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on 9 February 2012
This earpiece is great, no hassle to set up, jus turn on ps3 then headset and thats it, great battery life seems to match the life of the controllers which is great, its stylish neat and comfortable in your ear, great noise reduction features, very easy to operate mic mute, volume an power buttons whilst on ur ear,, its also very light, i actually forgot i was wearing it until one of my onlines buddys spoke.
It seems to have 2 built in mics, I got good feedback from my pals online stating that they can hear me loud and clear, they could also be heard loud an clear.
I would reccommend this product to all online gamers who currently does not have a headset, dont get a knock off, go official, it may seem a lil bit pricey but believe you me its worth every penny..
P.S. The stand is a beauty makes the whole thing look complete wen next to your ps3..
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on 25 April 2013
This is ok for what you pay but it does not have he best of audio, it is not as good quality as the previous version of he same product.
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on 28 December 2011
This is a really amazing product. Really durable and battery life is 8 hours, charge time 30 - 50 mins.
The sound is good and there is a noise reduction feature which is very handy. They have now put 2 mics so you can be heard loud and clear!!!
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on 14 July 2014
I decided on this headset as it is an official Sony product which hopefully meant the quality would be good. I also liked the fact it wasn't too big - I'm a girl and didn't want anything massive just yet as I am fairly new to online gaming.

When the product arrived I was surprised to see it is rather small and light. This was fine for me as it's what I wanted in the product. It fitted quite nicely on my ear, so much so I forgot it was there most of the time. I did have an initial issue with not being able to hear other players, however this was soon rectified as I found a way to higher the volume to 5 instead of the recommended highest level of 3 which definitely isn't high enough.

I really like the mute function - push the button and a beep in your ear tells you that your mic is now muted (A purple light confirms this if you feel the need to check). Push the button again and two beeps tell you it is no longer muted.
There is also a display on the top right of the screen to confirm this - and it's also how I check the battery level of the headset.

The charging cable is no more than 6" long which is quite ridiculous. When charging in the pod it often falls over because it is so light and the cable is so short. The ear bud is also one fixed size which can be a problem if you are like me and have smaller ears. I've found that it starts to hurt me after a while so I have to swap ears.
I was also slightly confused about the indicator lights at first - I would suggest keeping the manual open to check on and positioning a mirror in front of you if possible so you can see what colour the light is and how often it is flashing.

Would have given five stars if the ear bud was size changeable like many in-ear headphones are, and also if the cable was slightly longer.
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on 13 January 2012
Although Amazon seem to think this headset is a game, my star review of it is the same, I like it.

Having used the GeoTeck headsets in the past, and found them to be lacking, this official PS headset is comfortable, and stylish.

The headset only comes with one arm to fit around your ear, but this can be removed and flipped over if you wish to wear on the other ear.

The charging dock is nice, and Ive even started to use the headset for my Android and Blackberry phones. Its comfortable, and doesn't move around as much as other headsets.
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on 16 October 2013
This is the only Bluetooth headset you should buy for your PS3, It's the latest one so is smaller than the old square one so is much more comfortable & doesn't wobble about like the old heavier one.
As long as your PS3 software is up to date this will connect to your PS3 as soon as you connect it & because of this you will get the auto messages in the top right of the screen just like you do with the controller, It'll let you know when the MIc is off/on the volume & the charge.
Sound quality is excellent & my friends online report back that my voice is coming over crystal clear. The stand is perfect & holds it very securely & sits nicely alongside my PS3.
One thing to note is that it takes a bit of gentle force to connect the ear piece onto the stand, It sorts of slots downwards into the charger base. You'll know alls well due to the lights that it shows.

A Headset is a must have for online play & this headset is the only one to buy, Do not be tempted by cheaper headsets, This Official one has all the best features, the best sound both ends & it holds a charge like no other.
Superb product that I would recommend to anybody, Well more than recommend as it is a must have for online gaming with the PS3.
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on 2 July 2012
I bought this as my first headset, I figured it would be safer since it was the official Sony PS3 headset.

It is very easy to set up, you just plug it into the PS3 and it sorts itself out for you. All voices from the game are transmitted into the headset making it easier to hear your friends while playing the game. There is a mute function which is very useful while eating etc. but you have to remember you're muted otherwise you confuse yourself! My friends have commented how well I can be heard using it, but you do have to talk loudly to yourself for them to hear you clearly otherwise it sounds like you're mumbling - which also means you have to be careful about how close you are to the TV because others have commented on how they can hear me playing while I talk.

The downsides are that the hook to attach it to your ear is small and flimsy after a lot of use, meaning the mic sometimes slips into a downward position while you're playing but it really doesn't make much difference to the way it feels or how you sound. I personally found the ear piece wasn't that comfortable but I have a sensitivity to ear phones and tend to only be able to wear in-ear earphones (with rubber) but it really wasn't that big of a deal. The battery life is about 4 or 5 hours I would say but then I found it only takes about an hour or so to charge fully before you can use it again.

The range decreases with use. At first I was able to walk the seven meters to my back door to let my dog out while playing and still chat to everyone, but now I can barely walk two meters from the PS3 before it disconnects - a let down but really not that big of a deal as long as you don't insist on sitting outside while you play on the PS3 that's inside.

In all its a great mic but if you're not sure and have the money to spare, then I definitely recommend getting something a little more expensive than this - but for a first time mic this is perfect especially if you're not a heavy gamer.(7 to 8 hours a day, everyday)
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on 15 June 2014
overall it's a nice bit of kit. looks good and is easy to use. paired with my nexus 4 seamlessly and also with my PS3 (even easier with the PS3 but that shouldn't be a surprise). my main issue is with the clip-on piece that goes round one's ear. far, far, too easy for it to come off. i understand that they want it to be able to be used on both ears but this mechanism should be re-thought as it is in no way sturdy enough and cheapens the whole thing for me.
once it's actually seated properly it fits snugly enough and the quality of both the microphone and speaker are good.
one other thing...give it a good, long, charge before you first use it. a long charge...
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on 17 July 2014
Paired with PS3 no problem then just put it on charge but had to use it before it charged fully as my my old one refused to work. I thought it would run out of juice but I used it for about 3 hours without any problems, and my friends said my voice was very clear and could hear me very well. I had to change the ear hook around (which is easy to do) as I like it on my left ear, it's very comfortable and very light and it fits snugly in your ear. It comes with a charging cable which you can charge it directly in the headset or put it on the charging cradle. It looks very sleek and well made and I'm very pleased with it. I would recommend this product.
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on 22 December 2012
After having my Giotek ear piece stop working after 2 years use, I decided to buy the PS3 one for the extra £13. Glad I did, this is a superb headset, just plug it into the PS3 via the supplied cable and it pairs automatically. I did have to change the mic source in the accessory setting to this headset but otherwise no Bluetooth pairing steps. Perfect.

Sound quality is excellent for both sending and receiving audio, it also works with my phone! A fairly old Samsung F400! Result!

Love the different coloured ring light on it which indicated what it's doing (pairing to phone, muted, connected etc) although the 'purple' colour is actually pink, ha ha.

Highly recommend spending the extra for this quality item, you even get a little status bar appear top right on the PS3 when you adjust volume which doesn't surprise me being an official accessory.

Little charging dock included too. All looks Very swish sitting next to my PS3.

Comfortable fit, even if you have small ears like myself. Just make sure it's sitting ok in your ear. I don't normally like ear bud style headsets but this is very comfortable.

Overall, well worth the money as it is extremely versatile and very pretty and functional.
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