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on 29 November 2012
I'm quickly getting into the festive mood and I wasn't expecting too much from this freebee. But I have to say that it was an enjoyable Novella read. I agree with other reviewers that it was somewhat predictable, but there again, I think that most romantic comedies are, aren't they? I would also say that for a comedy, it didn't give me the belly laughs like I got from Rhona T Pinkleton's wonderful I'm Dreaming of a Wilde Christmas (A laugh-out-loud romantic comedy) which really did have me laughing-out-loud, but Bah, Humbug kept me smiling throughout and if you are into Christmas, I would grab it while it's on offer!
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on 26 December 2011
This was the first book I read on the Kindle - a great and simple story with a predictable but lovely ending. If you want something quick and easy to get you started on the Kindle this fits the bill perfectly.
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on 12 November 2011
If you're looking for a nice quick read that leaves you with that warm fuzzy feeling this will do the trick.
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on 15 September 2013
Awful sickly sweet romance. Hated the heroine and her kids, just too perfect. The author tried to bring in a bit of spice with a mother dead for 22 years, but would a whole family really mourn and dread Christmas for that long? If you value your time give this stupid predictable book a miss and read something more sensible
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on 27 August 2012
I love reading christmas stories any time of the year and this was just the right length for me - not too short but not long enough to get boring! The story was very gentle with both humorous and poignant moments. I agree it was a bit predictable but, having said that, I think any Christmas romance story with a happy ending would be hard pushed not to be at least a tiny bit predictable - and I liked the characters enough to really want them to end up as a couple.

I found it a lovely, easy read and would like to read more from this author.
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on 10 October 2012
I loved this book, set around Christmas time with an single mother and her children and a popular children's writer, however this is a very quick read which could be read in a day, however its a good chick-lik and will read it again around Christmas time.
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on 28 December 2014
MERRY CHRISTMAS (Yes I decided a review of a Christmas novella on Christmas Day was the best way to go!)

Having just moved to the neighbourhood, Alexis Anderson doesn't know that her next door neighbour is none other than Kyle Miller, her children's favourite author. When Kyle decapitates her Snowman, she becomes determined to fix his Christmas spirit, and in a few short days ingrains himself into Lexi's life. Kyle never expected that anyone would be able to get through his shell, but Lexi and her children seem to have something about them that he can't resist...

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The COYER facebook group strikes again, as this was recommended to me during a conversation about Christmas books, which I'll be honest, I haven't read many of and neither do I plan to (holiday themed books aren't really my thing!) But I did decide that I should give this one a go, after all it was free and Christmassy!

Having read Bah, Humbug! there's not really all that much to say, it is a short fluffy read, with a fairytale ending, and admittedly sometimes that is what you want from a book. There's no pretenses about how this would end and I was in the mood for that when I read it. However I can't help but feel like the ending was too fairy tale like for me, especially considering that the events of the book take place over a period of days.

I liked the ever so slight twist on a Christmas Carol, with Kyle playing Scrooge, though it was quickly got over and the story progressed. I was actually kind of surprised to discover that the author had included a quite emotional conversation between the various characters, that gave the book more depth than I had been expecting.

A very light fluffy read, and if that's what you're looking for this holiday, then Bah, Humbug! will provide!

Bah, Humbug! counts towards Winter COYER
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on 26 July 2014
This one was really up and down for me. I started out hating it, moved to quite enjoying it around the 50% mark, and then felt meh again towards the end.

I enjoyed the Christmas theme, and didn't mind that it was a bit sappy and sugary - I quite like excess sugar in my Christmas books. I liked the idea of Lexi's character, too - while I fully believe that women should be able to be whatever they want to be, I also believe that being a homemaker and / or Martha Stewart for the new generation is a perfectly legitimate lifestyle choice, and I wish that there were more novels written with homemaker heroines. (I like the doctors and lawyers and cops and architects etc that feature so often in romance novels, but I also like some variety, ja?)

But plenty of things really didn't work for me. Some of them were fairly small things, like Kyle's brainstorm that the murder weapon (in the book he was writing) could be hidden inside the snowman, because the cops would never think to look there. (I'm fairly sure they would.) Others were big things, like Kyle's entire personality for the first third of the book. I absolutely loathed him for the whole of the first third. I found him arrogant, condescending, whiny and smug, and having a main character that I hate just isn't a good thing for me.

The central third was quite fun - sappy, again, but I found it fun and light and Christmassy.

The last third I found kind of meh. The fact that the whole family was still in mourning twenty-two years after Mama's death really grated on me, perhaps because it reminded me of my own family. My brother died when I was a kid, and since then my mother has hibernated in her bed for pretty much the whole three weeks from the end of January (his birthday) until the middle of February (the anniversary of his death). My birthday falls in early February, and until I gave up and started celebrating it in May two years ago, I had never had a happy birthday. I had a few where Mom tried to struggle through and pretend to be fine, and then fifteen years of ignoring my birthday.

I can't even express the awfulness of knowing that year after year, what should be a joyful occasion has to instead be given over to mourn the dead. You're not supposed to ever put a timetable on someone else's grief, but it's my opinion (and we all have one, so that may mean very little) that if you are incapable of moving forward after twenty-some years, you need professional help. Death is awful and unfair and utterly brutal for those left behind, but it happens, and people learn to move forward. My friend's mother died suddenly a few Christmases ago, and he never really stops missing her, but he doesn't expect the world to come to a halt. Another friend's daughter's birthday is on September 11th, but they still find a way to celebrate.

I don't know quite why it makes me feel so mad that Kyle's family can't move on, though. They're adults (not to mention fictional ones) who can make their own choices. I guess I just feel really bad for the children, growing up knowing that they're not supposed to be happy and probably feeling guilty for getting excited about Santa and presents.

I am so totally overreaching, and overreacting, here. I know it.

The ending was pretty ridiculous. Nary a kiss through the whole book, let alone a date or - God forbid, sex! - and then that?

So 2 stars from me. Maybe 2.5. Readable, but I won't be rereading it or looking out for more from the author.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 4 June 2016
Easy to read, but unfortunately way toooooo predictable and a bit too cheesy. When I read a novel, I want something refreshing, something execiting and something to keep my interest in till the end. You can tell how the story goes in the first few pages. Not a good one to recommend sadly.
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on 7 February 2012
I dont usually read romance but this was a really good read, predictable in places but a good feel read, look forward to reading any others from same author
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