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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 6 January 2012
I will start by saying that this is my second Dell Ultrasharp. The first one I ordered was the U2312HM, about £70 cheaper than this one. However I was really disappointed with that monitor, the anti-glare coating was horrible, noticeable back-light bleeding and the edges of the panel seemed like someone had applied a permanent drop-shadow to monitor (photoshop users will know what I mean here).

I reluctantly ordered this more expensive model, however unlike the my first experience with Dell, I am very pleased to say that this monitor is perfect.

Build quality is superb, the stand is rock solid, adjustability is amazing. The monitor has a heavy duty "look" to it, but at the same time very easy on the eyes, the rounded corners are a nice touch.

I was really worried about the anti-glare on this since I couldn't stand it on the U2312HM. I don't know if I was delivered a "dud" the first time around but the anti-glare on the U2412M is much better. Everything is crystal clear, obviously it still has the slightly "dusty" look but I'm not joking when I say that looking at the last monitor made my head spin. I found one of the major complaints in reviews was mostly the anti-glare coating Dell uses, this monitor I believe was only released a few months ago so maybe they listened to the feedback. Anyway I'm too small a sample size to confirm that Dell is using better Anti-Glare now so take from that what you will. Moving on...

Picture quality is brilliant as expected from the ultrasharp line of monitors. Colours were great out of the box, however I did notice that the image was ever so slightly "cool" but I dialled down the blue a few notches and now its perfect. Obviously I will still have to use a professional calibrator to make sure I get spot on colour (my work one will go missing for a few days tomorrow...).

The other thing that really strikes me about this monitor is the 16:10 ratio. Unfortunately manufactures are in a crazy fad of producing 16:9 desktop monitors. While it's great for TV and gaming, it makes no sense to sacrifice vertical space on a desktop monitor. The 16:10 ratio on this monitor makes working with images a dream, I sit about a foot from the monitor and all I have in my vision is my work.

As you probably can tell I am very pleased with this monitor, I would highly recommend putting up the extra cash and get this over the cheaper U2312HM. To be honest at the current price point it's a bargain for what you are getting.
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on 12 November 2011
This monitor got a gold * with Digital Photo so I bought it. What I wasn't expecting was the difference between my existing monitor (Dell E228WFP) and the new one. It brings everything to life.

I have now colour matched (Both Monitors) it and the difference between the two are:
U2412M is so much sharper, the detail in the photo jumps out at you when comparing the two
Colours are so rich it makes it almost as good as having the product sitting in front of you

Ease of set-up - plug in and go no hassle whatsoever.

My one criticism is that the USB ports do not work when in standby, which is minor niggle.
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on 16 February 2013
* Backlight Bleed *
I could find none on my unit.

* IPS Glow *
Most IPS panels have this. Especially panels below £500. This one has IPS Glow. It's very even, and is minimal if you're central to the screen (as most likely you are). IPS Glow does diminish as you sit further back. So you'll not notice it watching dark movies if you use this monitor as a multimedia monitor for watching films, etc.

I'm very fussy about stuff like this. And it really is minimal compared to other ranges of sub £500 dell monitors.

* Black Level * This unit has excellent black levels. I calibrated my monitor to brightness 35, contrast 75, and then used a spectrometer to calibrate the colours, and the blacks are truly black, and not grey. Very impressed with this performance.

* Colour Accuracy *
It's not true sRGB, only covering 95%. And it's a non wide gamut monitor. However, I do web design, and not print design. If I did print design, I would still use this monitor for web design. A wide gamut monitor is only of use if the whole production chain is wide gamut. That is wide gamut camera or other image source, wide gamut OS, wide gamut application and wide gamut printer. I specifically didn't chose a wide gamut monitor for web design, as almost all monitors are non wide gamut, so I would gain nothing. If anything, I may end up choosing colours that the majority of people will not be able to render.

A wide gamut monitor also displays non ICC applications incorrectly, unless you do sRGB emulation. (Think Office, IE, etc). Unless you're doing print work, there is no need to buy a wide gamut monitor.

This monitor fits perfectly for my needs. It's high enough and has excellent performance so that I can colour much to some accuracy my clients colours. As it's a non wide gamut monitor, I know that the colours I pick will be to some degree the same as the majority of users out there.

* Gaming *
I have a Samsung TN panel that's rated at 2ms. I believe this one is around 8ms. To be honest, my eyes can't tell the difference between 6ms. If yours can, you're a better person than I, as I couldn't tell the difference.

* Anti-Glare coating *
I've had to send a dell back in the past, purely because the AG coating was so rough, it was unacceptable. Even on a white blank office document, it's hard to see the AG coating. It's a matte display, and you don't get that "sparkly" affect like you do on some of the other dell monitors. If you do, it's too fine for my eyes to make out.

* Verdict *
I'm very happy with this monitor. It's the perfect resolution for PC's. Don't buy a 1080p monitor, you'll be making a mistake. The colours are fantastic. films look awesome, games do as well. Panel uniformity of colours is second to none. Minimal IPS glow and no bleed. Finally I have a monitor to replace my aging Samsung. It was a great monitor, and the only reason I had to get rid, was the blues were fading somewhat... (well, it was 5 years old!), but this is more than in a position to take it's crown. Highly recommended. Especially if its around the £200 mark. (I paid £240 for my Sammy 5 years ago, so this is a bargain to me).

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on 7 February 2012
Having looked long and hard at 24" monitors in early 2012 there seemed to be 2 main price points (if you ignored the real professional stuff that can go to £1000 and well beyond) and two types of performance. Cheap TN panel monitors are abundant from £100, but the better IPS panel monitors tend to be well over £300. The Dell 2414M sits in the middle. And whether this Dell is a good purchase for you really depends on why you are buying it (and how much you can afford) as it comes quite close to falling between the 2 stools of 'budget priced' or 'perfect image quality'

For a little over £100 you can have your choice of the mainstream brands. Construction and looks are good, while the image quality seems to be getting a little better all the time. Being TN based panels the viewing angles and colour variations are very marked - if you notice such things, and I know a few people who get on fine with them even at 24". You really should have a good look at these modern screens before you buy, the 2412 might not be worth double the money for you. It is also worth noting that some £200+ monitors can still be TN panels (although quite good ones)

From £350 and up you have the 'proper' IPS panel screens like Dell's own U2410 and HP's ZR24. These have great image quality that can compete with the Pro NEC stuff (so 100% colour gamut and calibration capability to Lacie DeltaE approaching .1) they also probably warrant the extra cost of proper calibration equipment. These are the obvious choice for colour critical applications and you probably already know you want one if you have the money or need

The 2412M sits in the middle in terms of cost and defintely seems to have been built down to a price, it has a few compromises in terms of connectivity and illumination (Dell arent reknown for the QA either). It uses an LED illuminated e-IPS panel (e for economy) that has lower colour Gamut capability but offers much lower power consumption compared to "proper" IPS panels. The 2412 certainly gets the excellent viewing angles of that other IPS panels have. The actual panel Dell uses in made by LG but doesnt seem widely used in other monitors yet, though I would guess there will be a few others entering the market in 2012. Lenovo do seem to offer something similar with the e-IPS panel but at a much higher price (rrp c£400)

For me in a screen this large the TN panel characteristics (ie poor off angle colour and contrast) were all too obvious, but stretching to the cost of a U2410 just wasn't possible. Mostly the monitor was needed for office tasks with some Photoshop and maybe some occasional gaming anyhow. The screen was going to be used for hours at a time so it needed to be easy in the eye too. Ideally I was after HDMI connection (which the 2412M lacked) as my laptop didnt have DVI - what I didnt realise is that HDMI to DVI cables are cheap as chips and work perfectly, so that was a non-issue in the end. Ultimately there didnt seem to be anything like the 2412M on the market right now so I took a risk with it

The construction (to me) is rather average and no better than many £130 screens. The plastics are quite thin, panel fits a little wavy and the stand itself not particularly precise. Height adjustment is good though and the landscape to portrait rotation very handy (even if you then have to tell the PC the orientation has changed, auto changing would be nicer) For all of that it looks pretty business like and does fit into an office environment without looking unduly flashy or expensive

In terms of image quality and screen area for my primary office uses it is ideal (1920x1200 is so much better than 1920x1080 for office stuff). Out of the box the colour calibration was awful but half an hour on got things a lot better. It might be good enough for colour critical Photoshop work but I have yet to be convinced. With an 82% colour gamut it seems great for blues but less so for greens. Reds I find hard to judge anyhow so even if it is a little off I maybe wont notice. It is worth noting, one possible reason for some of the poor online reviews seems to be reviewers who assumed the screen came factory calibrated like the more expensive U2410 - it most certainly doesnt. Screen uniformity isnt all that good either, with some contrast shifts in the bottom corners on mine - I returned it in the end

So my overall view is this probably is a decent office monitor, particulalrly if you can't live with TN panel characteristics. There are some limitations for colour critial work that 'proper' IPS panels dont have and illumination variation may be an issue if you are sensitive so such things. For most users, most of the time the £100 saved over higher end IPS panels is maybe worth it, for me I am now pondering trying another 2412 as the price is so good or might save up for an Asus 246
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on 7 January 2012
I bought this monitor from Amazon and I'm very happy with it.
I'd read a lot about the anti-glare coating which Dell has been using and which many people didn't like on its other monitors (eg the 27 inch version), as it was causing harsh refraction effects especially on all-white backgrounds such as on Google and MS Word applications.
But this monitor is fine. (NB It does still have an anti-glare coating with a satin finish so you don't see your own reflection in the monitor, but it looks ok.)
Everything is uniform, clear and crisp. There are no bleed patches in the corners which affected earlier models -- but obviously it's been fixed on my one -- which has a build date of November 2011. Colours are great. And I love the 16:10 aspect ratio, which gives you significantly more vertical space to work in, and it has a nice comfortable dot pitch. I also like the fact that the LED backlight does not get hot, and thus energy usage is very efficient. LED, by it's nature does not emit the U-V radiation that other light sources do.
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on 14 April 2012
I bought this as an upgrade to a 4 year old ultrasharp 2007wfp which has a native resolution of 1600x1050 and I had been using for games and films and I was happy with. But since rebuilding my pc I was looking for a monitor that would at least stretch the legs of my graphics card (gtx580).
Out of the box the u2412m default settings need a bit of a play with, as I found the brightness and contrast levels to high and the RGB levels a little off on some colours.

For those that are interested once I calibrated the monitor my setting were
Brightness 45
Contrast 75
Sharpness 50
Gamma PC
Aspect 16:10
R 97
G 92
B 94

With these setting everything looked a little more vivid an did not leave an after glow on my retina. I use my pc mostly for films and gaming and found that the dark scenes in films were very black with non of the grey black you see in some monitors and the colours in my gaming seemed so much more alive than my old monitor.

A lot of people say that the input lag is not low enough for gaming, but to be honest this is nonsense, if your eye can tell the difference between 2ms and 8ms then your super human. I have absolutely no problem playing any games on this monitor and my pc is quick enough to run max setting at 1900x1200 on all the games I play. MW3, wow,BF3, and all the latest's games look amazing in 24" and I highly recommend this monitor for gaming. If you're a graphics designer then you may want to go for the next model up which I believe has a higher gamut but for the everyday pc gamer its hard to beat this panel at this price.

Adjusting the setting is easy with the side keys and the build quality I found to be perfectly fine, its not like I'm going to move this panel around every day it pretty much will sit in the same spot for long periods of time so it does not need to be bomb proof. The stand is great with loads of adjustment in all the expected planes, you will easily find a good viewing position. I have had to move back from the screen a little as going from a 20" to a 24" is filling me vision some what.

When I'm not gaming or watching films the 16:10 ration means there's a lot of space to browse the internet and have other programs like iTunes or cpuz running without anything being covered up, great for benchmarking and other multitasking.

Very pleased with this monitor and at this price can't really argue.
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on 16 December 2011
I'm not much of a one for spending more than I need to, but although I could have got a similar size monitor at slightly less, I picked this one based on very good technical reviews. And I am glad I spent a little extra this time. It's excellent quality - crisp, good colours, everything. I have it in a dual monitor set up next to a same size & resolution older Samsung model and the difference in quality is quite noticeable. I am VERY happy with this monitor and seriously thinking of trading in my older other monitor so that I can have two of these side by side.
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on 24 May 2012
For the price this monitor is hard to beat.

I've completed a lot of photo editing on a standard 24" LCD monitor (DELL Professional and an LG 24") and found when I got the photos printed, what I saw on the screen and what I received was always very different.

With this monitor I have compared a number of 12" x 18" photographic prints (at a range of exposures and scenes). I can confirm the colour match on the screen and printed photos is a pretty close.

I didn't need to adjust or calibrate the monitor, and have left the setting as the factory defaults straight out the box.

For the money an absolutely stunning monitor, and one of the best purchases I have made to add to my camera kit.

Far more useful that a 1920 x 1080 monitor for all applications (MS Word, web browsing, etc.).

A resolution of 1920 x 1200 really does make a noticeable difference.

If you don't want to spend £700 for a true colour matched professional monitor, this is pretty damn close.

Highly recommended.
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on 3 June 2012
The first part of the strange review title is my attempt to help anyone who may be Googling or endlessly searching to find an answer to the problem I experienced with this monitor when using the displayport input. I use it as an extended desktop with a Dell XPS laptop connected via mini displayport output to the monitor displayport input and when I set it up everything worked fine until the computer went into sleep and then on waking it went to 640x480 resolution. On checking the display settings, they no longer showed my Dell display with its different resolution options, just a generic display with no other resolution settings available other than the 640x480.

On Googling this, I discovered it to be a common problem with some Dell and other makes of monitor when using a displayport connection. There are lots of complicated and highly technical suggestions that could possibly help, but no actual answer that I could follow as to how to rectify this,except one which I will pass on to you.

In the settings on the monitor you will find DDC/CI, just disable it and all will be well. The only thing you may miss is the ability to make monitor adjustments through your software or video card settings, but this has not been a problem for me. The picture is so much better through the displayport than the VGA input that it is a problem well worth solving.

Anyway, this is a great monitor and I am very pleased with it. Compared to others I tried, it is very robustly built, sits rock steady on the desk, has ample adjustment of swivel, tilt and height, excellent on screen display for making adjustments, vibrant colours, exceptionally clear text display and does everything I want. The USB ports are a handy bonus, but remember they do not work unless the monitor is actually switched on.

Some reviews knock it for not having an HDMI input, but unless that is a specific requirement for you, I do not see the need for it. This is a really well built piece of kit that was around £90 cheaper through Amazon than from Dell direct and I would highly recommend it.
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on 16 March 2012
I've been running a 19" HP 16:10 monitor for a number of years and was looking to upgrade to a 24" monitor to play Battlefield 3 on. I wanted the full 16:10 widescreen format at 1920 x 1200 as 1080p screens are for watching movies on, which I don't do. I also wanted something with better contrast ratios than those you get on most TN panel displays. After much research and reading of reviews I went for the Dell u2412m and I can genuinely say I'm impressed.

The colour representation out of the box is impressive, really punchy and bright, and the contrast is amazing. Whereas previously in BF3 I'd go into buildings and all would be just black shadow, I can now see details I previously didn't know were even there. To say its enhanced my gaming experience is an understatement.

To those who might worry about stated input and response lag times, all I can say is I have not noticed anything that might be described as lag. There is no ghosting or blurring that I can discern, even for a fast paced FPS game like BF3. Overall I am hugely impressed by the monitor and would recommend it to anyone considering a new PC monitor. It might be £50 - £75 more than an equivalent TN panel, but believe me its worth it.
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