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on 7 May 2012
When I saw Garmin's new releases for 2012 I decided it was definitely time to replace my old Nuvi 200 with something more high tech! It was a toss up between the 3590 LMT and the 3490 LMT ... the only difference seemed to be that the 3490 was slimmer and lighter and the rrp was £10 less. I am more than satisfied with the 3490 - it has lifetime travel and map updates (I bought Lifetime updates for the Nuvi 200), lane assist and bird's eye views on roundabouts (brilliant!)and you can sync it with your smart phone to use as hands free. The spoken directions are clear and it gives road names. The 'voice command' setting is a 'must have'! Tell it an address and it finds it, ask it to phone a contact/number and it does. And if you can't find where you have parked your car it will lead you to it ... provided you haven't left it in the glove box!! Overall I am really impressed with it.
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on 1 July 2012
I bought the Garmin Nuvi 3760T a couple of years ago and quite frankly thought it was a terrible product, but having recently dropped it I found myself looking for a new sat-nav. I did my homework this time and found the 3490lmt, which for all intents and purposes is a new version of the 3760 so I don't have tp discard the case and peripherals as they are all compatible. I was apprehensive about buying another Garmin product, but it seems that all of the manufacturers make dodgy products now, so based on the reviews I took a chance.

I have to say, first impressions have been good; the new interface is very clear and simple to understand and you can customize many of the features such as the new actions buttons that are displayed in the map screen and the look and feel of the dashboard at the bottom of the screen. The 3D appearance makes the display very clear and concise, a huge improvement on the 3760. The screen seems to be a little slicker, redraw rates are much faster and smoother and recalculation of routes is almost instantanious. Another major improvement is the time it takes to find a satelitle...indoors it was ready to navigate in less than 5 seconds, bit different to the 40-60 seconds on the 3760.

There are a few problems though; the device is claimed to be voice activated, but during the process of updating the maps I was informed that voice activation does not work with the UK and Ireland maps, which is a bit ridiculous and misleading. Another advertised feature that I am still to find if the birds eye view of junctions...the junctions view is identical to the 3760...I will play with this to see if it only appears in 3D view. The back on my unit is lose and creaks when I apply any pressure to it...it is fixed on securely though, so not really a problem.

Don't be fooled by the "Live Ready" Smartphone link, this really is a big con...once you connect your sat-nav to your phone you quickly discover that all of the available services are subscription based...

Anyway, I will update this review when I have used the unit a bit more!

(Here is the link to my review of the 3760)
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on 8 November 2012
Bough this unit in Mar '12 and had to have it replaced after only a few weeks. Why? The unit switched its self off and would not power up again, regardless of whether it was connected to the car power supply, mains power or through my Laptop.
I contacted the good people in AMAZON and they replaced it in a matter of days, fantastic service.
After having the replacement unit for approx 6 a series of faults started to occurred:
1. The unit would reboots itself during a journey. 5 or 10 minutes later it would come back to life.
2. On several occasions the street map would disappear, the journey track was still visible, you could still hear the directional instructions but that was all, not street plan. I had to re-boot it 3 times before the map would re-appear, not a problem if you know where you are but not if, like me, you are driving in the city of Bordeaux (France) for the first time and your SatNav fails.
3. The time it takes to plot a journey went from under a minute to 10 or more minutes. Getting off the Ferry on returning to Ireland I pressed the HOME icon, it took 45 minutes to plot the journey. Because of this fault, apart from all the others, you cant get traffic alerts *even though I have paid for that service* As it needs to know where you are going to inform you of any obstacles on the journey.

This is my 5th Garmin SatNav & the only Model I have ever had a problem with. And yes, I have written to Garmin, just waiting for a reply (said hopefully). Hope that this is of help to someone.

Up-Date 02 August 2013
The problems as I have outlined above have NOT been fixed.
I have written to GARMIN on several occasions and have gotten the same 'stock' reply each time: Up-Date your software, Re-Boot your system and you will be okay, have a nice day.

The latest addition to the list of problems: The unit switches itself off and three or even five days later it will switch itself on again.
I wrote again to GARMIN, it was obvious that GARMIN didn't even have the curtsy of reading my email, they instructed me to 'connect the SatNav to my computer, it should take about 5 hours to full charge', 'update the software' 'Re-Boot the system' and 'everything will be fine'

Hello ... I just told you that it would NOT power-up from ANY power source.

The only thing that changes in the name at the bottom of the page.
It is obvious the GARMIN just do not care about their customers.

GARMIN is, without doubt, the worst company I have ever dealt with.
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on 13 October 2012
Despite having had a driving license for 38 years, this was my first SatNav purchase!
Although I am not able to compare this with other SatNav systems, I can now make some comments after my first 2 weeks of use.
First of all, in densely built up areas, your position and the directions are only relatively accurate: I would say that in about 10-20% of the cases I am given wrong road names or wrong turning instructions. Does not seem to be an issue when driving outside town and roads are so far apart that cannot be mistaken.
Size-wise I was told this was the thinnest navigator and, I have to say, this makes it fairly light. The display is 4.3", which means it is larger than most smartphones displays. When I was considering my purchase options I was undecided between this and larger 5" models: I am glad I chose this size. Larger models are heavier and bulkier to carry in a pocket (obviously I am not leaving it in the car). At the sort of arm length distance at which I position my SatNav I cannot read without reading (or varifocal glasses) and this regardless of whether it is 4.3" or 5": also - in reality - I tend to follow the spoken instructions more than the maps (and if I were my bifocal I can see any instructions or street names quite clearly). The other consideration is that 4.3" is less obtrusive: SatNavs, particularly if mounted on the windscreen, they do reduce your road vision, thus the smaller the better.
What I like most of all is the "smart" mount - which I believe is not available in many other models - which not only automatically switches on/off the SatNav when you switch on/off the engine but has an extra speaker: the mount speaker makes this SatNav much louder than it would be otherwise and this is precisely what I need to hear the instructions clear and loud! I have to be honest on this: I did not buy this to get route directions (99% of my driving is repetitive and on routes familiar to me) but because of a recent SP30. I bought a Garmin model because the display of the speed limit in the road you are driving and the current car speed seemed to be more prominent than in TomTom models: even more important, if you set it to alert you when you exceed the speed limit the alert is really LOUD. When I drive I tend to watch the road & other vehicles (rather than the speedometer) and on my car with auto gear it is easy to exceed the speed limit unintentionally: this really helps !!!
Once you bought this the key decision is where you are going to place it. I do not like placing it at the bottom of the windscreen: it is difficult to reach to touch the screen, it reduces your road view and it creates a disturbing mirror image on the windscreen. I initially positioned it in the centre just above the dashboard and the aeration vent with a direct feed from the 12V socket. On a further study of my car manual it would appear that this where the side-passenger air-bag would come out from (though it is not clear precisely from where) and I am thinking of repositioning further down just to the left of the radio: in this position would be even closer but would require looking down (but I tend to follow the spoken instructions primarily). Either way you need to buy a separate adhesive dash disk to which you can apply the provided suction cup which works only on smooth surfaces like the windscreen.
The promised traffic alerts did appeal to me but I have now realised you need to have a smartphone to link to this SatNav. My mobile phone is not smart at all (I only need it for phoning & texting). Do I need to make a further step into the new technologies?
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on 21 June 2013
After many years loyal service with an old TomTom 6 navigator within my PDA, I bought this unit. It followed great reviews by Which?.
I am very pleased with it - it has performed superbly. The route calculation or recalculation is fast and accurate, and the unit is very slim so easily taken with you in your pocket. I like the windscreen mount - it secures readily, and houses an auxiliary speaker to spread the sound around the dashboard area. The cabling up to the mount is however bulky and obtrusive - but prepared to put up with this for the radio traffic updates contained in a receiver within the cable.
I updated the maps - which did take 3 hours on a reasonable wifi link - so be prepared for this length of time.
Buyers should also be aware that the built in memory only has 700 odd Mb left and each map update takes up more space. I suspect I can only fit one more update on the built in memory. However it is simple to install extra memory on a mini SD card, which fur about £10 will add a further 8 GB memory.
I have experienced one occasion where the unit just froze mid journey (and had to be reset), but otherwise it has performed faultlessly.
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on 24 April 2012
Bought this to replace my tomtom device. When I first connected the device to my PC to download the latest maps and software, it took over 5 hours. When it eventually loaded the "My Garmin" page was still saying that I didn't have the latest software. I rang Garmin and they emailed me a PDF with instructions how to download directly from Garmin. I have to say that they sent the instructions within two minutes of ending the phone call. Fantastic service. Now I've used the sat nav for a month or so my view is that it's absolutely brilliant. Lots of features, voice command is outstanding, good clear screen and updates very quickly. Ideal when you're navigating around complex junctions. The split screen photo junction is impressive. Expensive, but well worth the money.
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on 3 June 2013
The design is thin and sexy but...
I do wish they wouldn't make so may models. I brought this as a replacement for my 660 which is now getting very old, but trying to get a replacement that does all the same thing is a pain. I don't know why they still have a picture gallery, I have never used it. The 660 had an MP3 player and a headphone jack to connect to the radio, very few of the new (if any) have this.It should be easy. So yes the guidance is good, it has voice control which works well in the quiet but very rarely when driving.
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on 15 August 2013
Well thought out software, clear screen, excellent maps and quick response. Initially I thought voice control did not work very well. However now understanding it properly I am impressed. It quickly identifies any standard commands e.g. "Voice command, volume, mute" or "Voice command, favourites, go home" and any address one has put into favourites. However it can have difficulty when inputting a new address - presumably because it has to distinguish between a huge number of similar words. This has not proved to be a problem and I use voice control all the time - much easier than trying to touch buttons when driving. Overall this is a really great product and hence the 5 stars.
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on 10 August 2013
The basic routing works pretty well, with the caveat that it has clearly been programmed by computer geeks who have not driven in Europe so it can't tell the difference between a French 90kph trunk road where the traffic maintains that speed and a back road where it does not. You need a map to overide hilarious routings. If you are going to really drive in Europe ie more than UK and France then you need an extra 8GB of memory: why dont they sell it with sufficient memory.

The traffic avoidance is a bit of joke as it can't tell if there is traffic on UK A or B roads and will direct you off a jam on the M25 straight into solid jam on B road. Same in France:it cant tell when there are solid jams round Paris and will only give warning when you are in the jam.

Routing from M25 home today it was its usual silly self missing a 2.5 mile tail back on A21 and then trying to direct me through Southborough on A 26 which is notorious locally for solid traffic. A common sense override is vital

If you are
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on 1 June 2012
This is a great little sat nav I really love it. But be warned when trying to get your £30 cash back that the Amazon receipt which you can print on line is not accepted as a valid receipt. You need a VAT Invoice. When I applied for my cash back with the Amazon receipt it took Garmin three weeks to tell me it was not valid. Am I in the process of trying to get A VAT receipt but I fear by the time I get this from Amazon and to then on to Garmin they will tell me I am too late.
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