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on 19 October 2011
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's a great story with very good characters, not sickly sweet though, and Phred had me chuckling to myself on many occasions. (I wish I could put in a wordy description but some of us were born to be readers and not writers!)

Unfortunately I was so completely wrapped up I forgot it was a short story and now I wish I had read it more slowly!

I have already told friends this is a 'must read' book (at a bargain price) and I intend to try the other novels by this author. I definitely recommend you give this a go.
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on 6 February 2012
I loved this story, such a happy fun little read. Only problem was, it was a short story but very well written. I read it last night and finished it last night. I just could not put it down . I would totally recommend this and I would of payed for this too , so even better it was free :) Well worth a read
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on 18 March 2012
The title intrigued me and the book was free, so I thought, why not...

In fact I did quite enjoy the story; it was a short, simple, pacey, easy-to-read story that was escapist and fun. It reminded me of the kind of stories I used to write at school.

The improbably named, multi-talented `Phred' flees to New York after being dumped by feckless boyfriend, Finbar. She hurtles from one amazing success to another, collecting highly desirable admirers en route. If you can suspend disbelief (and surely we can all do that) during this quick read, what's not to like?

If I'm honest, I wouldn't have bought this book (I probably would never have heard of it), but for a free download, it would be mean to criticise it too heavily. I'm sure younger readers will really enjoy its good, clean, harmless fun.
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on 23 February 2012
I downloaded this book because I'm a photographer myself and the title really appealed to me.
When I was reading I could relate with how fierce the industry is and how she got thrust into it. I absolutely loved this book but it's a shame it wasn't longer!
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on 22 June 2012
I hate writing bad reviews because someone has spent a lot of time and effort in producing a book - but this is awful. I don't use this word's utter tosh.

We have a female lead who is a writer, turned Journo who gets sent out on a pap assignment and, overnight, is getting scoops and pictures and then wins an award. And she can miraculously fix a rich man's expensive car. And she teaches him how to build a snowman. And 5 minutes after meeting an actor at a party she's re-writing one of his scripts and, in 3 hours, produces something "amazing" and is having contracts, cheques and more scripts pinned at her. And she's a martial arts expert. And...and...and - halfway through I was expecting her to win a Nobel prize. How many cliches can you get into one book?

But the biggest crime was the way it just fizzled out. There is an ex boyfriend and her boss (Royce) who appear to be muscling in on the romantic front (as well as the rich blokes she is drawing like flies) and then the book just stops. No real conclusion. And I didn't see it coming because I was only 60% through on my Kindle (something else was being promoted after it but I was ticked off by then and pressed delete).
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I wasnt sure what to expect when i started to read this, And at 196 pages i read it when i couldnt decide what i wanted to read next. But i was surprised i actually quite enjoyed it, totally different to what i normally read, yet enjoyable.
Get it while its in the free kindle books, its not bad to curl up for an easy read evening.

An Irish ex-boyfriend, a
New York newspaper editor,
a movie star, and a Hollywood agent -
the men in Phred's life cause her nothing but trouble.
So the last thing she needs is to become one of the paparazzi.
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on 23 October 2012
I've never before felt compelled to write a review about anything but I can categoricallly say this is the worst load of drivel I have ever read. And, I've read some rubbish, including most of the 'Grey' series and this was WORSE that that. No mean feat. To say it's badly written would be a compliment. It reads like it's been written by a 12 year old... a series of events stiched together with clunky dialogue with improbable add on stories coming from nowhere! Abandoned as a baby?!? I have no idea why the author felt compelled to write that in it served no purpose to the stor and made it even more of an awkward read.

Not witty, not romantic and certainly not clever. But, at least it was short.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 13 January 2013
I was REALLY enjoying this - great snappy dialogue, fantastic charcters and good plotlines and then... just when i was wondering who was going to be the lucky chap... it ended! what?? If it wasn't for the words THE END I'd have been thinking my kinlde had missed a section. I was really disappointed and if the ending had been better I'd have given this four - maybe five stars. But i just felt cheated as though author had just written herslef into a corner and run out of ideas :(
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on 22 June 2012
I think one reader summed this book up perfectly, light and fluffy. It's a cutesy romantic comedy, completely far fetched but harmless. I'm not sure if I missed the part though where it says this was a short story therefore I was quite surprised to get to around 68% and have the book end, followed then by sample chapters of the authors other work. Not my normal sort of read at all but I like to download freebie books that I wouldn't normally buy and as far as freebies go, this was certainly ok, even if it was highly unbelievable!
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on 3 September 2013
Doing a job she loved for the boss she hated, he gave her an assignment as paparazzi, doing such a good job she got given more to do, only to find herself caught up with her mark. Read what happens when they spend more and more time in each others company. Real feel good factor
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