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on 1 December 2011
I am a huge Shaun Hutson fan so him teaming up with Hammer was an automatic winner. I will say upfront I have never seen the movie, so any criticism in that general area I cannot give.
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on 12 October 2011
Twins of Evil is the third film, produced by Hammer Films, in the Karnstein Trilogy, and arguably the best of the three. The film was a prequel to The Vampire Lovers and Lust For A Vampire and is set in Styria towards the end of the 1700's. The plot involves a battle between good and evil involving the fanatical puritan witch hunters, known as The Brotherhood, and Count Karnstein, the last of the corrupt and vampiric Karnstein family. I use the term good loosley, as the the Brotherhood are, in essence, as evil as Count Karnstein, hunting down and burning innocent young women in their maniacal and misguided quest to rid the locality of suspected witches and devil worshippers. The Brotherhood are led by Gustav Weil (pronounced Vile, with good reason), a religious zealot, in to whose life come his identical twin nieces, the soft and loving Maria and the feisty and dangerous Frieda. Frieda's love of danger eventually brings her in to direct contact with Count Karnstein, setting off a train of events that can only end in tragedy and death for all those involved.

Shaun Hutson has made a solid job of adapting the film in to a novel, adding and extending scenes and fleshing out characters not seen in the original movie. I would have given the book 5 stars if it was not for, in my opinion, a serious error of Hutson's, by including chapters that incoporate characters from several other Hammer vampire films, whose own storylines take place over a hundred years after the events in Twins of Evil. He also briefly skits over the storylines of The Vampire Lovers and Lust For A Vampire, but has altered their timeline and sequence. Was it necessary to do this? His introduction to the book states that he is a fan of Hammer films, but he has clearly not done his homework.

For those who have never seen Twins of Evil or the other films, it will probably make no difference, but to Hammer fans such as myself, who will recognise the characters I have mentioned, it seems a shame that an author, such as Hutson, should stoop to "lifting" characters from other classic Hammer films and liberally scatter them in to the storyline, rather than just create original scenarios from his own prolific and fertile imagination.
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on 25 January 2017
I'm a big Hammer horror fan and probably like Twins of Evil the best of any of their films – it captures all the scares, sexiness and campiness to perfection. It's not the best horror film they made, but as a 'greatest hits' collection of what works in Hammer horror, its tremendous fun. The book, though, is a letdown. The writing is perfunctory, following the plot of the film well enough and throws in a bunch of timeline-mangling 'Easter eggs' which might appeal to some fans, but will annoy others for amounting to gratuitous 'cameos' of characters from other movies. Let's face it, continuity between the films was never all that strong – and it didn't matter because the films were fun in their own right. I suspect the author was given a list of requirements by Hammer which rather straitjacketed him, because there was potential to make this a cracking read. I'd have to say, with regret, that you're better off getting an HD copy of the movie and giving this a miss. It's a great shame and a missed opportunity, but given it's a 'corporate' tie-in novel, I'm not going to knock the author. The cover is tremendous, at least.
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on 16 April 2013
I'm a big fan of Shaun's, especially the early stuff. I've been disappointed with some of his recent books so I was intrigued to see how collaborating with Hammer would work out.

I have to say I'm not disappointed, Shaun's writing style and Hammer's film style go well together.

The book adds a little more flesh to the film characters and it does feel like the book is better than the film, even though they have been produced the opposite way around from the norm.

Looking forward to reading X - The Unknown and Revenge of Frankenstein
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on 29 October 2011
As a lifelong Hammer fan, I am always ready to consider initiatives connected with their films. Adapting a book version from a movie doesn't always work though, and this is really the case here. It is inevitable that the author will always need to use some artistic licence, and Hutson has apparently drawn his from deleted scenes and additional bits from the script.
It does make for an entertaining read, but with Hammer, I feel the effort would have been better spent on producing a graphic novel. Looking back at the "House of Hammer" magazines of the 70s is proof alone of what can be done to reproduce the back catalogue in a different format.
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on 20 December 2013
I've read and enjoyed much of Shaun Hutson's work. Whilst "Twins of Evil" is a very good vampire novel, a book adaptation of a Hammer film, it lacks the scare/gore factor of "Heathen" or "Slugs". An enjoyable read nonetheless.
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on 24 February 2015
Cracking read, not the gore you may expect from Shaun but its a great book
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on 24 May 2012
I did enjoy this book by Shaun Hutson as I do all the books I have read from him. However I didn't think the title quite reflects the story, I could not see the TWINS of Evil in the story as only one of the twins was evil to me. But still a great read and I will continue to read every book of his as I can get my hands on. Keep up the good work Shaun all ways loved your books ever since I read my first Slugs.
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on 24 November 2014
Have read several of his books didn't enjoy this one
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on 5 September 2012
I have purchased every book written by Shaun Hutson, even a number of his books that he has written under other pen names.
I eagerly awaited receiving this book to read whilst relaxing on holiday.

If you read Shaun Hutson you will be used to having to follow 5 or 6 different story lines that will start to entwine as the book nears its conclusion. This helps to keep the mystery and drama unfolding as you try and guess the outcome.

This latest offering did not offer any of the usual mystery and intrigue and you guessed at what was occuring very early on and it was an effort to read to the final page. Very unlike Shaun Hutson and extremely disappointing.

I was a fan of Hammer Horror during my youth but am a bit saddened that Shaun hutson has felt the need to resort to re-writing someone elses work. What initially drew me to Shaun Hutsons book was the fact that as well as being incredibly gory, the stories were unique with unexpected endings and plot/ character twists.

Please return to the Shaun of old.
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