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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I was very pleasantly surprised by this speaker set, having been disappointed with so many Bluetooth and other wireless devices in the past. I used it with both my iPhone 4 and my Windows laptop. Pairing was quick and simple. It worked fine with my iPhone in one room, speakers in another. There's a 3.5mm jack for non-BT devices. It looks good too.

For its size and price, it offers generally great sound across a wide dynamic range and many musical genres, from rock & pop through delicate jazz to orchestral and choral. It isn't perfect for speech, though, e.g. podcasts, with a touch too much bass tending to make voices a little boomy at times - it's a shame there are no tone controls; I've deducted a star as a result. There's plenty of volume, more than enough to satisfy most people, and the unit does have its own volume controls.

Battery operation is a big bonus, meaning I can move the unit from room to room and outdoors without carting a mains adapter or finding a socket. The batteries are user-replaceable, with just a little DIY required if you don't want to buy the Logitech part.

The iPhone does seem to struggle to maintain adequate output to the speakers while other apps are in use, but that's no reason to deduct marks from the speakers.

Highly recommended, if going wireless appeals.
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VINE VOICEon 15 February 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I really like this boom box and now use it regularly. It's lightweight , a good compact size and gives a good clear sound. It's also really easy to set up and use. It only took me a few minutes to connect to my iPad with the Bluetooth , usually way of connecting -press the bluetooth button on boom box till it flashes and my iPad connected straight away. Only had to do this once as my iPad automatically connects if the boom box is switched on.
The sound is good and clear, playing films and music well maround my living room. For some techie people you may prefer more technical sound controls but for my use I find it very impressive , as do my friends - who are green with envy and want one too. it plugs into the mains and is also battery operated , although if it is fully charged you don't need either. The controls are simple, on , off , connect to bluetooth and volume .
My only one gripe is sometimes the sound can be a bit muffled as it can occasionally struggle with the signal but this only lasts for a few mins .
However overall I love it and would recommend highly , it plays all sounds from my iPad , is easily controlled and looks nice and smart too. Really makes a big differance to using my iPad and defiantly enhances the whole experience .
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on 10 June 2012
I bought this to use in my classic car to avoid the need to fit a sound system to it. It sits out of sight on the magazine shelf under the dash. As a bonus it also runs on 12 volts so with a power lead I made, can be charged from the car too. I use my HTC Android phone to stream music to it. It's plenty loud enough with impressively punch bass for its size and lovely clear treble. Every classic car should have one! Also removable for the picnic!
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on 4 August 2012
I bought this after considering all sorts of systems for my iPad, having signed up and being impressed by Spotify. At the price I paid it was worth a punt.
It is a very nice unit, albeit not good enough quality sound for my lounge. I think I am going to go for an ibigboy or an arcam I cube to get a more space filling and audiophile experience for the main room.
However, given what this is- A smaller than a ghetto blaster sized stereo, the sound, build quality and overall experience is top notch.
It is easy to move around rooms, or pop in a case and take away.
The sound quality drops off quite substantially when running on battery, so plan to plug in most of the time to get the best out of it.
We use it in the conservatory, and my young daughter likes to take it to her room to listen to Spotify.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
In todays age with the music now mostly in digital format, there is no need for large hi-fi systems in the average home. I tend to listen to music either when on the computer or through headphones having removed my hi-fi and large speakers many years ago. I was looking for a speaker set that I could use with my iPhone so that I could play music for all to hear. I did look at the SoundLink® Wireless Mobile speaker (Matte finish with dark grey nylon cover) but could not really justify the price, so when this cam round, I was over the moon.

You have 1 unit that has 3 speakers either side on the front and 2 bass speakers at the rear. There are simply 4 buttons on the front, power, bluetooth, volume up and volume down. The unit can be stood using the built in foldaway stand, just press the orange catch at the back and it springs out giving a nice angle for the sound to fill the room. Simply press the power on and then the bluetooth button and using your bluetooth device, pair with the unit. Once paired (less than a minute with me) just use your mobile device/mp3 player to play music and it comes out the speaker. The volume buttons let you alter the sound independently from the mp3 player.

I have tried different genres from classical, jazz, heavy metal, 60's, electro, acoustic, modern etc to try to give a full range of frequencies. For the most part, the sound is superb but there are on occasions such as 60's music more so, the bass seems too top heavy for the vocals. The unit is lightweight so you can easily cary it from room to room, and small enough to put out of sight. If you have an mp3 player that does not support bluetooth, then you can still use the boom box via a 3.5mm jack at the back by the charging socket (you will need to get a jack separately like the FPUK 3 Metre 3.5mm to 3.5mm Stereo Jack to Jack Cable Lead GOLD for under a pound.

Are there any niggles? Well yes. The plug to recharge the batteries can either be used in the UK or EU with the 2 pin adaptors by sliding the desired pin assembly in the plug, it feels weak and I would rather have a dedicated plug. There are no controls to alter any frequencies or speakers (like bass, treble etc) just the factory set sound which is fine for 90% of the time. The battery will need replacing after a certain number of charge cycles (the battery is easy to get to under the stand, it looks like 3 AA batteries arranged in a triangle stack taped together and wires connecting them - probably an easy homemade replacement with more powerful charge batteries could be done later).

I can see through the small niggles to see a great little boom box. I have been using it for a while now and am loving it more and more each time. I recommend this items for anyone who wants to listen to their MP3 collection through speakers rather than the usual headphones. A good price and good quality means an easy choice.
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VINE VOICEon 15 February 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Looking for a Bluetooth speaker to use with your iPhone, iPad or android device? Well this certainly could be what you are looking for - use it regularly with my iPhone 4s, mainly to listen to a wide variety of music stored on the device or streamed from Spotify. It has great quality sound and has a reassuringly robust feel and quality to it.

The unit has no iPod dock but relies instead on a wireless Bluetooth (or wired through the aux socket)connection. Sound quality on Bluetooth is quite excellent and without noticeable fuzziness or hiss. Personally I don't like fiddly unreliable and fragile docks despite the advantage of being able to charge up the phone. A USB charging socket on the speaker might have been a good idea but really it's not really difficult to plug the standard charger into the same socket you plug the speaker into.

Bluetooth connection itself is quick and seamless - and in my experience very reliable across even quite large rooms. Once paired the speakers find your device every time it is in range and switched on. This speaker set is excellent for use in any room of the house, or even, thanks to its rechargeable battery pack giving 5 or 6 hours of play, outside in the garden. However, do note that when used on batteries the power output drops and the decrease in quality, particularly in the base response, is noticeable. I would have preferred a switch to select a 'battery saving' mode and retain the option of the better output for a shorter period.

The Boombox is actually larger than I anticipated and not all that portable. At 46cms in length and nearly 2 Kgs in weight you probably won't be putting it into your suitcase or backpack to take on holiday, which is a real shame because you won't want to leave it at home! If you do want something ultra-portable with great sound then take a look at either foxLv2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Integrated Mic or Jawbone JamBox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Black Diamond - my personal preference is for the Jambox! However, the larger Logitech unit works better as a portable, round the house, speaker set - easily moved from room to room or out into the garden.
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VINE VOICEon 11 February 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Great quality product with an equally great sound. Black plastic shell with a couple of flashing lights, one for on and the other to show when it is connected. Operates via bluetooth, very easy to connect. I used it with my iPad, iPod Touch, son has used it with his iPhone, very simple to connect. Sound produced is very clear and sounds really good. Very impressed with it and definitely recommend.
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on 8 December 2012
Love using this, sounds great with all types of music from Adele to heavy bass Rap/Hip-Hop like 50 cent's Get Rich or Die Trying. The only draw back is that if its not plugged into the mains and you are using the battery then the bass seems like its automatically set to 30% . As soon as you plug it in again the bass returns to its former self. Apart from that very happy.
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on 10 May 2012
I bought this trying to cover a number of different 'needs'.

I wanted something bluetooth to enjoy wireless streaming from my Iphone. This pairs seemlessly, remembers the device and has a better range than I hoped. In my house this works between rooms and between floors. The house is a terrace, and it just starts to lose signal if it is on the ground floor and my source is diagnally opposite on the first floor.

I wanted something that could be truly wireless-running off batteries and allowing me to carry the music around the house or pack up to use away from home without a charger. It does this, and the charging indicator is helpful.

Above all, I wanted something that would sound great. Frankly I can't beleive how much range this thing has. Proper tweeters allow for clear highs-this is a feature missing from a lot of modern speaker systems. But it's the bass that really impressed. Given the small size, I can't believe how much kick this unit has--and most importantly for me the bass is clear and distinct. A lot of systems have a very muddy bass that seems to make the whole spectrum bassy--here the bass is distinct and doesn't distort. I can't stress enough the moment of genuine suprise when I tried this on a song with big bass!

The only 'fly in the ointment' is that when on battery power the sound loses it's power, and the bass in particular is compromised. The unit is rated at 20w output on mains, and only 6watts on battery. Don't get me wrong--even on battery the unit exceeds my original expectations-it is still loud and clear, just not quite in thr 'unbelievable' catorgory that mains power achieves. In fact--the battery is the biggest flaw. A bespoke arrangement of 3 AA batteries taped together it is not possible to imrove. I would rather have had a unit with 6 AA batteries to give more kick, allow me to swap them out and charge seperately, have a longer life (it really only lasts 6 hours at modest volume) and more flexibility. I considered knocking off a star for this design weakness, but that wouldn't reflect the awesome value of these speakers (I paid £116)

Build quality is rock-solid, and I wasn't sure how good bluetooth streaming could sound until I heard these. As you might have guessed--I recommend them unreservedly if sound quality is you main priority.
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on 13 September 2012
I would echo what the majority of users say about these speakers. Overall, they are very impressive for their size, and appear to be well designed and constructed. The sound quality is pretty good, though I would agree it can seem a little 'boomy' sometimes - it would be nice to have some sort of equaliser or tone control. Connecting via Bluetooth is straightforward, and has worked with everything I have tried so far. Range is not as good as Airplay, but quite good enough for most purposes. It is good that it will be possible to fit replacement rechargeable cells when the time comes, too.

Several purchasers have bemoaned the lack of a travel case. I was initially disappointed too, but then I happened to notice that the box suggested that there should, in fact, be one included. A panel on the box says:

'The included case holds your speaker and power supply, so great sound can go with you'

I contacted Logitech Support at:


...who very quickly and efficiently sent me a replacement for my missing travel case. All the way from Switzerland, and at no cost to me, so Thank You to Logitech Support. The case is nothing to write home about, but does the job of carrying the speaker and mains adapter, and protecting them from dust and scratches.

All in all, I'm very pleased, but would urge others not to give up on the missing case - just ask Logitech to supply what should have been in the box in the first place.
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