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on 20 December 2011
I bought this to combat damp in a bedroom after having a major mould attack. Once the mould was cleaned up and the cause of the damp fixed I installed this dehumidifier and was sceptical about the results. However, within a day it had sucked 2litres of water out of the air and I have been emptying a litre a day from it ever since (it has now been in use about 3 weeks). I switch it on every morning when I get up and turn it off when I go to bed. There is never any condensation on the window now and there seems to be no sign of the mould returning. The unit is easy to empty, the filter is easy to change and the instructions provided are clear and concise.

I would recommend turning it off and leaving it for 5 minutes to allow all the water to drain into the reservoir before emptying it otherwise some spillage will be noticed as other reviewers have commented. Also, The unit does produce a moderate hum, but as the unit is in the bedroom and I turn it off over night I never really notice this. It may be more noticeable if the unit is being used in a room you occupy during the day, but it's a small price to pay for such a good overall unit.

Highly recommended!!
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on 23 November 2010
Takes away a lot of water which is what is needed. Only thing is that I could have done with a little more information with the product as it does not explain how to use the degree of dehumidification i.e. how far round the dial to select.
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on 21 December 2014
Really pleased and impressed with this dehumidifier would definitely recommend, does the job
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on 28 October 2009
This dehumidifier has really solved a long term problem. In our rather small flat, the windows would steam up everytime we cooked, when it rained or when a stronger thunderstorm passed by. This steam would sometimes condense so much that droplets started to form on our windows and the creation of mold was extensive. When we bought this dehumidifier, it took about a day and all condensation was gone from everywhere and most importantly, no more mold. It can get up to 3 litres of water from the air every day (if the tank is emptied at least twice a day). I consider this dehumidifier very important, especially in a country like the UK, with almost daily downpours and very high humidity.
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on 6 December 2011
I bought one of these recently and I couldn't recommend it enough! Although quite loud at 45 decibels it's one thirsty little work horse and for it's size it soon mops up excess moisture in the air!

Other people reviewing here have mentioned that the instructions could have been clearer but in all honesty you won't need any, it's so easy to use. When you first turn on the unit you simply press either the (+) or (-) button until the digital display reads what level of humidity you want to achieve. The display will either increase or decrease in 5% increments depending on which button you press. My own machine was set at 75% which would be too high so I just reduced the level on the digital display down to 50%. According to the manual this is a more comfortable humidity level.

Once the machine has gone though the 3 minute settling period (a built in safety feature to protect the motor) it will start to work and the display will indicate the current level of humidity in the air. This will gradually reduce until the level of humidity has gone down to what you have set, i.e. 50% in my case.

I read quite a lot about dehumidifiers before making my purchase and I feel I have made an excellent choice with this model. One thing which is important to know is that this model has a humidistat built in! Basically this means that once the desired humidity level has been achieved this unit will cut in and out as necessary thus saving precious electricity. Beware, some other makes do not have this feature and so will cost more money to run!

In summary, a nice little unit which works extremely well and looks quite good too! ;o)
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on 22 November 2010
This product is doing exactly what I bought it to do. For the past few weeks we have had a great deal of condensation building up overnight on windows in all the rooms of our bungalow. The main bedroom was the worst affected and the clothes in the wardrobe were also starting to get damp. Since this dehumidifier was delivered the problems have steadily decreased, I have not needed to wipe up puddles from the window sills since I started using it.The damp smell has faded from the bedroom now, and I can see through the windows without needing to wipe them first.Have only had it a week but the humidity readings in the house are down by 50 percent according to our weather station. Had it running constantly for the first few days, moving it from room to room, but we only have it going about 2 thirds of the time now. Had to empty it 4 times the 1st day so I knew it was working well. Easy to use, reasonably quiet as I slept with it running the 1st night.I placed the order on the Sunday night and it was delivered first thing Tuesday morning, so no complaints about delivery times.Didn't want to spend too much but did want something that would do the job this product seems to fit the bill.
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on 4 February 2014
Firstly let me say that the people writing bad reviews about this product are the kind of people that have trouble putting their socks on in the morning!

I bought this item for our two bed flat that has been suffering with damp in the winter months. This item could not be easier to use, it is ready to go straight out box and after a quick flick through the instruction it was plugged in and went to work.

I have read a few reviews saying it is loud but it is not at all, I would put the noise somewhere between the sound of a strong wind and a fan running at full blast. Although I don't plan on running it thoughout the night I would say I could comfortably sleep through it (One reviewer claims their iPhone clocked it at 65Db, this is just an example of why phones should be used for making phone calls).

The controls are so simple a child could work it. You switch on the power button and the display will show the current humidity, you use the +- to set it to your desired humidity and away it goes. The display will show the current humidity level and will slowly drop until the level you selected is reached, it will then switch itself off until the humidity rises again. There is also a continuous function that will keep it running regardless of the humidity level. Don't panic if it doesn't seem to do anything when you first switch it on as it has a 3 min delay while the compressor sorts itself out.

After the first two hours of having it running it had sucked nearly a litre of water out of the air and the humidity level had dropped in our flat by 10%. We run it all day from when we get up until we go to bed, it dosen't consume much electric, the smell of damp is slowly going and we no longer have condensation running down our windows in the mornings. Some people have written that it dosn't take much water out of the air but that is probably because they have the setting too high of they just didn't have as big a humidity problem as they thought they did.

To sum up, this is well worth the money and I would recommend this to anyone having trouble with damp rooms
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on 6 February 2011
We live in an old house with very thick stone walls. During this last cold spell combined with extra cooking for Christmas our walls inside our front room were very wet. After looking for solutions on the internet, some of which included very expensive lining of the walls,we came across this item and after reading the reviews decided to send for it. It arrived very promptly and was instantly plugged in. The amount of water collected every day is amazing and as it is easily transportable we move it around the house. It is well worth the money and I would recommend it to anyone with condensation problems.
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on 23 April 2017
We almost didn't buy this one because of the truly stupid name, but I'm glad we made the decision in the end. A hard working piece of equipment, very sturdy if a bit heavy. We really felt the difference in the air after just a few hours running.
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on 19 February 2013
We already have an Ebac dehumidifier which is excellent but needed another for our conservatory which suffers from condensation problems. We've now had this dehumidifier for a few months and it's quite efficient for small spaces but quite noisy. Some other reviewers say it's quiet but I don't think that they have experienced a quality machine like the Ebac which is really quiet. I wouldn't want the Prem-I-Air Exteem 10 in my bedroom at night for instance! The water container is also quite small and will need frequent emptying although there is a facility to drain off the water constantly by means of attaching a pipe which can then drain into a bucket or outside perhaps - just watch the instructions as they advise you to use the wrong size tube! Measure it first and then buy one from a home brewing supplier. The ability to alter the required humidity level is good although not accurate - we have a weather station in the same room which always shows the humidity as being higher.
This machine will serve a small flat or a single large room reasonably well but if you have to dry out a larger area or have a serious condesnation problem, I'd go for an Ebac. Still good for the money though and I can't complain.
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