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Customer reviews

3.6 out of 5 stars
Impulse Control (Talent Chronicles)
Format: Kindle Edition|Change

TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 26 November 2011
...Well, possibly as it kind of sounds like a bit of a made-for-TV, would-be X-Men type of material. There was no Spike, and no Angel, which of course I'd sussed there wouldn't be, but I thought that there might have been some characters a bit like them, i.e. Bad boys who are Good, but not really.

All that I can say about this book is that is was like X-Men@High School, complete with nice kids, disruptive ones, shifters, mind-control, empaths, learning to control their powers, forming little groups against authority...and a little teen romance, but just a little bit.

Not great, I had to skim-read to get to the end, but maybe a longer book would have had more potential.
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on 26 November 2011
Any kid that displays some type of supernatural ability is sent to a government run research and training facility in order to control them. One inmate Ethan has a reputation but he's not lost his temper for a while; which isn't a bad thing as he tends to lose control of his shape shifter ability when he does. His friend Karen can read his mind, and as a result she is aware of his not so secret crush on Elle; a girl with the ability to repair anything.

When kids are selected for experimentation, they start to suffer seizures and die. With a new crop of children about to be selected for further experiments, Ethan, Karen and Ellie rope in help from some good guys, plus a bad guy with a scary ability.

"Impulse Control" is a good introduction to the "Talent Chronicle" series but I was a little confused where this novella fit into this series ("Hush Money", "Heroes `Til Curfew" and the as yet unreleased "Heroes Under Siege"). SB's website does clarify that the main characters will become important further along in the series. . There is an interesting cast of characters, who all have the opportunity to shine and show what they can do with their abilities. There is also action and some tense filled scenes as Ethan, Karen and Elle try to outmanoeuvre the armed guards that constantly surround them, after all Detention for a Talented teen is not a form of discipline you fully recover from, if you actually survive the experience. 3½ stars
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on 2 April 2012
Immediatly when reading the description I likened this story to the Darkest Powers series by Kelley Armstrong, which I loved as an easy to read YA fantasy series, and was excited to find something similar.

I was not disappointed by this short taster into this series but fear it may be targeted even younger than imagined. The titles of the second book 'Heroes before Curfew' saying a lot.

This being said I did really enjoy getting drawn into the pubescent mind of young supernatural's, the pure escapism proving much more enjoyable than some more complex adult reads.

The characters promised to be well developed and likeable whilst engaging in a action filled narrative with just the right amount of awkward romance.

I can't say this book offers something new or revolutionary but it is a taster to a series I want to read more of.

I gave this a 7/10 on my blog review.

Love Rie x
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on 31 October 2013
I love the secrecy of the silhouettes as if your not aloud to see their true identity and must be hidden from the outside world.

I really enjoyed this short story that revealed to us more of the secrets surrounding the research facilities and their occupants. After reading Hush Money, there were many questions left unanswered including what actually happens at the facilities and why they appear to have left the surface of the earth with no way of tracking them.

I must say though, I got so into the story that when it ended I just wanted more. Making me hope that there will be more tales about the facilities in the second instalment. I also enjoyed hearing about all the different Talents everyone has and they how high the power behind them can affect and manipulate anything.

You can find my review for the first instalment, Hush Money here. The second instalment in this series; Heroes 'Til Curfew.
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on 9 September 2012
A novella that describes the 'State Schools' of the Talent Chronicles. I read the first two books in the series before I tried this one for free, which really helped because now I know why secrecy is so important on the 'outside'!!
Felt that there were maybe too many characters (all new) in such a short piece of story which made it confusing at times who was related to who and who had what Talent.
It was good to see this side of the Talent Chronicles stories, though. Made me realise the potential for so many more books in the series. (PLEASE!!) I just love getting lost in this world and can't wait for more!!
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on 4 December 2011
Possibly entertaining to teenagers of YA. I found it confusing, especially in the first few chapters. I had to re-read some of the beginning because I lost track of what who when why, then again perhaps it is just my age. I am also still pondering the mention of the Buffy characters, which seemed to have no relevance on the storyline once it had started.
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on 23 November 2011
This is short story about the kids with supernatural abilities that get put in state schools under the control of NIAC who haven't got there best interests in mind. Characters are one dimensional and I felt a little confused and got lost in some places. The concept is good but needs tweaking....10-14 years might enjoy this ebook.
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on 26 November 2013
Totally my cup of tea! Very well written paranormal fiction. This is a teaser novella about kids with special powers who have to help out some other special friends in a life or death situation. I was so impressed that I bought the first book in the series straight after reading this. Hopefully it's as entertaining as this one.
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on 4 December 2012
A decent little story which did leave me wanting to read a bit more about the characters. I got it free on promotion but wouldn't have felt ripped off if I'd paid a pound or three for it.
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on 16 August 2014
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