hoping it would (not too hot to hold either directly or in the bag)...so I dropped it in a pocket and left it here to test it out.

The pocket became very warm and exactly what I was looking for.

I lit it at 2pm one day and at midday the next day it was still warm...so just about 22 hours of heat on one fill. Perfect for what I need. Hopefully having been lit once, means it will be easier to light again now. I'm looking forward to using this when out working. Very pleased with it.
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