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SanDisk Extreme PRO 64 GB SDXC UHS-I Memory Card - Standard Packaging
Size: 64 GB|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:£49.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 6 January 2017
Out of 8 of these cards that I've bought over the past year, two have failed completely within 12 months! Amazon's return policy didn't allow me to return them as per normal, but a quick phone call to their customer services department got it sorted and I've had a refund for both. I'm now in the process of replacing all of the Sandisk cards with the Lexar equivalents as they have never let me down in all of my years as a professional wedding and commercial photographer. One of the Sandisk cards crashed after a wedding, taking all of the RAW images with it (about 1000 irreplaceable images), but luckily I back everything up onto a second card slot with a Lexar disk in it (also in RAW), so both the day and my reputation were saved. I tried everything to get the images back, including Sandisk's own recovery software as well as an expensive third party option, but the disk was completely un-readable and corrupted beyond repair. The second disk to crash was in a different camera and I did lose a significant number of personal images, as opposed to it crashing on a paid gig, so at least that was less of an issue, but equally annoying and slightly heartbreaking as there were some lovely memories on there.
I've lost all confidence in Sandisk since owning these cards and recommend you DON'T buy them for the reasons above.
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on 25 January 2016
I bought this to use in my new Sony RX10. I forgot to buy a card when I bought the camera and the only one I had at home was a Class 4, 8GB SD card which was quite a few years old. This was OK to set the camera up with, but was really slow at having the photo's written to it (about 10 seconds to write a single full res image). I've never really understood the differences between the huge range of cards available and specifications of class and UHS compatibility.
A little bit of research on the SanDisk website and it was obvious that to get the most from my camera, the card I needed was this
SanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB. Class 10 and UHS-I = great all round performance and 95MB/S means the photos get saved quickly. There are even higher grade and faster cards available (UHS-II) - but not that my camera could actually keep up with.
With this card now installed, the write speed is an amazing ~2 seconds and the capacity is huge with plenty enough space for literally hundreds of photos and plenty of videos. The other significantly noticeable improvement is in continuous shooting mode - there's no lag and the card just soaks up the burst of images. I'd certainly recommend this card and I'm confident in SanDisk's build quality that I can rely on it for many thousands of photos to come!
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on 5 August 2017
Been using this for several months now without any issues. Faster cards are coming out all the time, so check before you purchase. Also be aware that various cameras can only use cards at certain speeds. So no point in buying a faster card if it can't make use of the speeds. For example, I am using this in a Sony A77ii which blasts away at 12 frames per second! No real lags, as I tend to use these speeds in short 'squirts'. Can't give you a writing to PC speed, as my current laptop is fairly slow. As a footnote, this seller appears to me to supply genuine cards as I not there have been some fakes floating around. All in all a big thumbs up.
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on 29 July 2017
64GB......Put this card to the test in my Canon XC15 4K camera, and unfortunately, it only records HD and is fantastic to say the least. To record 4K in the XC15, you need to buy a CFast 2.0 card. The HD recordings are fast and stunning and have had no complaints, just make sure you set a decent shutter speed to get crystal clear and sharp frames if you are wanting stills from a wedding job.
I would never pay the prices that Sandisk are asking for their CFast 2.0 cards.
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on 24 July 2016
Had 3 of these cards for a while now. I use them as the back-up cards in my Nikon D810 which also uses CF cards.

The write speed is fast enough for my needs. I do some action work shooting in bursts of up to 15-20 shots at 5fps FX or at 7fps DX mode with no slow down at all in the camera.

The read speed is also perfectly acceptable and I usually use these cards to copy photos off as my laptop does not have a built in CF reader.

Each card has now been used very many times. Across the 3 cards I have written over 16,000 44mb+ RAW files and I reformat each card prior to use. Have had absolutely no problems at all with these cards but I also keep them in the small plastic cases they come in when not in use.

I would definitely recommend these cards.
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on 7 October 2015
Original positive review removed due to the following......

Today the card broke. Physically. The little tab that is the switch for write protection just flew off and the top of the card has split open.
It has had light usage and worked very well, up to now! It should last more than a year and I hate to think what would have happened if this had occurred after an important shoot - I was lucky, it happened after just some snap shots while vacationing. So much for the "pro" designation on the card.
So do I trust San disk in the future? Hmmmmmm.
As this small piece of equipment is such a vital and over-looked part of photography I thought I was buying the best and most reliable. Now I have doubts, and wonder what to do now. Of course I have replacement SD cards, all Sandisk!
Downgraded my review from 4 stars to 1 star because of this.
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on 24 June 2016
Card has only been used twice and during the second time it failed. It can not be read by either the camera or external card reader (PC nor MAC). Not sure if it's a fake but I have never had this problem before with a card. Luckily, I use a CF & the SD is a back-up otherwise I would have lost my images and quite possibly a well paying client.
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on 3 March 2015
I have been using SanDisk cards for years, until recently mostly in CompactFlash format. Now with a DSLR upgrade from Nikon DX to FX, space, price and speed are at a premium - hence SDHC format. Space and price because my DSLR takes 2 cards at a time, speed because the file sizes, especially in RAW, are huge. These cards tick all the boxes, but especially speed. It genuinely takes no longer to transfer my files from this 32GB card than it did from my previous 8GB CF Card which is a bit odd: my previous CF cards claimed 60MB/s whereas these SD cards boast 95MB/s but my files are now fully twice the size - it should now take longer to transfer files but it doesn't. Delighted!
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on 2 May 2016
The rating given is for the Sandisk Extreme Pro range as a whole, not specifically this product.

For many the benefits of the Extreme Pro range over SanDisk's other ranges are probably not worth the price premium but after spending some time photographing active volcanoes and in temperatures hot enough to soften the glue on a Canon 5D2 camera grip, I am a convert. In the group I was with we had several aftermarket batteries and SD cards fail (including other big names), but none of the failures were Extreme Pros. Perhaps not scientifically proven but they're designed to be more tolerant of environmental differences and they seemed to live up to that; that's enough for me.
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on 12 April 2017
Received this memory card over a week ago as I need a memory card with a high data read/write capabilities to shoot 4k video footage at 100mbps. After much research I learned that only a SDXC U3 Qauilty 10 card with a minimum of 90+ mbps write and read speeds would be able to capture 4k video at 100mbps. For anybody who doesn't know, a memory card that is SDHD will not record 4k at 100mbps. Anyway the card works a treat. Very fast transfer to my PC after recordings are made. Only downside is the price. Overall if you can justify the price this card is great.
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