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on 4 November 2017
Best pair of headphones I've owned.

Now these headphones are by no means going to compete with the chunky Bose or HK's, however being a constant traveller and lover of all genres of music, the AKG's provide everything I need.

I mainly listen to orchestral/soundtrack, bassy music, indie rock and watch films with these bad boys. However they are perfect for every genres as they can provide the bass / clarity you enjoy. Anything you want, the headphones can do it. Even better, they're portable and come with a jack for guitar amps(?) as well as a spare cable. The cable to your device is plugged into the headphones at one end and the device at the other.
They are on ear, so don't cover the ear. You may find this uncomfortable after a long session. I have quite a large head but they fit no problem.

Managed to get them at a reduced price of £50 when I bought them ( around 14 months ago), would've paid full price for them no problem. I still use them today.

Happy to answer any questions
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on 4 August 2016
The purpose of this review is to help you decide whether these might be the headphones for you.
In short, if you like exagerated bass, at the cost of muddy mids and absent highs then go for it. Many people genuinely prefer the 'Beats' sound, but it is not an accurate representation of music. I found the bass overwhelmed all subtelty, and the sound stage was claustrophobic.
If you just want your music 'full on' this might be money well spent, as many others have enjoyed them.
For context, I've owned a great many pairs of headphones, including AKG 550's which I think do a great job for indoor listening.
I've got 3 pairs of sennheisers from px100's to hd 595's.
Almost all of these other 'phones appeal to me in illuminating the subtelties in music. These did not-it was like setting bass to max on an eq, with treble at min. I genuinely prefer the sound of a £10 pair of panasonics I bought to these.
In happier news, the phones had a heft and built quality that seemed reasonable for the price, and the included accesories were also a nice touch.
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on 10 August 2016
Pretty pleased with these cans. They sound really nice, well balanced across the range, and even at low volumes they are quite well-defined. I use them on crowded trains, and so controlling the amount of sound spilling out is important to me - they seem pretty good and don't really leak at all. They fold small, and the case is strong and protects them well, without being too bulky. My only gripes are relatively minor: once they're folded, getting them in the case requires a bit of pushing them quite hard into the moulded interior, and working slightly against the bend of the headband. That means that they are prone to popping out of the groove before you've zipped the case shut, which is a bit of a pain. Also, I love the fact that the cable is detachable (and therefore, presumably, replaceable if it snags or whatever), but it's a very firm connection, and I've stopped detaching the cable whenever I store them because I fear I'm going to break them. That's fine but it just makes it even more hassle getting them stored.

Overall though, really nice. I'm pleased with them.
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on 7 April 2016
I've had these headphones for just over 2 months now, and am used to having most headphones typically die on me in as much time because of the strain I put them through, especially around the connector jack, because I'm a very heavy user. But these AKGs have proven that they can definitely take a beating. There's been plenty of times where the cable has snagged against something and practically ripped out of my headphones, but with no real damage. I even once dropped my headphones down an entire flight of stairs and they continued to work without hassle. Audio reproduction is balanced and clear, and the included spare cable is a definite bonus for me.

Best pair of headphones that I have ever bought at this price - and I've bought a LOT. Do yourself a favour and buy them.
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on 28 June 2017
I already own a set of K450s and decided to get these as I am aware that AKG are discontinuing this range. The 451 is almost the same as the 450 except the lead has a mic/remote for smartphones and a slightly different trim. These headphones are extremely efficient so are very loud and can deliver very low bass with ease despite their very small size. I have read a number of reviews that state these are better sounding than the equivalent Dr Dre 'Beats' for a lot less money though I have not compared as I am not willing to buy expensive products just because of badge snobbery. I find with AKG that their headphones sound better the more they are used as they need to 'run in' to really work well. I would recommend changing the flimsy leads included to a good 3rd party braided one which are much more robust.
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on 20 December 2015
What a great buy, for the price. I have never tried on-ear headphones, only ever over ear or in ear, and have to say I'm truly impressed for what I consider a cheap price. I bought these as a punt, for using during in flight and on holiday, and wish I'd had them earlier. I actually bought them for someone else, and went on to buy my self some PSB's, and am disappointed to say that the PSBs don't stand out if all you're doing is plugging them into cheap sound, like iPhone or plane, laptop etc. You're only going to notice the step up in quality of Bose and PSB is you're plugging into higher grade sound output. The AKGs hold their own against decent brands.

What they lack is current tech in way of noise cancelling; but the on ear pads do an ok job of cutting out ambient noise to a reasonable degree. I have tried some Bose noise cancelling ones and stunned at how well they work - but unfortunately for me they make me nauseous. The AKG are therefore ideal for the likes of me.

They are also fairly discreet, lightweight and surprisingly comfortable. Yes my ears get a tiny bit sweaty with them. But compared to my over-ear headphones they're a delight (my over-ears never seem to find a comfy spot for more than an hour and get heavy). These AKGs also pack into a really small carrying case, that's fairly sturdy and protect them fairly well - obviously don't let them be crushed at the bottom of your back pack.

You get two leads. The end that connects into the headset is unique, and so tied into their range for replacement. It's plastic and does feel like one day something could snap - so far, so good. The other end obviously 3.5mm.

So how does the sound quality stand up? As I say, they stand up well against top brands. They're certainly an improvement to in-ear types for similar money, in my experience. They handle such a wide variety of sound, well. If you're really going to pick at them, and want to place emphasis on your own preferences to minute detail, then I'd always recommend testing them before buying. But for a cheap fix, you're getting something that does a very fine job.

Under 50 pounds - don't hesitate.
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on 6 January 2016
At this price, don't waste your time reading reviews. Just buy them! Under 40 quid is insanely good for these. Actually, it's almost at a price that might put you off, you might think they couldn't be all that for 40 quid when the market is swamped with so many over-stylized and over-hyped headsets for many many multiples of the same price. Well, they are fantastic value, and easily as good as anything you'd get for over double that price. There are many good reviews of the audio fidelity here, so no need for me to add to those.

I would prefer an all-black design - I find the silver just a tad tacky - but in general I like that they are relatively understated. In a world where people use conspicuous, shiny consumer goods and clothing in place of an actual personality, I like that these aren't about trying too hard. I like to think that they made them look a little ordinary on purpose. I think the replacement/update for this model is are brash big reds thing with massive logos plastered over them. This is entirely missing the point in my mind, and I actually think AKG should be forming precisely the opposite niche for themselves: people who want sound quality, solid design and high build quality without having to make a statement or pay for a style premium. They fold neatly, and are sturdy enough to have survived many, many months of daily and travel use by the time of writing this review.

Get them before they're no longer available.
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on 1 February 2016
Just awesome headphones. I've had and used headphones a fair bit in my time and tended to favour the more bass-balanced sets in the past. These are in my opinion the best headphones I've every had, because the soundstage is well balanced across the frequencies and is more neutral. The sounds are more as they were recorded and "meant" to be heard. Got them for a great price too, as part of a deal.

Not to say these don't have bass - believe me, it's there and it provides a meaty thump on a kick drum and nice low end on bass guitar, cello, double bass, and low end synths. The point is, the bass is where it is supposed to be, not dominating the whole thing (though you'll get bass-heavy sound on bass-heavy recordings). Good presentation of the midrange and tops also, with nothing standing out and overpowering the rest.

Decent noise isolation, without meaning you cannot hear if someone knocks on the door. Also very comfortable for long wear, and the compact size and handy carry case just add to the appeal. I have no hesitation recommending these for music on the move, or just private listening at home.
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on 9 December 2016
Bought these after hearing mixed reviews.... but after trying them on a couple of quiet fri and saturday afternoon bus journeys in London I had to admit defeat. For the price, they should perform better. Now considering some Sennheiser HD 430's (cost £30 more) or Sennheiser HD 2.20s (costs a bit less)

Here is the skinny on it :

Remote works really well
Replaceable cable
The case it comes with is small but tough, fits into my bag well

noise isolation is terrible - even while blasting bass and mid-filled metal I could hear people chatting 10ft away from me, at a level that was higher than the vocalist !
bass and mid-range is weak, this might be a good studio headphone, but not a "fun" sound.
It's hard to get the on-ear pieces to sit 'right' on your head, anything other than the optimum position and you lose all the bass and mid.
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on 5 June 2017
This the longest I've ever had a pair of headphones. They are tough, flexible, have good sound quality and are very light. If you have a bigger head like me you may have issues with sizing. I've tossed this in my bag, thrown them around the house and abused them in every way and they still keep working just like new. They have a classic understated design which I like and the cable, oh my the cable, while they may look thin and cheap they will hold out strong no matter how hard your pulling. I've caught the cable on door handles, bags, other people and zipper pockets. No sign of wear whatsoever! I've had them a year and a half! Plus you get the best carry case I've ever seen with headphones and 2 yes 2 cables! If you wanted good, light and durable headphones with a classic design. Pick these up right now I can't recommend them anymore.
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